Ultear’s Time Ark Last Ages! Gray’s Alive – Fairy Tail 335


Fairy Tail 335 see’s time itself turn back from Ultear’s Time Ark Last Age’s. We see even more deaths from Fairy Tail members, they seem to have no chance. Ultear sacrifices her life in order to give up at least a few hours or so before the dragons came. However this doesn’t work, in fact only a minute is given back to everything, this seems to be enough time for them to fight back.

Fairy Tail 335 begins Jellal picks up Erza, we move onto Bacchus where he’s literally beaten down, Droy has stopped breathing, Macao has also been trapped by an creature and seems to be as though he’s going to die. Lyon shouts out Chelia’s names, Juvia keeps on crying, even Lyon and Meredy see the sad moment.

Ultear mentions that ever since she was small, she’s been hurting people, she’s been stealing their lives and killing them. However Gray gave her a chance to live again, the neutral guild of Crime Sorciere was able to help her repent some of her sins. She mentions that ever since that point, she now calls herself a witch that can easily kill anyone. She has no right to live.

We go to when she was smaller, we see Hades approach her, she kneels and tells him that he mentioned something about magic to recover lost happiness, mentioning Time’s Ark. She quickly mentions that she was able to find something about it, the Last Ages. Hades tells her that she mustn’t use that magic because even though it can bring back time, it will take time away from the user itself. Ultear quickly notices the bad in this and mentions that she doesn’t want that. However at this point, she seems to want it.

If she can sacrifice her life for the better, she will do so. She gets ready, she initiates the magic, Time’s Ark Last Ages! The veins in her body begin to dilate letting even more magic and blood through. The time is half past one. Her magic begins, it unleashes the magic within her, it begins to bring time back, everything around her has changed and time seems to be going back!

The magic used has used made her body go to it’s limits. She once again looks at the time wondering that the time has gone back. She notices that the time has only gone back one minute, wondering that her life is only worth one minute. She collapses wondering how she didn’t save anyone. However we see Gray save Juvia and Meredy from the monsters attack. It seems that they seem to have remembered what had happened about Gray’s death!

The creature comes out and Lyon and Gray have stopped it! Gray notices that someone must have done something about this. Droy, Macao and the others have all been saved because of this. During that time, ordinary people noticed the future for 1 minute, however they thought it was a dream and forgot. However for wizards it gave them their lives back as well as their chance to fight back.

Gajeel also notices that this was going to happen and by doing so, he saw the dragon’s attack before it ever happened. It helped all of the wizards fight back and began the counterattack for humanity. Laxus helped Wendy, Cobra fought with a smile, and Sting and Rogue fought by each other. Her sacrifice led to a luminous future! Fairy Tail 335 ends here.

We all knew that Gray wasn’t going to die, and that Gray was a main character who could never ever die, however Ultear’s sacrifice is not yet over, she will be back and her life is worth more than a minute. She seems unconscious because she’s limited herself by using Time’s Ark. Can’t wait for Fairy Tail 336 when we see even more awesome fights. This chapter was a bit of a let down for me.

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  1. DEEYA

    Called it! Well, pretty much everyone was saying it. Though there were a lot of naysayers regarding it being Ultear’s magic. That being said, kinda disappointed that we didn’t get to see Juvia freakout in blind rage. That would’ve been awesome.


    1. Sunite

      Agreed, Juvia’s rage was something I wanted to see, to actually see her lover’s head being shot and body just tumbling down… It would have been good to see that too lol


  2. janoosen

    As glad as I am that Gray is alive…this still felt like a blatant cop-out to me and I’m disappointed in Mashima. I wish Mashima would have the courage to kill someone in Fairy Tail (the guild), I think it would make Fairy Tail so much better. Heck, I bet even Ultear won’t die from this…

    Oh well, at least they can’t conveniently use her power anymore.


    1. Sunite

      Agreed, Mashima tried to throw a curve ball but I’m guessing it didn’t curve enough… It would have been better to see a more of a explanation, and leaving Gray dead for a few more chapters, until Ultear brought her back would have been another good thing. Ultear’s not dead…


  3. Areya nadhim

    I think that the main fairytail characters. Should stay alive and gray should stay alive I’m so glad that he does not die because it would not be the same without him so they did a good job keeping him alive


  4. Areya nadhim

    I was so sad at the beginning when I find out that we was about to die and if was literally crying but now I’m happy that he is alive thank you so much


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