Training for the Grand Magic Tournament – Fairy Tail 153

Fairy Tail 153 begins Fairy Tail’s efforts to win the Grand Magic Tournament as they visit the Beach in order to work hard as well as gain some relaxation after some hard times. Other members go their own direction to work on their own. Natsu and the others are dragged into the Celestial Spirit world where they waste 3 months worth of time in the Human World.

Fairy Tail 153 continues on from last week’s episode as some members of the Fairy Tail team go to the beach in order to do their own training. We first see that Erza says that she needs time to sleep, play and eat, as well as train throughout these three months. Gray and Natsu then appear to quickly have a Swimming Race, a Sand Castle building contest, an Eating Contest and a Suntan Contest, they then go to get some sleep.

Jet and Droy are pissed of with them because they’ve done nothing but play. Juvia notices how good Gray looks when he’s tanned. Wendy also tries to read the notes she was given  but it doesn’t make any sense to her. We see that Lisanna, Cana, Mirajane and Elfman, Lily and Gajeel and some others have gone to train alone.

Natsu goes to the bottom of the sea and shows us that he can do his Roar of the Fire Dragon in such a pressurized and deep place, Gray notices and doesn’t waste time in working on his own magic.

Lucy is also getting some help from. Capricorn is also there to help her out. He mentions for her to feel the nature around her in order to develop and improve her Celestial Powers.  She starts to get a circular sand thing going as she concentrates, but she wasn’t able to climax it because she got too tired.

He mentions that her mother, Layla, did the same training. Lucy mentions to Capricorn if he’d heard of One Magic. It’s the magic at the beginning of all magic, she mentions that it’s the magic in which Hades wanted, but could have never been able to obtain it because Lucy thinks that One Magic is related to what Love is.

Gray starts to form a large ice object, Juvia and Wendy start to train harder. Erza also gets her swords out and trains harder by fighting the water. Natsu has himself attached to rocks, he starts running even quicker when he thinks of the people who attacked Fairy Tail.

At night, everyone enjoys their time and look up at the sky, they all look up, they all seem exhausted and promise to try even harder the next day. Everyone gets ready to train. Just during the first day they’ve gotten a lot stronger from the previous day, if they train hard till the day they’ll be able to get a lot stronger.

Virgo appears and everyone is shocked, she mentions that the Celestial World is under grave danger and she asks for their help. They are all transported to a magical world in which nothing seems to be wrong. The King appears in front of them, Lucy asks whats wrong, he mentions that they’ve been called there to congratulate them on coming out of the time prison.

Lucy and the others are shocked at the fact that this was actually a party for them and everyone is there to say hello, they mention that they weren’t able to come to the Human World because they couldn’t all appear there at once, so they had to bring Lucy here.

They all enjoy their time there, they all start eating and playing around with anything they can get their hands on, Happy and Carla find that there isn’t just one Plue but a lot more. Levy receives a book as a present from book part.

A magical song is played, everyone enjoys their time, Lucy remembers a couple of moments when she met her father, and many other moments with Michelle. She also  smiles at this point so she can be happy that she got through them without any real grief.

Once the party finishes they all are happy to be there, they have a fun time, they have all had lots of fun, got a presents and have had a great meal there. They all say their thanks to Lucy for being an awesome person and taking care of them, they also say their goodbyes.

Natsu and Gray think that a  year in the Celestial World refer to a year in the real world, they think that this is a great opportunity for them to train in this place as they can get a much larger time to train and get stronger. But Virgo reveals that this is wrong and that a day in the Celestial World refers to 3 months in the real world. They are all pissed off when they get back. Fairy Tail 153 ends here.

The worst start for Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games as they haven’t even gotten any real training. This is really bad for them, this could be the end of Fairy Tail. During next week’s Fairy Tail 154, titled “Just Enough Time to Pass Each Other!”, we get to see some familiar faces, Jellal, Ultear and Meredy all return, Ultear uses her great magic to give members of the Fairy Tail their Second Origin ultimately making them stronger.

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