Before The Ice – Juvia Lockser

Lluvia__Fairy_Tail_by_RavenNoodleThe artists homework turned into a real shining piece of great artwork of Juvia Lockser. Her intent to kill and fine purpose in what she does made her even stronger, or that’s what she thought until she finally met and went up against a stronger opponent, Gray Fullbuster. Here she realizes that what she’s been doing is nothing more than playing, Gray makes her realize that life is a lot more than this, she joins the guild and finally learns to love the person that made her realize this. She’s still not him, hopefully Gruvia will live on.

The artist has done a fantastic job of creating such a beautiful artwork. Moreover it’s a fan art which seems to have gotten a lot of views, hopefully it will keep on gaining more. The fan art was done by RavenNoodle, she used Indian Ink which made the artwork stand out so well, she also names this piece of artwork Lluvia which translates into rain or rainfall in Spanish. I suggest you check her work out, she’s got a ton of incredible work.

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