Sasori and Chiyo’s Relationship – Naruto Shippuden 319

Young Sasori

Naruto Shippuden 319 makes me no happier, we see another renditions of the relationship in which Chiyo and Sasori had. I wonder if we’ve had enough of these yet. We also see a fight from Kankuro and Chiyo in her Edo Tensei form. Chiyo remembers the moments in which he began to go crazy, at these points we also notice that he also took his only friends body and turned into a puppet.

Naruto Shippuden 319 begins with Chiyo and Kimimaro approach the samurai’s he goes forth and eliminates most of the samurai’s with just his bones only. Mifune is then attacked by his samurai who is being controlled by Chiyo. At this point, Kankuro tells Mifune that he became a puppet and that the only person who can fight against Chiyo is only him.

Chiyo notices a puppet of Sasori and remembers a lot, about before she died, when she met Naruto she died in peace and she stands in front of the puppet full of regret. She remembers when Sasori was a kid and he asks her when they’re coming back, she is unable to tell him that they’ve died, only saying that they will be back. She also notices Sasori is using puppets of his mother and father so they can cuddle him. He notices that there is someone watching and then notices that he’s only being hugged by fakes.

He had already figured that they were dead. Sasori works on his things while his friend comes in, he seems to be busy, he even tries to help, he asks if he can even see him. Komushi has brought a message asking for the puppets that were requested, the Crow, Black Ant and Salamander. He mentions that he doesn’t like people to wait, he’s also build a fully working hand, he notices Komushi work his hand. Chiyo tells Komushi to ask about the poison in the Crow puppet. He gives him a list, which are exotic medical plants, being hard to find.

They both go to Chiyo’s office, the ask for the medical poison and Chiyo says yes that they’ll be able to do something like this. Komushi and Sasori walk, he mentions that Sasori may be young be he’s already working and being a good person for the village itself, he’s parents must be proud. We see Komushi’s mother come and argue to him about this. We then see Komushi have an injury to which he loses an arm, which gets replaced with the arm which Sasori building.

Chiyo notices that this is a bad thing. After a while, we notice that Komushi has gotten in a bad problem when he had infected himself with the poison, his last words mentions for them not to blame Sasori as it was his fault. After his death, his mother begs Sasori to heal him and bring him back, Sasori just looks at him doing nothing.

We notice Chiyo look at Sasori’s decisions and from this point on, she deduces that he’s been working on something. She goes to his work place and quickly asks what he’s doing. Out of nowhere, she’s attacked, she quickly notices that the puppet which attacks her is Komushi’s puppet body itself. Sasori mentions that the model which was requested has been finished. At this point on he goes from a boy and becomes a evil man.

Kankuro mentions that he’s the one who had helped him, both of them keep on fighting, Sasori and Chiyo keep on fighting. She brings back the dead samurai’s, Kankuro brings out both Sasori’s mother and father puppets. He mentions that their bodies have been repaired, we go to when Sasuke was showing Kankuro Sasori and his parent’s body.

He mentions that he had entrusted both his body and his parents to Kankuro. She talks to herself mentioning that it could be something like a miracle for him to entrust him them. He also mentions that Gaara also received her soul and came back to life. He can also sense their family bond, Chiyo remembers a moment when they were trying to take a family portrait.

We see Chiyo fall on her face, Kankuro quickly panics and tries to go and help her, she tricks him and gets up. She then quickly tells him that Sasori left him his puppets, she should also leave him something. He quickly runs and it’s most likely that Kankuro had sealed her and learnt a few extra things. Naruto Shippuden 319.

I’m very disappointed with all these stupid episodes. The anime is terrible at this point while the chapters are getting better. The animators need to get to the war arc really quickly or else my will to write these will forever go. We go to another filler during next week’s Naruto Shippuden 320, titled “Run Omoi” about Omoi.

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  1. janoosen

    I’m just going to skip all the fillers until it gets back on track. The only filler in the Naruto anime I’ve liked is the Power arc, it was actually really good.
    I agree that all these episodes are stupid (I hate fillers, at least when it’s not interesting at all) but at the same time I think it’s wise that they’re doing a lot of fillers now, that way they’ll be able to focus completely on the rest of the war without abruptly switching to fillers in the middle of it all. I think the latter would frustrate people a lot more.

    With that said, if they’re going to make fillers I wish they’d at least make them interesting…I haven’t found a single war extension episode the least bit interesting and I stopped watching after the third episode. I did however watch the fight with the Sound Four simply because I like Tayuya.


    1. Sunite

      I guess, but I think they’ve run out of stories to talk about, that’s why it’s just repeating old stories and just adding more crap to it. Even if they try to include Naruto and other main characters, it’s not going to make any difference. I agree that the power arc was decent, I thought it was actually one of the better filler arcs.


  2. CAS

    Naruto Animators need to learn something frm One piece there were no fillers during the Whitebeard war t was pure action all the way! what i hate abt fillers is that they might prolong the overall story bt eventually viewers will loose interest in da plot den viewership n.o’s drop then show gets cancelled without gettin finished i’d rather they have a haitus like F.tail den then gt cancelled without finishin t


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