Future Lucy Dead! Future Rogue Attacks – Fairy Tail 324

fairy_tail_324_by_anafigreen-d5yvgez i_will__i_promise_by_greatpeace-d5yvnhb fairy_tail_324_rouge_by_iitheyahikodarkii-d5yvo9o fairy_tail_324__colored__lucy_by_beyondyourmemory-d5ywajjNatsu attacks Future Rogue Natsu angers and cries Lucy is attacked by Future Rogue Future is bad by Rogue Hisui wants to open gate

Fairy Tail 324 describes how awesome and complicated the arc is already getting as Future Lucy is quickly attacked and killed on site when Future Rogue goes after the current Lucy. We also set our eyes on the very emotional Natsu when he notices that Future Lucy has just died, he quickly attacks and gets pissed towards Future Rogue and what he’s just done.

Fairy Tail 324 begins as Natsu and the others fine out who they’re really faced with. Lucy and Future both mention that there is someone else from the future that isn’t Future Lucy herself. Arcadios mentions that there are in fact two people who are from the future, one who is Lucy while the other is there to harm the princess. Hisui mentions that they both could have come in order to save their country. She mentions that she would not be surprised if there was a third or fourth person.

She questions Arcadios mentioning that if he knew he’s place, he would know where to point his sword, she quickly wants to open the gate. in order to save the country she wants to draw her blade. We return to Jellal where he mentions that there is another from the future, he asks what they could be after, they quickly head towards the castle.

Future Rogue is asked by Leo if he took care of the soldiers in order to save up, Carla asks him why he’s there, he mentions that he’s there in order to open the gate. He goes on to explain that there are two uses, one which is to move to either the past or future, the second is that it can also be used as a weapon against the horde of dragons closely approaching.

Future Lucy quickly notices that he’s also talking about the thousands of dragons. Natsu mentions that it makes it a lot better since they can work together in order to defeat the dragons and thus save their future. Future Rogue goes on to mention that it’s not as simple as they think. He mentions that he has come from the future, around 7 years from then, in around that time, not even a tenth of the human population survived.

He goes on to mention that if they don’t stop the dragons now, they will be doomed! He goes on to mention that during this time, there are people who stopped them from opening the gates. Because of this, they weren’t able to defeat the dragons. This is why he is there, to eliminate and stop that person.

He goes on to mention that at such an important part of time, words cannot change anything at that time. They mention that even if they’re already convinced that they’re not going to close it, it’s already been chosen that they’re going to close it. It’s an inescapable destiny, as long as they’re alive, this destiny will always live on.

Natsu asks who this person is, Future Rogue shouts Lucy Heartfilia’s name and quickly throws a  shadow blast towards them. Out of nowhere, Future Lucy appears and intersects the attack, she coughs out blood after getting hit by such a hit. Future Rogue recognises there being two Lucy’s!

Future Lucy mentions that she had never closed the gates, Lucy mentions that she knows this and she herself would never want to do such a thing. She’s asked why she saved Lucy, she mentions that Lucy is her past, if she died there would be no Future Lucy, thus Lucy needs to do something about not closing the gate.

Lucy goes on to mention her lasts words which tells everyone that she was happy to get to see them one more time, she’s just happy because of this. Everyone gets all teared up, they just can’t seem to stop themselves from crying, it’s like the real Lucy has really gone! She asks to see the guild mark, she’s let seen but seconds later she’s unfortunately is seen to have died after mentioning that wanted to go on more adventures.

Future Rogue mentions that she wasn’t aware that she had ever closed the gates. Lucy shouts at him mentioning to screw the gate, she should never do something like that. Future Rogue mentioning that she may think this but the time will come when she will do it. He mentions that it was already decided that she had closed the gate, as long as she lives, it will keep on happening.

Future Rogue goes onto mentioning that there is no truth in her words, and therefore it’s already been written that it was her. He begins to power up, out of nowhere comes out Natsu, he quickly smashes Rogue in the face, he clenches his fists and smashes him back while he mentions that he won’t let him take away Lucy’s future!

Future Rogue notices Natsu’s raw power and presence in the air, he mentions that he will do so in order to protect the future. Natsu’s emotions get the better of him as we see he’s tears fall from his face, at the same time, he’s veins pop out, an expression like this from Natsu has never been see before, he promises he says mentioning that he’s willing to do anything in order to protect Lucy as well as Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail 324 ends here.

What an epic chapter, Natsu has fully gone wild and out after Future Lucy was quickly killed, it seemed like the emotions in that place is very high, it could prove bad for Future Rogue, as emotional Natsu could defeat really anything. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 325, titled “Unity”, when we see more of them just going mad at each other!

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  1. Jazmyn Arreguin

    Can NOT wait for the next post I want to know what is going to happen I also feel SUPER bad for lucy to see her own death or that is just how I see it


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