Gajeel’s Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer Powers – Fairy Tail 318

Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon!fairy_tail_318_by_rechever3-d5u6q7o rogue_cheney___fairy_tail_318__manga__by_markoldea-d5u52gn fairy_tail___manga_color_318_by_lworldchiefl-d5u6kuw _ft_318__rogue_cheney_by_shadsonic2-d5u4elc fairy_tail_manga_318_by_ramix93-d5u7o1a Rogue's controlled by Shadows Natsu and Loki kick Soldier ass Rogue smacks Gajeel Rogue's Strong Shadow Dragon attackFairy Tail 318 immensely impresses as Gajeel has finally got the chance of obtaining a second power! Just like Natsu’s Lightning, Gajeel’s Shadow looks fantastic on him! Lucy and the others are caught and try to fight their way through, Jellal notices a mysterious magic, while Gajeel starts off by getting beaten by Rogue, he then recognizes who Rogue really is!

Fairy Tail 318 begins as Future Lucy takes them a way in which they’re able to go underground, Natsu asks how she knows this way, she mentions that she doesn’t want to get captured by the Royal Army again so wants to go through the underground passages. Mirajane mentions that they need to get out fast and send a signal to the others, Wendy thinks that they’re worried about them.

Natsu heads footsteps and then notices them right in front of them! The army has somehow caught up with them! Future Lucy is shocked at this, she mentions that she never expected them be stationed there, Natsu and Lucy mention that as long as they have magic, they’ll never be able to capture them.

Mirajane notices that Arcadios and Yukino aren’t with them, they’re nowhere to be found, Lucy asks where could they have gone. The army gets closer, Mirajane goes back for them, she mentions that she doesn’t care about Arcadios but she can’t leave Yukino alone, she goes back for them. She tells them to be careful and leave this situation to Natsu and Loke!

They attack trying to break through their defenses! They aren’t doing well as it seems from this situation. Gajeel notices that Rogue isn’t doing too well, he asks whats up, the shadow tells him that it’s his destiny to kill Gajeel! Gajeel tell him to calm down, he repeats that he will lend him his power when Rogue goes crazy and is covered by shadow!

Out of nowhere, Gajeel’s attacked by Rogue’s hand, it pushes him back quite a distance! Levy shouts his name, Gajeel gets up and asks who he is, it seems like he’s been taken over, the shadow tells Rogue that he’ll lend him some of his power! He answers Gajeel’s questions, calling him the Shadow, the shadow that control destiny!

When Gajeel goes to say something, Rogue appears and kicks Gajeel out of there, he’s really quick! Gajeel mentions that he doesn’t know what happened, he guesses that he wants to fight to the end. Gajeel uses his Sword of the Iron Dragon, but Rogue turns into Shadow so it goes right through him. The shadow gets closer and attacks Gajeel using his Flash of the Waxwing technique!

Levy and Frosch are both shocked, he notices and asks who that is because he doesn’t seem to notice him. Shadow disappears, Gajeel asks where he is, he tells him that he’s here, Gajeel turns around when Shadow appears and attack Gajeel in that moment! Gajeel tries to punch but it doesn’t work, Mavis and Makarov notice that he’s being possessed!

Shadow seems to be going on hard with his technique and attacking Gajeel where it hurts. Mavis is shocked that there is an evil magic that she’s never seen before! Shadow mentions that he knew that he wasn’t as strong as Natsu, Gajeel then calls Shadow a bastard! He then mentions that now he couldn’t even compete with Shadow (Rogue)!

Jellal, Meredy and Ultear all notice a magic in which they think could be something coming from the town! Jellal tells them to calm down, Future Lucy was involved in a battle, as long Natsu and the others are there, she won’t be hurt! Natsu and the others are fighting through! The soldiers ask for the Anti-Magic unit! Natsu smashes the soldiers into each other!

Natsu’s hit by a type of magic, he notices that they took him by surprise! He then mentions that such magic can’t stand against his magic! At this point, Gajeel’s fully battered and can’t move easily! Shadow mentions that Gajeel’s been an easy job! Shadow squeezes Gajeel’s throat, Levy shouts to stop as he could die! Forsch enters the battlefield to try and stop Shadow and get Rogue back!

Gajeel’s stopped, the shadow surrounds him, Shadow tells him that he will now die in the darkness! Gajeel smiles, he mentions that if Natsu can do it, he can do it too! Gajeel then gets ready and breathes in the shadow surrounding him, Shadow notices what’s happening! Levy notices that he’s ate the shadow!

Gajeel gets up, he tells the Shadow to get out of Rogue’s body, he tells him that his real name is not Rogue but in fact Raios who used to be his disciple! He tells him that he didn’t look up to him, in fact he was one that feared him! Gajeel gets up to look bad ass!! He seems to have finally gained his power! He changed into that form in order to make him remember that fear! Gajeel seems to have successfully changed himself into an Iron Shadow Dragon! Fairy Tail 318 ends here!

What a great chapter! Gajeel has finally gained his own fantastic second power just like Natsu gained his Lightning from Laxus, Gajeel has gained his from Rogue (or should I say Raios!). This is literally epic, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 319, titled “The White Knight”, chapter when we’ll see where Arcadios and Yukino have gone!

There are 9 comments

    1. Kisuke Urahara

      IKR?I never expected that he’d absorb the shadow-element,but he looks pretty awesome!! 🙂 Did you notice that Rogue/Raios’s “shadow mode” looks like more similar now to Sting’s Dragon Force,right?Look at the patterns.


    2. Sunite

      Agreed, I was also interesting that Gajeel actually said that if Natsu can do it, so can he…. He knows that Natsu is much more stronger than him but doesn’t want to admit it since it would make him look bad…. He seems to be trying to push himself hard to get to Natsu’s level…


      1. Linus135

        It also makes sense for Wendy to get Sting’s power (if she does) because she is a Wind Healer who would get the White Holy Dragon powers…


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