Good Morning – Natsu and Lucy

good_morning___by_tremblaxx_arts-d5qumgyWho would have guessed it? Natsu and Lucy got a bit too drunk last night, they took for the same bed and after some time the sun rose on them doing something that they’d regret later on. To me they both seem like siblings so I personally don’t see them ending up together at the end but what do you think? Should they have ever gotten this drunk during the party at the Fairy Tail HQ?

The incredible art above of Natsu and Lucy was colored in by Tremblaxx-Arts. The idea of this drawing was first came to AnnMY. They both have created such an amazing piece of art they you should check out their hundreds of other drawings.

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  1. geo92

    yeah i would like too see that scene!!does anyone else think that fairy tail has the hottest girls??in the begining i thought it was bleach but i think ft has more i mean they make them look all so busty and nice looking 😛


  2. Sexual Contact – Natsu and Lucy | Daily Anime Art

    […] Natsu and Lucy (NaLu) fans would have always wanted for both of them to have a happy ending together, but would you have ever imagined  Natsu and Lucy’s happy ending ever being so provocative? Neither did I, but the artist to this image has brought it out and shown the fans Natsu and Lucy in lust and love. If you liked the image above I suggest you check out Good Morning Lucy! […]


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