Ichigo Eventually Parting Ways – Bleach 545 (Thoughts)

Bleach 545 is out and it was awesome. So many questionable things have happened within this chapter that it might just make you crazy. Rukia and Renji are training with their final Squad Zero members while Byakuya is all healed up within the first member. Hiyori and the other Vizards are told to repair the unbalanced connection between Soul Society and Human World, they also receive a package from Mayuri. And finally, Shunsui meets with Ichigo’s friends telling them to prepare to part ways with him.

Shunsui is now the Captain Commander, and for him to come all this way to just see three mere humans is nothing short of suspicious. He reveals and tries to shock them by telling them that they should prepare to not see Ichigo again. Is this just a lie from Shunsui or is he actually telling the truth. We’ve known that Ukitake and Shunsui to be key characters in Soul Society, and they played an important part in many arcs, so why do I think there is something missing here.

It’s believed that both Orihime and Chad, who are Ichigo’s closest friends have received powers directly from the Hogyoku. If Shunsui can get Keigo, Tatsuki and Mizuiro to regret their powerlessness to help Ichigo then there could be a way in which they could still develop unique powers to help Ichigo, just like Orihime and Chad are. Therefor Shunsui could use the powers they have to his advantage.

The fact that Shunsui mentioned them parting ways could possibly mean that Ichigo could either die during this war. Otherwise he could join Juha Bach in the war, if this was his thought then it would mean that Shunsui has somehow found out the truth about Ichigo and his past. Shunsui is a clever guy, he wouldn’t just walk into a situation knowing nothing, he’s planning it really well, plus the fact that he came by person must mean that he either doesn’t want other people to know what he’s doing, or that he’s the only one that can perform his plan.

Another suspicious thing about this chapter was the fact that Hiyori received a package from Shinji and Mayuri. It’s understandable that Shinji would want only them to do such a thing because they’re trustworthy. The way they could repair the distortion between the Human World and Soul Society could be to either kill more hollow and to send more humans souls to Soul Society, thus balancing it out.

The more suspicious thing about this chapter would be the fact that Mayuri sent something back to the Human World. Could this point at the fact that Mayuri knows where Urahara is in the Human World and that he knows his in Hueco Mundo. The fact that Hiyori received the package could mean that she’s the only other person who could do this.

Furthermore, what is in the package which Mayuri sent, could it be some kind of human body control device which was spoiled to us, or could be a few order on how to collect something from human souls within the Human World? Could be anything. Furthermore, I notice that Hachigen had regained his arm once more.

Concerning Shutara, her techniques concern the people and how they wear their clothes. Could this point to material which best fits a person, for example material which gives the person a certain ability or power. Furthermore her creation unknown to us, however I’d like to guess that it could be the basic Shinigami cloths, Shihakusho. Otherwise she could be the creator of artificial limbs like the four she has access too. Furthermore, as Rukia is worried about Byakuya during his meeting with Shutara, I’m not as worried as he’s less of a coward than of them.

So what did you think of my thoughts? Do you agree? Do you any suggestions to the questions posed in the manga and what I didn’t cover you can comment on using the comments section.

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  1. Eveyatar

    i think means that he has faith in him and will win and might make him a captain and then they wont see him o somthing like that



    Well remember this something like this has been brought up before, in 518 Kūkaku Shiba said that she had to let Ichigo go even if means making their “uncle” sad (Aka Isshin), plus in 529 Ōetsu Nimaiya chat with Renji ad mentioned how Renji didn’t stood up for Ichigo, and mentioned how he knows the origin of every zanpukto created and mention’s how he had to find his origin. This means that probably that every one Ichigo has had contact with in the Soul Society knows about his background and maybe their aware that something must be done if he should every gain his true power.


  3. Lottie

    Your opinion is interesting but I really have not idea. When I read the previous chapter and this new chapter, there are some events… That’s why I am a bit lost. Some questions without answers are in my head. But I’m not disappointed ! 😉 I want the next chapter ! I want the next chapter !


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