Temperature of Hatred – Sasuke Uchiha

sasuke___temperature_of_hatred_by_kivi1230-d60pq6hSasuke’s absolute hate has gone past normal, it’s on a level to which he has the ability to tear down the walls of any village and infiltrate to destroy it. There is one person who can stop him, that being Naruto. Sasuke thought process from the very start has been flawed, his mission to get his revenge on his brother, Itachi, drove him to many dark places, even to Tobi who promised to Itachi that he will bring no harm to him.

This absolutely amazing image of Sasuke Uchiha shows how art can truly be at it’s finest! The artist, kivi1230 who drew such a fantastic piece of fan art has done a magnificent job of creating the hatred Sasuke had during his battle with Danzo. This feature is also a small present towards the author as their late present.

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