Ichibei Hyosube’s Training! Byakuya All Healed – Bleach 545


Bleach 545 shows Rukia and Renji’s efforts to becomes even stronger as they go through the training set by Squad Zero members, now it’s Ichibei Hyosube. We also see Hiyori talking to Shinji about a certain package, which Hiyori receives. She also receives one from Mayuri. Shunsui also appears in the real world, to find Ichigo’s friend in front of him. He tells them to prepare their parting with Ichigo. We also see Byakuya being all healed.

Bleach 545 begins as Yuzu at home begins to make the food, she calls Karin and Isshin to eat their lunch. Isshin mentions that he will treat his next patient then come to eat. Karin will come once she kills the game boss she’s facing. Yuzu mentions that she’s doesn’t even stop playing for a minute. Yuzu notices that Ichigo has not yet come back from training camp.

Renji and Rukia are both training hard, they face each other and state until the time has come. The bell rings after them, they shout and Renji falls over. He mentions that what they’re doing is cold blooded. Rukia mentions that what they’re doing is nothing but staring at each other, how could he get out of breath. Renji mentions that he doesn’t like what they’re doing. Standing around and pointing their swords at each other isn’t his idea of practicing.

Rukia mentions the same, that she doesn’t like pointing her sword at friends. That being his point, however it sure is hard to breath is that place they both mention. The concentration of spirit particles there is immensely dense. The sensation of feeling like I was being crushed by something no longer exists but It still feels as if she’s moving around in water. Furthermore, there might be other ways in which the dense concentration of spirit particles might be affecting them.

Rukia gets a call, she accepts the call and tells Renji that it was Kirinji, she mentions that Byakuya has finally regained consciousness, thus he seems to be healed. Kirinji mentions that he certainly took a long both, possibly the longest anyone has done so in his waters. Kirinji asks if he’s feeling woozy. Byakuya mentions that there is no need for such concern as he still lacks the strength needed to feel woozy.

However he’s made it far for him that he will need to regain the stamina needed to feel woozy once more. Renji gets happy that he’s finally back. Renji mentions that once he’s eaten and had his blade prepared, he’ll have to go to the next stage. Which they both fear. Which is Senjumaru Shutara who’s been described as the Great Weave Guard.

Renji mentions that going through that stage was a nightmare for him, by far the worst experience of his life. Rukia mentions that it probably was, both of them were literally stripped of their dignity, just thinking about it gives her the shivers. Renji begins to think of it once again while Rukia shouts at him not to.

Shutara mentions to Rukia to take his Fundoshi off, Rukia objects to this mentioning that he thought that they were only being fitted for new Shihakushos, she should be able to do so while his Fundoshi is still on. She mentions that it’s okay, she’ll simple take his measurements after she detaches little-renji from him. Renji quickly gets naked mentioning that it’s coming off.

Renji snaps out of the recollection, Rukia mentions that from his attitudes, it seems that he’s only recalled his memory before taking his clothes off, after that it would probably be really bad. Rukia mentions that she is okay with Renji going through with it, however she looks towards Byakuya and how he’ll react.

From the back comes a loud noise in which Ichibei Hyosube appears, as the Eyebyall Monk (Eyeball Monk) who mentions that they’re just gossiping like some hens. He also mentions that when they arrived, the spirit particle density overwhelmed them to the point that they were motionless on their knees gasping for every breath. And now they’re regain some stability. He mentions that he wants to continue his training towards the inner sanctum. Rukia and Renji both shout in eagerness.

In Soul Society, Shinji mentions to Hiyori on the phone that he’s not giving her a direct command however he’s asking as politely as he can so she could do it. Hiyori mentions that she can sense him, and that he’s not doing anything what he’s saying, in fact he’s just asking.

Shinji mentions that he’s going to leave it to his hands, she’s the only one that can pull it off, he then mentions that she should be feeling super special at this point, then hangs up the phone. A delivery arrives from Soul Society. It seems that there were two people who sent her packages, one being Shinji and the other being Mayuri!

Hiyori gets excited mentioning that when life gives you lemons, you squeeze the lemons until they’re dry. She quickly gets prepared forming a team to repair the distortion between the human world and soul society. Everyone is surprised that such a team has been formed.

A few hours later, Keigo, Tatsuki and Mizuiro are walking home together. Keigo asks if they have any idea where Ichigo’s gone. Tatsuki mentions that she wouldn’t know and that he should try Karin and Yuzu. It was mentioned that he’s going to football camp, but that ended months ago. He’s obviously lying to them. Since Chad, Orihime and Ishida are also missing, there seems to be something fishy going on in Soul Society.

A man stand behind them, Keigo asks who he might be. Mizuiro mentions that he’s the captain of the 8th division, he heard it during the debacle with Aizen. Shunsui is flattered that they’d remember something without even exchanging who they are. Mizuiro asks what he’s doing there, mentioning that if a captain has travelled all this way, it must be important.

Shunsui steps forwards and looks at them directly, he then mentions that he’s there to pass an important message to his friends. It’s about Ichigo’s friends and how it related to Ichigo’s eventually parting away. This could be a grave thing, a different meaning are attached to here too. Bleach 545 ends here.

What an impressive chapter, and it surely did seem to be a long one. Furthermore it seemed like Shunsui is definitely checking all his option, could what he’s just done a way for him to recruit even more people or is he trying to tell them something. Can’t wait to see what he means during next week’s Bleach 546!

There are 3 comments

  1. roly

    😀 Tite Kubo really knows how to make us to wait more and more for the next chapter :O But how comes that this comed out on tuesday and not on wednesday? I’m very embrassed about Kyoraku what will tell to Ichigos friends 😀


  2. criolle johnny

    Does Hachi have both hands again?
    Page 15 and 16 he seems to be using BOTH hands. Recall he lost one hand in the battle against the Arrancar.
    If HE can heal a hand, can Shunsui heal an eye?


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