Red Thread of Fate – Minato and Kushina

minakushi___red_thread_of_fate_by_akira_12-d6948ksKushina’s young self proved to Minato that she was more than just a little girl. Her first message to everyone in class was that she wanted to become a Hokage, even if she was a girl, she was more than determined to become one. After being captured, her red lusty hair proved to be quite unique in what it did. It proved to be something, like fate, that led Minato her, she was saved and at that point, she looked Minato in a whole different light after that.

The fantastic image above of Minato catching Kushina in a dark night was drawn by Akira-12 who has got over 200 different fan arts based on a number of different anime’s such as Naruto and Bleach. Go check them out.

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