Naruto and Sasuke’s Combination Attack – Naruto 634


Naruto 634 see’s the combination use of all members of Team 7, after their summoning are brought forward, Naruto and Sasuke go on ahead while Sakura activates her powers to heal everyone, similar to Tsunade’s. Naruto and Sasuke both create their attacks. Naruto with his Rasenshuriken and Sasuke with his Susanoo’s sword. They both mix their lightning and wind attacks to create an even more powerful attack which burns the Ten Tail’s body.

Naruto 634 begins with the three summoning appearing. Naruto is confused that it’s not who he had summoned, in fact it’s Gamakichi, who was very little. His dad is currently busy with something else. Naruto is surprised that he’s huge now, he mentions that it’s not his fault that humans grow at a very slow pace, he asks what he needs him for. Naruto tells him to get as close the Ten Tail’s as he can.

Sasuke talks to Aoda, he tells the snake to just proceed ahead to the main body. Sakura talks to Katsuyu who mentions that she’s finally been able to activate her Byakugou, when she mentions that Tsunade will be proud, Sakura cuts her off, she tells her to split into as many pieces as possible to attach to as many people in the alliance to heal them, which is the most important thing at this point.

Minato mentions that it’s a treat to see the trio get summoned once again, Hiruzen is reminded by Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Hiruzen tells all of them to go forth. They all begins their attack, Aoda strikes quickly, Gamakichi jumps up to the sky, Katsuyu begins to split and head to help the others.

Aoda seems to be successful in getting through, and so is Gamakichi, he even blocks attacks from the creatures below. Everyone joins with Sakura’s Katsuyu and already seem to notice that their strength is quickly returning. Sasuke and Aoda notice a block of creature blocking them, he tells the snake to keep on going. Naruto finishes his Rasenshuriken, the Ten tail’s notices it.

Sasuke transforms into his Susanoo and quickly splits the wall apart as well as the creature behind it. He then gets his arrow ready, Naruto tells Sasuke that he’s ready. Sasuke aims, everyone quickly notice that it’s time to be steady and not miss because this is their opportunity. Sakura notices that they’ve returned and drops a tear or two.

Naruto launches his Fuuton Chououdama, Rasenshuriken (Literally meaning Wind Element, Supersized Spiral Throwing Star), at the same time, Sasuke does the same with his bow, unleashing his Katon, Susanoo Gakutsuchi (Literally meaning Fire Element, Susanoo Fire God). They both head towards one part of their body.

Naruto remembers that his and Sasuke’s elements are best matched. His Rasenshuriken and Gakutsuchi both mix to create a massive attack with an arrow and a spinning behind. Its mentioned that the only think that can save a dying flame and give it strength, is the power of wind. It connects with the Ten Tails to create a large unending flame on the body of the Ten Tails. The creature screams from the bottom of its lungs.

Everyone cheers that it landed. Tobirama mentions that he’s never seen such a combination that has been this strong before, they’ve really made their jutsu’s compliment each other perfectly. He also mentions that it’s hard to achieve such unison even if you’ve partnered up for years. Which both Naruto and Sasuke have not!

Minato mentions that he’s just seen, and gives it a long name, then mentions that the name will not come to live. They back off, Sasuke mentions for the Ten Tails to burn in this attack. Sai hears this, he then asks Jugo what his true aim is, he mentions that he doesn’t know either. We move onto another place were, Karin, Suigetsu and Orochimaru arrive where Tsunade and the other Kage’s are. He mentions that she doesn’t seem to be holding up well. Naruto 634 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, and it’s finally good to see that Tsunade’s part is finally coming, I want to see what has happened to her during this time we’ve been with Naruto. Hopefully she’s okay. If not, then I hope Orochimaru helps her like he’s been doing with the Hokages and Sasuke. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 635 when we’ll see even more awesome stuff.

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