Naruto vs Sasuke! Final Battle – Naruto Shippuden 476 & 477

Naruto Shippuden 476 and 477 covers Naruto vs Sasuke as they finally begin their intense battle to fight one another. Sasuke fights to kill Naruto while Naruto tries his best to convince Sasuke that he needs to come back to the village and stop what he’s doing. All while Sakura and Kakashi wait for the end and see the result.

Naruto Shippuden 466 begins with Naruto and Sasuke, he remembers the time Neji told him that he is the only one that can save Sasuke. Sasuke explains that in order to save the world, he needs to become someone who will keep the peace, thus just like Itachi, he is willing to take all the hate from this world. Sasuke himself is all alone, but Naruto mentions this will be similar to the other fights such as Madara and Kaguya.

Naruto and Sasuke talk for a bit where they explain their intentions of the upcoming fight. Naruto and Sasuke begin their fight, they begin with fist fight at first but then migrate to fighting fully with Kurama mode and Sasuke’s Susanoo. Even Hagoromo at this point is gone as he watches them from beyond, to see their result and answer.

Sasuke and Naruto both hit each other and fist dump, this allows them to share their past when they were both kids, they were alone and had no one with them. This see’s the continuation of the battle as we see that Sasuke lost his parents, while Naruto didn’t even had a chance to meet his. Naruto’s Kurama and Sasuke’s Susanoo fight on.

Kurama even creates a Bijuu Ball but doesn’t fire it as Sasuke just uses his Chidori and lightning to strike Naruto down. Naruto tells Sasuke that he doesn’t want to kill him no matter what. Naruto and Sasuke once again clash causing a large explosion. They meet up in another world which allows them to talk to one another. It allows Sasuke to explain what exactly he wants to do, which is be the bad guy who will cause hatred to allow for everyone to gather in peace.

Sasuke then calls the Bijuu’s who were trapped to his position, here he wants to gather their power. Naruto Shippuden 477 continues as Sasuke takes the chakra from all the trapped beasts, he uses his Susanoo as a vessel which allows him to upgrade it to a much different form. Naruto gets more serious as he creates clones to fight it, but fails as his attacks do nothing.

He can even seem to get a scratch on Sasuke’s Susanoo. They take him up above the clones, and fire Bijuu Bombs but they do nothing. Naruto is also running low on chakra. Naruto reveals his trump card as another Kurama who was gathering energy. Naruto uses this chakra to create two massive Rasengan, one of his own nature and another of Bijuu mode.

He launches them towards Sasuke, and Sasuke does the same with his strongest attack using Indra’s arrow. The aftermath creates a land waste with nothing bu holes, a huge thunderstorm is created. They both fall to the ground after using so much chakra. Sasuke is annoyed that Naruto just keeps getting up, thus uses his Amaterasu to fight but Naruto predicted this.

Sasuke tries to attack but Naruto has clones that he used. Naruto tries to then use his Rasengan but falls to the ground. The fist fight now begins as both begin to hit and fight each other using their fists, there is no clear winner here as both want to kick and punch each other. We go to the past where Sakura remembers the moment they first fought, she wakes up at dusk.

Both Naruto and Sasuke can barely fight, they are unable to even stand, they try their best to use everything they had to kick and punch the other They hit each other and stop, Naruto’s headband falls. Kurama is trying to amass chakra but Sasuke takes this way from Naruto using his Rinnegan. Sasuke tries to use his Chidori but Naruto see’s through it and punches him.

Sasuke is tired that Naruto keeps getting up over and over again, he just wants to cut Naruto down. Sasuke prepares for his final attack, he uses his Chidori and Flames to mix them  together. Kurama tries to advice Naruto, but Naruto already knows, it seems like he’d also like to use his final attack. Naruto and Sasuke get ready and attack. Naruto creates his Rasengan as we see the support of others.  Naruto and Sasuke both clash as the surrounding area begins to explode, Naruto Shippuden 477 ends here.

A brilliant end to the magnificent battle between Naruto and Sasuke. Seems like there is no clear winner with this, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 478, titled “The Unison Sign” when we see the final end of the battle. Can’t wait to see what happens!

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  1. rise

    The fight was lit!!!!!
    But I was always baffled by the ending cause sasuke has the power of the rinnigan, sharigan, susasno, not to mention all nine failed beast chakra while naruto had a portion of each tailed beast and a crazy amount of sage power which i guess turned the table
    But overall a great fight, I’m glad they extended the fight

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  2. Lelethu

    Episode 477 was beautifully made, I keep repeating the episode ‘coz I just can’t get enough of it, maybe it’s the hype about the next episode but this was AWESOME😃


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