Obito The Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki – Naruto 638


Naruto 638 gets immense as Obito has fully transformed into the Ten-Tailed Jinchuuriki! After doing a hand seal, all the chakra’s of all beasts go into Obito to which he transforms fully into a Jinchuuriki which is even more powerful than Hashirama himself. The Hokages and people around worry as the barrier has been torn down by Obito himself. Furthermore, It seems Obito is no longer in control of his own body.

Naruto 638 begins as ninja’s nearby wonder what had just happened, they can’t see anything as the Ten Tails disappeared too quickly for them to notice. Sakura asks Hinata what she saw, she explains that she Obito do something to which he was able to quickly and powerfully suck the Ten Tails into his own body, because of this the Ten Tail’s disappeared, plus Obito had completely changed his form.

We see a beast form in which Obito has 9 comma like icons in his back with a final larger one on top of the other smaller ones. Plus has 10 spike like things which are coming out from his body, five from the top part of his back, while the other five below his back. Hinata explains that the Ten-Tails was completely absorbed by that person, which is Obito. He was also able to absorb the chakra too. Sasuke quickly confirms that he’s changed into the Ten Tails.

Obito turns his head around to see Naruto and the others, it seems as though he currently has no recollection of what’s happening, as though the real Obito has been suppressed. Naruto mentions that it’s getting creepier by the minute. Sasuke asks he knows this. Tobirama thinks of what is happening, while Hashirama notices that they’re not in a good situation.

Naruto mentions that he’s in good terms with the other Tailed Beasts, he understood when their chakra was pouring into him. He could feel the chakra go into Obito. Plus he’s already seen the Revival Technique of the Sage of the Six Paths, and they’re different seals. Which means that he was planning on being the Jinchuuriki of the Ten tails from the start.

Bee asks Gyuki if that is his final form, he mentions that it’s not. The situation is a lot more complex, the form in which Obito sucked up was just prior to the final form. Hashirama quickly enables his jutsu to place down a number of different pillars to trap him, but they all break after a while. The Hokage’s are quickly scared to what could happen.

Four of the 10 spikes on his back begin to flame up and change into arms to which it holds each side of the barrier holding him in. It pulls and quickly breaks it. The Hashirama and Tobirama clones facing Madara quickly go up in flames after this. Guy notices that he could be so strong. Bee mentions that after he got smaller he’s a lot more powerful. Gyuki mentions that before the power released was random, however the power is not being focused.

Hashirama tells everyone to stay on their toes since the power of the Ten Tails is unpredictable. Obito walks towards Minato when he shouts to him to stop. He quickly looks shocked, as though he doesn’t remember anything. The three Hokage’s arrive. Hashirama mentions that he hates to stay it, but he’s a lot stronger than he is.

Hiruzen mentions it’s rude to say it, but it’s true. Tobirama mentions that even if they cancel their clones, they won’t be able to do a thing. Madara gets up mentioning that taking a seat and watching the Hokage’s in fear is funny but he cannot afford to wait. He quietly mentions that Obito is now the same as the Sage of Six Paths, he might get a head of his plans that is why he has to do it quickly. Naruto notices something strange, Obito is abruptly seen cutting both Tobirama and Hashirama while showing his true colours.

What an amazing chapter, too many awesome things are happening that it’s hard to not read. Obito is just going in his beast modes that it’ll just be the end of them. Hopefully Naruto and the others can do something, and quick at it during next week’s Naruto 639.


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  1. Gold Nagato

    Nice, it seems Harishima won’t be able to defeat Obito in his new form, but I just hope Naruto still has something up his sleeves to defeat the new Obito. There is also the rest kages, at least they should be able to put up a better fight this time so technically I think in a couple of chapters Madara would be defeated.


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