Natsu’s Fire Power Up! Rogue Must Die – Fairy Tail 333


Fairy Tail 333 gets a little dark as we see Ultear show up to watch Rogue as he speaks to his own dark side, his shadow. Ultear has a blurred mindset if she should kill Rogue, as Natsu told her not to. At the same time, Natsu fights against Future Rogue after launching his strike against Mothergrea with his new Fire Upgrade after engulfing Atlas Flame’s fire.

Fairy Tail 333 begins as both Mothergrea and Atlas bash together as Future Rogue realizes that Natsu has neutralised his magic to block their will. Atlas realises this and mentions that Natsu and him have become friends, Natsu tells Atlas to attack, he bites Mothergrea and quickly try to circle attack other other.

Mothergrea tries to bite but cannot, it in fact tries to launch a fire attack but goes straight through, it lands on a piece of land far away causing great destruction. Atlas mentions that fire cannot affect him, Mothergrea responds to this mentioning that his flames cannot hurt his adamantine body either.

Atlas mentions that he shouldn’t take his fire lightly as his fire is even more violent and better than those in hell. Out of nowhere, Natsu rises up, Atlas mentions that those who have ingested his flames is his fellow fire dragon. Natsu rises up covered in fire, with his hand covered with a large fire of his own, his full body is just being a powerhouse of awesome flames.

Future Rogue looks up and notices that he’s consumed Atlas’ fire! Natsu attacks and Mothergrea takes the full force of what Natsu has just delivered, the previous attack was nothing compared to this one! This was an attack which was bigger than both of them. Toma, the king stands and watches the match.

He quickly mentions that the city has been stained with blood, this is now a festival of humans and dragons. Men fighting men, dragon’s fighting dragons and men fighting dragons. It is the same as the ancient disaster they once called the Dragon King’s Festival. We see Cobra trapped in his own hole which he previously made.

Toma collapses mentioning that this cannot be stopped now, nothing will ever be the same again. Rogue faces his own dragon, who mentions that they should leave it at this as he cannot claim a victory against him. Rogue asks how he knows his name, he mentions that they have order to spare him. Just do as they say and he’ll be fine, him alone will live through their despair and become king.

Rogue doesn’t get what he means by that, he doesn’t want to become a king, he asks who gave them this order. The dragon facing him gladly mentions that he was Rogue himself who did so. Summoning dragons, and becoming the king of the world is his plan which will go through seven years from now. Rogue thinks the plan is never going to be done by him. He gets a weird feeling.

He hears a familiar voice, mentioning that it’s true. He looks down and see’s his Shadow tell him that it’s all true, he represent another possible future, he is his shadow which is his darkness which lingers at the back of his heart. Rogue tries to stamp him but doesn’t work.

The dragon tries to make him admit that his heart is stained with evil, he should therefore submit and embrace his fate, thus he will not perish here. Ultear watches him closely from the nearby ledge. An hour earlier, Natsu gets up and gives Future Lucy a hug, Ultear and Meredy ask who defeated him, he mentions that it was Rogue from 7 years in the future. They asks if he was an enemy.

Natsu mentions that Lucy was killed therefore he is definitely an enemy for them. Ultear mentions that if he’s from the future, they can exploit a weakness which is to kill the present Rogue and thus the Future Rogue should no longer exist. Meredy answers back with how this will happen due to the timeline paradox as if both are alive they can both live if the present died.

Ultear mentions that this is possible if the timeline was flowing normally, however time at that point is not flowing correctly, and thus it is possible. At this point, Natsu mentions that they cannot kill the present Rogue as he’s done nothing wrong. He will take on and defeat Future Rogue. If they kill the present Rogue, it’s them who will stray from the correct path. She promised she wouldn’t kill him, she mentions that Rogue caused all this and to return everything to normal, killing Rogue is their only choice. Fairy Tail 333 ends here.

Fairy Tail has finally reached their 333rd chapter, and congratulations to them because they’ve done a fantastic job of creating another awesome story by involving Ultear. Hopefully she won’t kill him, but in fact just take him away from the battlefield of something. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 334, titled “Sin and Sacrifice” which should be pretty interesting.

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