Naruto breaks Barrier! Sound Four Vanishes – Naruto Shippuden 305

Sound Four's revenge Naruto breaks barrier Naruto's Large Rasen Shuriken Choji getting beat down Sound Four in Orochimaru's experiment with Kabuto Orochimaru with Hashirama and Tobirama Shikamaru and others standingNaruto Shippuden 305 ends this part of the story with Naruto bravely smashing his way into the barrier using a large Rasen Shuriken. He then uses his own powers to destroy it from the inside out. Shikamaru and the others face a stronger Sound Four after he pisses them off into enabling their true evil power which over powers any and all powers the Shinobi’s have.

Naruto 305 begins as Shino keeps on trying to get Neji, Kiba and Akamaru, he falls out of nearly running out of energy but then tells Hinata that he has to keep on going to get them back. Thus he’s going to give up. Ino is doing the same thing and just keeps on going. Naruto talks to HQ where he connects with Shikaku to ask for his help, he’s told to just keep on going with his mission and not care for whats current happening to them.

Naruto screams at Shikaku as he’s not even watching out for his son. Before this, Shikaku explains what has actually happened to them which he does, he also adds that he’s an asset which can’t be just used on just four people. After he’s done talking, he’s told that he should just concentrate on his mission, he gets off to do what he does best.

Shikamaru and the others face the Sound Four, unfortunately they can’t seem to be making a dent on anything they do. Kiba and Akamaru try to attack, they’re stopped by the rock person, Neji tries to help them on his face but both of them fail to get any closer to them. Neji’s targeted by an arrow but Choji helps him out.

Choji is then faced by the animals which push him back, the walls release a mechanisms on the door, Shikamaru uses his shadow to bring Choji back. He uses the release mechanisms to topple over the walls  destroying them completely. The Sound Four then mention that they’re being underestimated. Shikamaru mentions the same thing, at the same time he tries to provoke them calling them tools of war.

Out of nowhere the Sound Four go on to mention that they’re not part of this war, they mention that they were given all they have by Orochimaru. They are first met with Orochimaru when they defeat all other opponents for those four spots. They were the favored ones. They mentions that they saw Orochimaru’s powers as he brought back both Tobirama and Hashirama. At his weakest he tells them that they can kill him but they only want one thing.

They mention that what they want is just more power, Orochimaru tells Kabuto to add them to the test he’s currently performing. After some time, they’re being put on a place where Kabuto seems to be doing his experiments on them. It utilizes the power of their hatred and makes it stronger, mostly directed at the person they were defeated against.

They face Shikamaru and the others, this time they go onto upgrading their powers showing them their real powers, they have a purple low to them which fill the barrier with hate. Naruto keeps on looking and it seems like he may be going the correct way. Choji’s being pushed around, he’s even attack badly, Neji’s also unable to block himself correctly. They all seem to be pushed down. Kiba and Akamaru can’t even get a scratch on their opponent. Shikamaru is also pushed down after not being able to do anything.

It seems like the Sound Four could easily kill them, but they seem to be holding back. Shikamaru keeps on mocking them, he’s picked up by the head. Shikamaru is told to remember what he said outside about how someone can detect evil thing, he mentions that it’s Naruto’s powers that he was talking about. Not everyone knows, only a select few know.

Shikamaru goes on to explain that they may seem like they’re fighting alone, but they’re got more than them on their team. A large rumble sounds where the barrier seems to be breaking. Shikamaru seemed to have this idea that Naruto would sense it. Naruto completes construction his Rasen Shuriken. Shikamaru and the others are targeted  out of nowhere Inoichi releases them and Naruto comes in.

They notice that they’re in danger with the barrier like that. They also notice how they know Naruto and that they should get their revenge on him, they start running at them, Naruto does the same to them. He breaks the barrier, everyone returns to their bodies and it seems like Naruto knows that this is just the start, thus he needs to complete what he wants to do as quickly as possible. Naruto Shippuden 305 ends here.

The end to this filler series finishes, but unfortunately it seems like there are more filler episodes on the way with next week’s Naruto Shippuden 306, titled “The Heart’s Eyes”, being about Hinata and Neji’s past and how they used to be. Even if it’s a filler, it usually has some connection to the overall story, so can’t wait for that.

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