Cosplay Monday: Portgas D. Ace

This week’s Cosplay Monday goes to the one and only Portagas D. Ace who is a key character within One Piece. Along with Luffy he’s an awesome character whose nickname is Fire Fist Ace. Since I don’t  watch One Piece (I’m planning on it) I don’t know a whole lot on Ace, however from what people have told me, he’s a fantastic and awesome character, that’s why I had to choose specifically this cosplayer as he’s done a crazy job of it. 

The cosplayer, RedAceCosplay, has done an incredible job of bringing each image to life, this is why I like these cosplays for the fact that One Piece is a great anime with lots of awesome characters. If you like their work go and check them out, nevertheless be sure to life and share this page!

There are 6 comments

  1. Detective Loki

    You definitely must watch one piece
    It’s truly the best mainstream anime
    When it’s funny it’s EPICALLY FUNNY!
    When it’s serious it’s EPICALLY SERIOUS!
    When it’s sad it’s EPICALLY SAD!
    You’ll experiences a range of emotions watching this
    It’s just a brilliant anime
    Echiro Oda is a genius


  2. M.K.

    Bro, awesome but don’t just watch it read it too, a lot of stuff happens on one piece manga that is far off from the anime and one piece of advice don’t get too attached to ace, I still sometimes get teary about it


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