Toshiro vs Bazz-B! The Thin Ice – Bleach 548


Bleach 548 shows us some upcoming battles, as we see the Vice Captain Omaeda see everything change right in front of his, eyes from this an Stern Ritter enemy appears, BG9 appears with no fear. Toshiro and Rangiku both are fighting together in order to defeat Stern Ritter “H”, the Heat, Bazz-B! Even with Toshiro’s Bankai gone, his thin ice is able to use vacuum in order to stop Bazz-B’s flame from getting close.

Bleach 548 begins as Seireitei changes, we see Omaeda notice that everything has changed, there are no more buildings from Seireitei. Omaeda quickly mentions that he’s scared, even when there is no one there. Someone pinches him, his little sister Mareyo mentions that she’s scared. She asks for his bigger brother to stay there. He mentions that he’s going.

He mentions that she should understand, he’s not going and leaving them alone, it is in order to protect everyone, his family and neighbours. It is also to protect Seireitei, he ask to go since he’s the members of the Gotei 13, he promises to come back. Something arrives behind Omaeda, a Stern Ritter appears, he quickly notices that it’s the man who stole Sui Feng’s Bankai.

Bazz-B notices who Toshiro is, he mentions that he’s the person in which Cang Du stole his Bankai from. Toshiro introduces himself, Bazz-B also introduces himself as Stern Ritter “H”, the Heat. He then shows his powers, then mentions that they sure to make a nice match, asking if Toshiro thinks the same, which Toshiro agrees.

Rangiku breaks the ice and tells the other Shinigami’s to stay back and protect something else, leaving Bazz-B to their hands. A man notices how thin Toshiro’s ice really is, mentioning that it’s a miracle that it was able to block fire. Bazz-B also notices that the Ice is very thin. Toshiro mentions that all he needs is a little more, Toshiro quickly notices that Rangiku has came back, he says sorry and thanks her. She laughs, and mentions that it wasn’t bad that he lost his Bankai because it’s cute on him.

He shouts at her and Rangiku quickly brings out her Shikai, from then Toshiro creates an Ice Wall, to which Rangiku uses her Shikai to protect the Ice wall. Bazz-B uses his fire on it and notices that it hasn’t melted at all, Toshiro quickly explains that it’s a vacuum multilayer ice wall, the ice is covered by a thin layer of ash from Haineko, then to turn it into a sword again, from which it would leave empty layers. He also mentions that among all Zanpakuto of all captains, Hyorinmaru is probably the one with least power difference between Shikai and Bankai.

The only difference would only be that it would only be able to create small amounts of ice. He thus had to find a way to fight with little ice, thus he will surely be able to defeat Bazz-B with the quantity he has. Bazz-B shouts and uses his fire, however it doesn’t affect him. Toshiro explaining that his flames cannot pass through Vacuum Ice Wall, Toshiro breaks a hole in his wall and thrusts his sword, mentioning to slash him with a Vacuum Ice Blade, which literally hurts the hell out of Bazz-B! Bleach 548 ends here.

What a fantastic chapter, it’s quickly getting more and more bloody, and it’s just awesome! The battles are once again intensifying and it just keeps getting better. Plus I’m sure Bazz-B would use his Blut system to defend here. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 549 when we can expect even more violence and further shock!

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