Izanagi and Izanami! Edo Tensei Stopped!? – Naruto Shippuden 338

Naruto Shippuden 338 see’s the final end of the Edo Tensei technique, it shows when Itachi enables his Izanami and gets Kabuto in a loop, from this he lifts Kabuto’s eyes and enables him to show the true sign to stop the Edo Tensei. Sasuke learns about the horrible past of Izanami and Izanagi from which he learns that Izanami is to stop Uchiha Shinobi from taking the easy way. Sasuke hasn’t got most of his questions answered so what will he do as his brother disappears away? And Madara, will he go away or will be fight back.

Naruto Shippuden 338 begins as the Izanami gets activated by Itachi. Itachi had first cast it when the first time Itachi was stabbed. The way to enable it they both need to have that physical aspect as well. As you fight you take physical senses of both them and the opponent, as time progresses, there will be other aspects like the water drop and the feather.

From there on you keep on overlaying and looping it on and on. It has the ability to create an infinite number of loops. There is an escape route built in, it was mainly used to oppose Izanagi users. Uchiha users called it the perfect jutsu to give themselves a second chance. Itachi begins to tell the story of the Uchiha, Izanami and Izanagi.

There was a great battle by which a man had used Izanagi to bring back the others to which he used to kill the opponents. He mentions that he cannot lose. From which he was blinded and became abusive towards its powers. It’s okay when one uses it, however when others get involved, they begin to fight each other for that price. That man is killed, from which other get involved and get out of control as others also want to get involved.

Only a man is left, he faces a woman to which he mentions that he should stop however he only gets angry and we see a number of things set out, different signs that Izanami may be in affect. He doesn’t yet realise it. The woman gives him a choice and he refuses. She goes from his back and gets hurt however he uses Izanagi and tries to attack back, however it begins to repeat once more.

He now realises that somethings wrong. At each point he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Itachi keeps on explaining how it works. It gives another possibility, however Izanami gives them a loop. There is an escape, we learn this as it was a way to stop the Uchiha from being arrogant. The man keeps on going when the woman gives him a choice to stop. He realises that after all he’s done he must accept everything. He lays down and accepts the womans offer to which Izanami is stopped, an eye of the woman goes blind.

Izanami guides them to accepting their fate. Kabuto needs to realise that he must not take all the power he’s gathered from everyone else and accept that he has ultimately gathered all of his power from others. Itachi seems himself in Kabuto as he never had once asked for help from others and thus he had issues trusting.

Sasuke asks him why he’d ever want to help him after all he’s done. Itachi mentions that as a child he wanted to control him from the bad world however he wasn’t able to. This is why he says that he’s not perfect. Kabuto keeps on fighting and unable to do anything, he’s unable to realise after all he’s done he cannot much, he keeps on looping over and over again. They need to accept themselves as they are. We see a moment where Urushi is helping out by which he says that he’d like to see Kabuto again.

Itachi mentions that he’s going to disable the Edo Tensei to which all reanimation will be disabled. Itachi mentions that he’s protecting his village as Itachi Uchiha of Leaf Village. Sasuke mentions that he still needs him when Itachi mentions and remembers that Naruto will be there for him and he’s the one that will help him out. He opens Kabuto’s eyes and uses Tsukuyomi to reveal how to disable it, to which he hopes Naruto will defeat Tobi and others. Naruto Shippuden 338 ends here.

A really cool and awesome chapter, although next week’s chapter will most likely make a lot of people tear up from all the awesome bits based on Itachi and Kabuto. Be sure to keep on watching. Also lots of Madara stuff that are going to happen. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 339, titled “I Will Love You Always”.


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