Natsu’s Plan! Wendy and Mirajane vs Zirconis – Fairy Tail 331


Fairy Tail 331 shows a naked Lucy flying everywhere, pure fan service. She’s thrown after Zirconis gets pissed off, she rightly lands on Natsu and they land on the ground where Natsu gets very touchy in her naked presence. After Lucy mentions that she was nearly eaten, Natsu comes up with a plan, I personally think that he’ll get himself eaten and attack from the inside out.

Fairy Tail 331 begins Zirconis mentioning that Wendy’s magic will not get him, Lucy screams asking for some cloths when Zirconis himself handles Lucy. Zirconis appears to tell Wendy if she can attack him before he kills Lucy. Wendy begins her Arms X Vernier when she says she will, Mirajane also gets ready.

Zirconis shouts pushing all of them back, he then flies up telling them that they can’t even fly up with him,  Zirconis opens his mouth and also opens up his hand staring at Lucy as she struggles naked. Mirajane appears and attacks Zirconis chin, unfortunately it doesn’t do much damage, however Wendy appears and does her Sky Dragon’s Roar which gets him in a pretty big attack.

It pisses up Zirconis which makes him throw Lucy away, fortunately Happy is going to chase after her to catch him. Mirajane and Wendy are both flying in order to stay in the sky with Zirconis. Natsu and Future Rogue keep on going, however Natsu isn’t able to keep his grip upon Future Rogue’s attacks. He also mentions that he’s a lot more stronger then he was during the Grand Magic Games.

Natsu hears his name being called out, he looks back and notices Lucy flying right at him, she hits him pushes to push him off the dragon, they land on a large broken bell they begin to roll down, at each point, Natsu gets even closer to Lucy, bodies rubbing even when Lucy’s fully naked. Natsu seems to be taking it all in.

They stop rolling, they get out, he mentions that the legend of the naked flying people is true, Lucy tells him to stop looking, when Natsu quickly mentions that he doesn’t have a choice and holds Lucy’s boobs! She slaps him one, telling him to cover his eyes. Lucy covers herself, she also mentions that it was a dragon who did that. Happy asks if Natsu was able to do anything, she says that he’s a lot more stronger.

Lucy mentions that there are many dragons around, she was almost eaten, Natsu looks upon her when she says it, he realizes something, and mentions that he’s got an idea, when Lucy’s cloth which she’s covering herself with falls down once more. He finally knows a way to which he can beat them.

Erza seems to be getting pushed around, she seems to be fully separated from everyone else, when an attack comes out of nowhere, Jellal appears and it seems that he’s protecting her, he asks if she needs a hand, she says sorry and gets up. At this point, Millianna watches this, Jellal notices her and her eyes tells it all as she’s fully pissed off because of what he previously did.

Happy takes Natsu to do his plan, Lucy tells them to wait when they’ve already gone, they don’t have time to waste with her. Virgo tells her that she should have no spent time looking for cloths, she gets pissed off at Virgo when she disappears, she notices her journal lying on a pile of trash, she opens it and notices that it’s not her but her future self, the one who died. Fairy Tail 331 ends here.

A great chapter, I think I know what Natsu’s plan is, It’s for him to get engulfed by the dragon when he will get pissed off and starts busting all the internal parts of the dragon, this will be something spectacular if he can do this, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 332, titled “Fire Bird” when we could see the fight between Laxus and his opponent, the fire covered dragon.

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