Komamura’s Life on Line! Lifeless Bankai – Bleach 557


Bleach 557 gets awesome, after Komamura’s epic Bankai gets released, we see a whole new side from him. It seems that after he took his heart out, he was able to transform into his Human form and show us that he’s ready to put his life on the line and destroy anything that steps on his way. He also seems to be healing himself quickly after his armor breaks. We see Bambietta back down a little after seeing that her bombs do no damage to him.

Bleach 557 begins as Bambietta notices that his Bankai has completely changed. We see his Bankai raise its arm and go for a quickly attack on Bambietta, but she escapes from there in time. She mentions that she’s shocked that there is no dog inside the armor, however she mentions that inside its head it’ll probably be a dog inside. She fires a few shots when a hand appears and tries to block it.

However it hits and it seems to somehow be repairing by itself! Komamura explains that his Armored Bankai has had life breathed into it, Dangai Joue is a form that casts that armor aside and lays it bare, it’s just Reiatsu and power. This explained mentions that she cannot beat or defeat him. She mentions that she doesn’t get anything and keeps on firing.

Komamura mentions that something such as a bomb will only be terrifying if there is life in that object. If there is no life in that, there is no fear of it blowing up. His Bankai’s life is in the Armor, he’s taken it off and thus there is no longer life there. Dangai Joue is the form of Tengen Myouou after it has cast its life away. We see Komamura’s grand father look upon his heart.

Bambietta mentions that a Bankai does not have life, and that it’s only linked to the possessor, however if a Bankai is destroyed, it doesn’t happen to the master. His Bankai is hurt and so is Komamura, his chest becomes while open to which Bambietta notices something very strange, she asks why there is a hole in his chest. He explains that his physical body is just a shell, a vessel to defeat her.

He explain that his clans Human Metamorphosis Technique turns him into  human after giving up their heart. During this time he will become a human and not die. His Bankai keeps on chasing after Bambietta, it keeps on going and going. Bambietta mentions that he’ll die if he losses, isn’t he fighting to not throw away his life. He mentions that he’s not throwing away his life, he’s doing this for Yamamoto who gave his life. From the moment he stepped into that fight he was ready to set his life aside. He gets an impressive hit on Bambietta. Bleach 557 ends here.

What a crazy chapter, Komamura is getting some impressive hits on her and his armor-less Bankai is just epic! Plus his Human form is truly impressive, I’d like to see more of this in the future. This fight is most likely to be awesome, can’t wait to see some more awesome Bleach 558 next week!

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    1. nick dunn

      I highly doubt she’s dead. This is just like before when Toshiro and Sui Feng battled Bazz-B and BG9. They severly injure them with there new techniques. But than the Stern Ritter fight back with there true power. So I believe She’s going to show what she can really do. Just cause Sajins Bankai is just released Reiatsu doesn’t mean it can’t be absorbed by Reishi. I think she will send her Reishi into Sajins chest where is heart should be but not make it explode. Just stop him from regenerating. Plus she can recover her injures as well with an unknown Blut technique. So not she’s not dead. Giselle said she has the power to end the war in one second, so I believe in the Next chapter we will see how.


      1. jiraiyan

        I think we will get one more chapter before this fights over. However, I don’t see how she’s going to beat him. Her current ability has been render ineffective at this point. And it seems like it would be a huge waste of time for Komamura to go through the “Human Transformation Technique” just to lose.


        1. nick dunn

          I doubt Tite would just let Bambietta release her Vollständig and have her defeated by Sajin so easily. She still hasn’t shown the full potential if her Vollständig. Or even its name for that matter. Everyone thought Quilge was defeated when Kisuke attacked him with Kido but he managed to show his true power. So I say she will get very serious kn the next chapter. Plus no technique in Bleach is absolute. They all have at least one weakness. So I’m sure Sajin has a weakness in his human form. Bambietta just has to find it.


          1. jiraiyan

            I think it’s possible, but Komamura immortality and his Bankai seems to be the perfect foil for Bambietta. You could be right though, but I still think the fight will end next chapter.


  1. Izanami

    i wonder how things are going to be in the gotei 13 since komamura is a beast now and the head captian is dead and is there a chance that komamura can revert back to his human or dog-like form…..JUST ASKING


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