Female Titan – Annie Leonhart

Female Titan by JxbP

The female titan, or should I say Annie Leonhart is a ruthless titan who only wishes for her plans to come true. However after her discovery and how a titan-shifter was within the walls, it alerted many of the higher ups. This includes Eren who was shocked and couldn’t believe that she was the person who killed his comrades and targeted him. Nevertheless, the Scouting Legion are unable to learn anything from her due to the fact that she’s now trapped herself in a rock-hard pod shaped crystal object.

Annie was awesome while she was still with us, her back story is unknown even if it reveals the whole plot. I’d like to see her back soon to tell us what had really happened in her. This awesome artwork was done by JxbP, he’s done a incredible job on this piece of artwork that you should definitely go and check their work out. Nevertheless be sure to comment, like and share this page!

There are 2 comments

    1. Sunite

      Yeah I’ll have to agree, it’s just her backstory thats a mystery, I’d like to see what her father was refering too. She’s awesome, and her fighting skills are fantastic.


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