Ichigo’s Real Zangetsu! Source of Quincy Powers – Bleach 541


Bleach 541 enters a new stage for Ichigo as he talks to Juha Bach within him, he mentions that he’s not Zangetsu, in fact the Hollow he’s been training with is his Zangetsu, furthermore Juha Bach tried to protect him but failed. He brings out a sword when he disappears. He mentions that this sword is his real zanpakuto, Ichigo’s real Zangetsu!

Bleach 541 begins with Ichigo getting a few memories, the first time he fought him, he had a feeling that he was summoned there in front of Juha Bach, he tried to not think about the reason, he didn’t even have any information except that he was the enemy. Plus the first time he looked at him, it quickly reminded him of someone he knew.

He shouts his name, calling out Zangetsu, Ichigo asks him what all this means. The person we know as Zangetsu is in fact Juha Bach, he mentions that it is what he has heard from Nimaiya. He also mentions that he is not Zangetsu! At this moment, Ichigo gets heart broken, at the same time the place they’re in begins to break, the buildings break and go into water.

Ichigo asks if he’s really Juha Bach and not Zangetsu. Juha Bach answers this question by telling him that he’s the source of his Quincy Power within him, plus he’s both Juha Bach and at the same time he’s not him. Ichigo shouts telling him that he doesn’t get what he means. Ichigo asks if he’s an enemy, and ally and was what he mentioned a lie. He shouts for him to answer.

Juha Bach mentions that he is neither his ally or enemy. Furthermore his words are straight from his heart, and that he has never told him a lie, except about his name. He tells him that he should have noticed it by now. When he was teaching about how to use a Zanpakuto, it was not him who was helping him, it was in fact the power of his Hollow.

When he couldn’t use his Zanpakuto powers, when his life was in danger, the one who saved you was not him, in fact it was always his inner hollow! Ichigo is shocked to hear this. Juha Bach mentions that he didn’t want him to become a shinigami, that is why he tried to suppress his growing potential and always tried to be the core of his power.

Ichigo asks why, Juha Bach mentions that is it strange for him to keep him away from fights and danger, if he became a shinigami, he would have always been involved, he will be hurt, he will suffer, and thus one day he will have to kill Ichigo with his own hands. Juha Bach unleashes a sword looking object with flame like substance covering it.

Ichigo looks at him, mentioning that he may have to fight him at this point, Juha Bach mentions that he mustn’t let him become a shinigami, if he becomes one he will have to kill him. This is what he had thought, however eventually Ichigo did become a shinigami, he had chance, he trained hard and despite getting hurt and suffering, he chose to pursue that path.

When ever he saw him like this, he’s heart would waver, intending of stopping Ichigo becoming a Shinigami, he’s heart started to help him in his path, and even at this point, he’s happy to step back, he mentions that he’s become strong, he was able to watch him grow, all this time when he’s been close to him, he couldn’t be happier, at this moment he’s satisfied. Juha Bach begins to fade away after his skin starts to degrade, Ichigo mentions that he still has things to ask.

At this moment, we see Juha Bach cry after fading away, all that is left is the sword which Juha Bach summoned. It seems to be burning in a flame, Juha Bach mentions that what he’s been using is the power that he was unable to suppress, now he can finally fight using his own strength, take it with you, what’s in front of him is his real zanpakuto, the real Zangetsu! A large flash appears at this point, Bleach 541 ends here.

A new chapter after another, it seems that Bleach is getting better, even more and more! Ichigo getting another new power up as well as all of his own power is going to be awesome. It seems that as Juha Bach steps back, he won’t be able to use his Quincy powers, hopefully he might be able to unlock it later on, can’t wait to see what it looks like! Can’t wait for Bleach 542 next week!

There are 18 comments

  1. Bhungane69

    yhoooo… So aizen lost to someone using just a portion of his power… ichigo and Zaraki are sooooo strong! only 3 other people can fight in this war and maybe not die. kyoraku if maybe he brings out his bankai and its realyyyyy strong…. hitsugaya if he somehow gets all of hyorinmaru power or all of it… Hisagi maybe he is a war potential too with his bankai … Byakuya renji and others dont stand a chance they are not even aizen level


    1. Sunite

      Hmmm I guess, but I think his Final Getsuga was pretty powerful and he was talking to both Juha Bach and Zangetsu at that point. I think they will all bring out their powers out šŸ˜› The captains will try and get their Bankai’s back when they mostly need it. Hisagi cannot be a war potential, a lot of people have Bankai, but doesn’t mean that they are war potential.
      They named only 5 the war potential because they’re the most powerful! Renji would have definitely gotten a lot more powerful, thus he could possibly be compared to him…


      1. Linus135

        The only reason I would think Hisagi a war potential is if his bankai was some sort of scythe. Something like a “true soul reaper”. Other than that, he is still not on the other captain’s levels so it’s very doubtful.


    2. geo92

      wait a minute aizen never lost to ichigo he was still alive after fgt urahara was the one who sealed him never forget that.. ichigo was just buying time…


      1. Bhungane69

        final getsuga made him weak enough for the hokyoku to denie him power, if it wasnt for ichigo uraharas kido would not work… Am i wrong?


  2. criolle johnny

    Page 11 & 12 The Old Man claims that every time Ichigo’s life was in danger, a Hollow saved him. That would seem to be an error.
    Go back to Chapter 110 (Dark Side of Universe) through Chapter 111 (Black and White) Ichigo was using Zangetsu’s power to battle Kenpachi.
    In Chapter 113 (The Undead 3) Zangetsu is right over his shoulder!
    The conversation between Zangetsu and the hollow is also interesting in light of current events.


    1. Sunite

      So are you saying that Juha Bach gave him power to battle Kenpachi? I think at that point, Ichigo also started to know Juha Bach, or what we knew him as, Zangetsu. I think Ichigo didn’t careless where his power came from. He just used any old power that he had to defeat Kenpachi. I think at that point, Juha Bach gave a little bit of his restricted power back to Ichigo so he could knock Kenpachi out…


  3. rise

    so since ichigo hollow is actually his shinigami power, is he still considered a hollow and this whole time ichigo was using only about half of his powers, so he could of actually beaten all of his enemies before just like that, and at this point, im just wondering how strong ichigo would of been if he has the other half of his powers in his vasto lorde form


  4. wakaka

    is the fake zangetsu really gone for good now and is his other half of his power that he has been suppressing this whole time his shinigami power of his quincy power


    1. Bhungane69

      i think since juha supresed all his collective power but ichigo managed to used a bit of the unsupresed power, id say maybe it was shinigami getsuga,hollow cero and maybe quincy all combined


  5. Rahmat

    i think other 3 potential wars except zaraki and ichigo is kyoraku, ukitake and unohana..since we still not confirm yet that unohana has died..maybe she still can be saved…and she also state that she can recover her body million times as she want and juhabach also state that first generation captains makes he feel fear…and while other captains already shown for their training and what they are doing while ukitake and kyoraku still not have any story yet…and both of them be called one of the most strongest captain for nothing…


  6. Chris

    hey can someone tell me if the old man zangetsu (the fake one) is dead ? if he is then did ichigo lost his quincy powers? if not where is he hiding
    im just curious please reply if you know


    1. Sunite

      No, he’s not dead, he cannot be dead because he’s part of Ichigos soul. Its impossible for him to die. Ichigo still has his Quincy powers, he just needs to activates them


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