Irvin’s Arm Got Eaten – Shingeki No Kyojin 49 (Thoughts)

Shingeki No Kyojin 49 (Attack on Titan) blows me away with a few things that might just think that it’s all over. Reiner smashes into a bunch of Titan’s to which he finds to be difficult. Irvin tells everyone to advance and get Eren back, however a Titan pops out of nowhere to eat Irvin’s right arm! Armin talks to Bertholdt to which he makes them angry, when Irvin cuts Bertholdt. Eren is rescued and Ymir seems to have changed sides. Mikasa and Eren fall from horse when they encounter the Titan which killed their mother!

Well, here are some of my thoughts on what I thought were the most important things within Shingeki No Kyojin 49, also my prediction and guesses may be wrong. Irvin's Arm EatenPersonally one of the more important things within this chapter would be the fact that Irvin’s arm got eaten off, the fact that such a high level captain commander’s arm got cut off. Irvin’s arm got cut off, however moments later he told everyone to carry on their mission to bring back Eren back, as this moment will be the moment in which will decide the future of mankind.

Moving on, we see that Armin is clearly talking to both Bertholdt and Reiner, however he seems to be lying about the information concerning Annie, as she’s still in her dormant state. Irvin cuts BertholdArmin clearly knows what he’s doing, he’s taking their minds off the fact that there are quite a few Titan’s on them and trying anger them to which brings me to my point that Irvin also knew this and used it to his advantage. One point I’d like to bring up is that we’ve never seen Irvin fight before, we’ve only see his ability to make plans, however this, here proves that he’s clearly no slacker. He came out of nowhere and cut both Bertholdt and the string which was used to tie him to Eren, it’s broken which Mikasa catches Eren. We’ve seen many scouts put their lives on the line, I’ve even had the opinion that Irvin is a coward since he’s never putting his life on the line. However this fully proves that he’s prepared to give his life in order for Humanity. On top of that He’s also strong. It may also seem that in the future, during other expeditions, he may be able to make them, he’s obviously handicap now and the best thing for him would be having someone who he could depend on, like Levi.

Ymir follows Connie and HistoriaWhilst Bertholdt and Reiner get their asses kicked by the Titan’s, we see Ymir throw Historia, which makes me think that she has no chances of survival but she gets through it. Furthermore, Historia lands on Connie, she tells him that she needs to go back or Ymir will be killed. From that moment, we quickly see Ymir behind Connie, then goes parallel him, to which it seems like they’re not on the same side. Could it be that all Ymir cares about is herself and Historia, no surprise there. Ymir has clearly abandoned them meaning that there is a likeliness that they’ll die or somehow Bertholdt will transform and kick ass too. Nevertheless, there are only a few number of Scouts left, of which some may be likely to die.

Titan That Killed Eren's MotherDuring the end of this chapter, we see something very surprising. the same Titan has once again appeared, the one which killed Eren’s mother. Now this moment could be extremely bad, Eren and Mikasa have both noticed this Titan and from the horror they faced during Five years ago, it may be that they won’t have the willpower to face it. However Eren could get angry and transform into his Titan form and quickly smash the hell out of this creepy looking Titan. Mikasa is injured from the Titan previously, so it may be likely that she won’t be able to move or do anything useful, Eren’s hands are tied, so it’s most likely that he won’t be able to do a lot since he can’t bleed to initiate his Titan Powers. They both seem to be in real trouble. However we still know that Hannes is still alive and he even mentioned that he’s prepared to give up his live just to save both of them. Could this be his last moment here, the first time he was scared and wasn’t able to fight against this Smiling Titan, however will he able to do it now? Tell me what you think about this chapter and my thoughts in the comments below! Can’t wait for Shingeki No Kyojin 50!

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  1. Sydney Curtis

    Well, that would make sense, because my theory is that Erwin (sorry, using the Show spelling) is actually Annie’s father… and he, and probably Levi, know everything. And actually, Levi may be a titan too, since I read in one of the author’s commentaries that he’s a LOT older than he looks, and Ymir is actually around forty, or something like that… Well, either way, Erwin’s arm isn’t healing yet, so he’s either keeping it from doing so, or he’s not a titan.
    Does it say wether the titan shifting gene is hereditary? Because if it is, then we have several major problems. Uno: Eren is a titan shifter. This makes his father what? Dos: If Levi is a titan shifter, then HIS parents are titan shifters. Since his last name is Ackerman… Well, then Mikasa might be closer to her ‘boyfriend’ than she thinks. ;D
    I still think Erwin is the, if you will pardon the expression, key to everything. I think that what he wants is to overthrow the human government. Annnnd I think he already knew that the titans are really humans… the way he reacted… yeesh. He knows everything.
    Ah, but there is one more thing that everyone seems to have overlooked. If all the titans are actually former humans, and if Connie’s family are all titans… then where is Eren’s mom?
    Sorry for the looooong comment. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. And it's like two in the morning. So ya.


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