Shino’s Friends! Torune’s Poison Jar – Naruto Shippuden 317

Naruto's Rasengan on Torune's arm

Naruto Shippuden 317 tells the story of Shino and Torune, both during the point where they’ve met to fight as well as when they were much smaller. Torune is adopted by Danzo and the Foundation, in turn Kabuto makes him unleash his Poison Jar technique to kill everyone in the battlefield. Naruto arrives to help, when Shino takes down Torune.

Naruto Shippuden 317 begins at the HQ, when they decide that they may need to tell Naruto about this. We notice Shino follow a horde of bugs which go towards a specific place near some rocks. At the end of this we see Torune with a corpse, he takes his gloves and activates his Jutsu, he touches the man and infects him, he then pushes him into a hole with a number of other dead people. He enables his Jar of Poison jutsu.

Shino arrives at Torune, he quickly notices both of them. They seem to know both of each other. Shino releases a few beetles which Torune doesn’t notice. They talk about Danzo, that he’s dead. Shino asks what he’s doing and this is, he tells him that it’s his Jar of Poison, together with his poison.

We move onto the past where Torune talks to Shino, he mentions how school is going, Shino mentions that he doesn’t like it and that he rather spend his time with bugs. Torune explains that he cannot join the academy because of his body, once he touches someone, he kills it, the cells on a bird he killed die. Even the bugs Shino sent to the bird die. Shino is told not to touch the bird as it’s like a virus and can spread quickly.

He tells him to go the school and make friends. Naruto notices Shino in class, he tells him that they’re his and that he’s breeding them. Naruto mentions that they should throw them at girls so they shout, Iruka shows up and scares Naruto asking who they should scare. Shino once again talks to Torune about friends, he’s still confused about this. Shibi is walking with Danzo when they talk about the Foundation and how they’re adopting children to train.

They talk about Shino, at this moment, Torune tries to get a hand in the Foundation, he tells Danzo that he wants to join. Danzo mentions that he may be a little older but can still join. Danzo tells him to go to his place the next day. This is his good bye to his friends and family. Torune explains to Shino about his Jar of Poison, which requires a lot of flesh. The jar itself will explode and ignite which will spread the smoke and beetles everywhere effecting everyone.

Shino tries to surround Torune with his bugs, he does this but his bugs start to die. Torune asks if Shino’s made any new friends. He mentions that he doesn’t know if he does, Torune mentions that he’s always analyzing and that he should just be normal. He also mentions that the ANBU was also good for him. We move onto the first day when Torune was first sparring Foo. They start and it seems Foo is blocking his attack, even attacking back. Danzo tells Foo to teach him about the Foundation.

He asks what has happened to Foo, he doesn’t know at this point and may have been reanimated somewhere else. Shino picks up a kunai and goes for the attack, he mentions that he will do his best, Torune tells him to stop this and try something else. Shino’s kicked into the Jar when Naruto arrives. Shino stops one of his other attacks.

Naruto fights Torune, at each other, Naruto tries not to touch him. Naruto build a Rasengan which explodes Torune’s hand. He’s too close to Naruto, unfortunately Shino takes the punch from Torune, it seems Shino may be infected, however he gets up. Torune asks how he survived, he mentions that his bugs helped him. He took a big of the venom, he was able to breed them, then was able to multiply them. Now he surrounds Torune with them stopping his movement, then seals him. The Jar of Poison fails and Shino says his goodbyes, both of them head towards another place. Naruto Shippuden 317 ends here.

A good episode based on Shino’s past, although it wasn’t one of the best, it was still a good episode which, like any other Naruto episode, being based on friends. Hopefully we’ll see more of his past later on. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 318, titled “A hole in the heart: the other jinchuriki”, when we see more on Bee as well as the previous jinchuuriki, Fukai.

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