Naruto and Hinata Fight Toghether – Naruto 615

naruto_615___naruto_and_hinata_by_kasukiii-d5pl7iv naruto_615_by_i_azu-d5pf2wi naruto_x_hinata_by_lord_nadjib-d5q2mu9 naruto_615_lets_go_hinata__by_i_azu-d5piv4x i_wont_let_go_of_your_hand___naruto_615_by_hallow1791-d5pjbfkNaruto goes into Bijuu Form with Hinata Hinata Slaps Naruto Killer Bee's Bijuu Dama against Ten Tails Bee and Ten Tail's large explosion Hinata and Naruto hold hands

Naruto 615 begins with a harsh ending as we notice the end of a great warrior, Neji! As Obito starts to get into Naruto’s head, we notice that Hinata quickly tries and succeed into snapping Naruto out of his words. We also follow this up as Naruto quickly holds Hinata’s hand and goes into his Bijuu Form!

Naruto 615 starts out as we notice Naruto still heart-broken by Neji’s death, at this moment Obito keeps on going about how he broke his promise to everyone, he had previously mentioned that we won’t let any of his friends die, He then tells him to look around which he does.

Naruto notices a large number of Shinobi’s dead at this point as he looks behind him, Obito keeps on getting into his head by telling to mention how he will protect his friends and making sure that none of them will die. Obito keeps on shouting this to Naruto, getting in Naruto’s head even more.

A few members around Naruto notice that Neji has died, Obito keeps on pushing Naruto telling him that this is going to continue, all his feeble words and principle are going to be proven wrong. This is what happens when you talk about hope and ideals, this is reality. Obito mentions that in this reality he has nothing, no mother or father, not even Jiraiya.

No one that has acknowledged Naruto will survive as they will all go down one by one. Kakashi knows exactly what Obito is going on about. Obito tells Naruto that what lies ahead is now just loneliness. Kakashi looks at Obito knowing that this is exactly what had happened to Obito. Madara tells himself that he sees Obito in himself as this is what Madara was like, this will force Naruto to give up as well as force a stop to the alliance.

Obito tells Naruto that there is no need to be in reality, then calls Naruto to join him, at this moment, Obito puts his hand out as though he wants to pull him up, at that point. We then notice someone’s hand, its surprisingly Hinata’s hand which goes to hit Naruto’s face. Naruto looks at Hinata in shock.

Hinata asks Naruto if he knew what Neji said before, that his life is not only one. His words and beliefs that he won’t his friends die is not a lie, it was because of those words that Neji was able to come this far. It’s not only Naruto that kept those feelings and words in his heart, that is how everybody lives and stays connected.

If everyone gave up on those words and thoughts, then Neji’s actions would have become pointless. That would been the real way to kill his friends thus they would not be comrades anymore. Thus Hinata asks for Naruto’s hand and for them to stand up together. Hinata reveals that always going a head and not going back on words is also her ninja way.

Naruto looks at Neji and remembers that Hinata is ready to die for him, that’s why his life is not in his hands. We then get to see Kurama also get involved as he mentions that he’s also there for Naruto. Naruto tells him that he knows and he doesn’t want to abandon his friends or the bonds he currently has.

Naruto mentions Neji’s name when Kurama tells him to stop blabbering or else he’ll batter him. Kurama mentions that both his father and mother did the same as what Neji did. They had sealed him away entrusting Naruto everything, both Minato and Kushina’s lives are connected from the time he was born.

Madara notices if Obito is still waiting for Naruto’s response as he’s still got his arm out. Obito gets pissed off and quickly starts to care for life less and less. Madara tells Obito not to be rash as the Ten Tails will get wounded. Obito tells Madara that he doesn’t care and the Ten Tails skin is strong.

The Ten Tails wraps itself with its own tails only leaving the mouth open. A large Bijuu Dama forms, every one starts to panic when Bee comes to help. Bee jumps from Sai’s bird and quickly transforms into his main form, he then creates a smaller Bijuu Dama right in front of the larger one. Bee uses his form in order to help him to push the larger one within the mouth of the Ten Tails.

Bee does this and hangs on to the other tails, giving him the ability to make sure that the Bijuu Dama explodes inside the Ten Tails. A large explosion occurs inside the Ten Tails, pushing both Bee and the Ten Tails apart. Naruto takes Hinata’s hands and holds it, as well as taking it away from his face. He thanks Hinata and tells her that his life is not only one, it’s thanks to her for telling him this.

Hinata realises how big and strong Naruto’s hands are. The Ten Tails has received some damage after his own Bijuu Dama. Naruto quickly powers up using Kurama’s powers. He mentions for both of them to lets go to beat it. At the same time Hinata thinks for Naruto to make her feel safe. She quickly says yes when Naruto 615 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter has just ended and it’s fantastic to see that Hinata has finally made a move, plus it’s awesome how both Hinata and Naruto are finally going to work together in order to beat them! Can’t wait for next weeks Naruto 616 as it could be awesome seeing both Hinata and Naruto fighting together!

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  1. Mr Bean

    What the hell is wrong with Hinata? Neji sacrificed himself for her and Naruto’s sake and all she cares about is how big and warm Naruto’s hands are! I’m not sure about you guys but I find Hinata’s behavior quite insensitive and disrespectful to Neji, I know it’s a war and there is no time to mourn the dead nevertheless Hinata could’ve shown more respect to Neji, after all he is her cousin but i guess Hinata doesn’t care that much about him, all she cares about is Naruto no baka, her reaction makes me wonder would she react the same if Naruto was the one who died instead of Neji?
    All Hinata cared about is getting strong just to impress Naruto. I respected Hinata because of what she did during the battle with Pain but after Neji’s death my respect for her has been snuffed out.


    1. Banco

      have you lost your ever loving mind? Hinata took Neji’s death harder than anyone in the whole of reaking Naruto verse! Which says a HELL OF ALOT considering he mind raped and tried to KILL her at one point! Not to mention how he treated her precious Naruto, which is obviously all she cares about right…? She already told you why she didn’t sit there crying about it, Naruto was the one being disrespectful, did anyone even listen to the actual content of the speech???


      1. Dakushna

        Right, that’s why the only thing she could think about is how big and warm are Naruto’s hand…the truth is she has a one-track mind and doesn’t give a shit about anyone other than Naruto, she’s a monodimensional character and that’s the undeniable truth.
        You diehard fans can say whatever you want but that doesn’t change the uglyness of her personality, she’s a fangirl just like Sakura and believe me that’s not a compliment


        1. pain

          hey would you just shut up! maybe you more like sakura but would you go back to the first series and watch how hinata loves naruto? if they end up together it is worth it since when they were young naruto is treated like a monster but she is the only one who admires naruto and then sakura came to like naruto just because he became stronger? sorry but i think that is not true love


          1. Dakushna

            I said Hinata is a fangirl as Sakura and you counter saying I like Sakura more?! Is that the only argument you have when someone doesn’t like Hinata? ‘Your a sakutard hurr durr!!1!’


            1. Banco

              then I’ll reply for him
              sakura = fangirl. Sasuke is loved by everyone in the academy days, and Sakura has no reason to like him outside of looks and being cool
              Hinata =/=fangirl. Naruto is hated by everyone in the place he lives, peers adults, doesn’t matter. But somehow Hinata, ignoring peer pressure, is able to see past the fact that he’s a loser(and ofc a monster), and likes him for non-superficial reasons. And if you pay attention to her character, you will see that Naruto is her inspiration to branch out(like when she admired her teammates for having hobbies, and aspired to have one herself), NOT b/c she’s just “retarted in lub w/ nardo”, b/c she wants (wanted) to find her own self worth, and aside from what I’ve already stated, there’s still alot more to Hinata’s character(she has more background than most of the k11) that has nothing to do w/ her “precious Nardo” and just b/c the viewers aren’t reminded of that every time we see her does not make that fact go away. There’s many monodimensional characters, and Hinata Hyuga is not one of them.


              1. Dakushna

                *sighs* I just find her character to be rude and creepy. From her stalking to her over the top infatuation with naruto. I also can’t help but get annoyed when I stop to think about how Hinata is actually a mean girl. Hear me out on this okay? She “loves” naruto and wants to be with him more then anything right? The death of the cousin who truly loved her didn’t even phase her, she immediately got over it and went back to fangirling all over narutos “Big strong hand”. Hinata obviously knows that naruto loves Sakura and she despises Sakura for that. Just watch road to ninja or pay attention when they are in the anime /manga together. She knows naruto loves Sakura yet she wants naruto to love her.. So basically Narutos feelings do not matter to her?. She thinks he will forget his love for Sakura and fall for her even though naruto has loved Sakura since day one. Isn’t that selfish? And actually pretty fucked up. Unlike Hinata Sakura actually cares about everyone and there feelings when Hinata choses naruto a boy she doesn’t even know (despite all the stalking she does) over her own teammates and cousin… I just really don’t understand NH and hardcore Hinata fans. It’s one thing to like a random character who has no true purpose in the series but for a person to love that character so much they will trash actual important characters to make there favorite look better makes me pissed off. It’s really lame that I have to even make these posts but as long as you guys hear my opinion I’m fine regardless of the hate I get from those butthurt trolls.
                Well as I was saying~ I really do not find Hinata to be the “kind” character people make her out to be, and I think if people actually stopped to think about all the scenes Hinata has had in this series they would realize she has a one tracked mind and would even throw away her life to get noticed by Naruto. She does not inspire me nor give me an feels of admiration. To be blunt the only feelings I feel when I see her is annoyance and aggravation. She’s like that quite girl in the corner who keeps to herself but in her mind she is cursing everyone around her and picturing herself with the man who would never be with her. ( that sums her up perfectly!) okay that’s enough ranting for now!


                1. Banco

                  I assume you read my entire post and I respect you for replying maturely(something I don’t come across often) but please hear me out when I say you are wrong about Hinata. It’s not like I’m mad at you or anything, it’s just that you have heavily misinterpreted her character, not on the level of opinion, but actual context. Hinata is characterized by her politeness, she is by definition, not rude. The word rude describes Sakura better(I don’t dislike Saku, she’s funny, but fact is she’s rude to many people). You could call it stalking, but that’s just a tv trope people use to make fun of Hinata; actually Hinata isn’t a stalker. Back when Hinata was ridiculously introverted(moreso than now), she was too shy to talk to most people, let alone Naruto. So when she sees him, she is unable to show her face to him. That’s where these “stalker” scenes come from, it’s not Hinata chasing Naruto around everywhere and never thinking of anything but him, it’s her seeing him and running away. Hinata loves Naruto, but it’s untrue to say she wants to be with him more than anything. She wants to “protect him” more than anything. That’s the difference between her love and everyday love. And that’s only recent, her goal before was to prove her worth to her father, confirmed by the manga. But to prove her worth to herself, protecting Naruto is (yet another) stepping stone to her development. No offense, but it’s a little insensitive to say the death of her cousin didn’t phase her. She cried like a little girl. Naruto is the one who got over it immediately. I was surprised actually to see her so broken up over someone who once tried to kill her. But noone, not Lee, not Team Gai, not even Hiashi, took Neji’s death harder than Hinata. In fact, this is why I tell people, including the crazy NH fans, to look past the shipping, and pay attention to the actual context of Hinata’s speech in 615. 614, Neji dies, Naruto doesn’t even matter to her at that moment. Hinata did not slap Naruto for Naruto, she slapped Naruto for Neji. Her slap turning soft just shows how much she loves him, but the slap was still for Neji-niisan. Naruto wavering for even a second is disgusting and disrespectful to Neji’s decision, thinking about alternate universes, being afraid of being alone
                  , WHAT? What kinda self centered crap…? Hinata does love Naruto, so her speech was actually more of a scolding to Naruto, but in the end it was all because of Neji and his bravery. The hand thing was just to make everything more heartwarming, as with most of the symbolism in the chapter. Actually RtN is filler despite having been worked on by Kishimoto
                  (common misconception is that the entire script was written by Kishi when indeed it wasn’t), but even if it were canon it just means that real Hinata, who’s the opposite, actually likes Sakura. So far in the manga Hinata has been very polite to Sakura, and they’ve hardly even talked. Meanwhile Sakura was indifferent and not to mention insensitive to Hinata taking a beatdown from Neji, and also scolded Hinata very harshly for making the rash decision to protect Naruto, despite how politely Hinata addressed her. Now here’s where the difference is between the heroine and Hinata. Hinata is not
                  the way most people with a love interest are. In 441, Sakura shows her disdain, distraught, and uneasiness over the fact that Hinata loves Naruto. If anyone has any malicious feelings between the two it’s Sakura, without even realizing that Hinata has not approached Naruto
                  in hopes of getting into a relationship. In “The Joyful Village”, Sakura, in disrespect of Hinata’s feelings and what all she went through, decides it’s up to her to thank Naruto on behalf of the village, and throws herself upon him. Meanwhile we have Hinata, who of course isn’t afraid to speak her mind at this time, crying over Naruto’s well being. She sees the great hug from Sakura, and while one would think if person A loved person B, they would be jealous of person C; Nope. Hinata gives us one of the biggest smiles we’ve ever seen on her, she is DELIGHTED that Naruto has been acknowledged, that Sakura hugs and thanks him. While there is nothing official to prove that Hinata knows Naruto loves Sakura, if she does know, she just became so much more of character. Problem is alot of people get Hinata confused, which is normal, due to the fact that Hinata in this sense is not normal. Hinata does not want to “get with” Naruto. Hinata wants the best for Naruto and is happy when he is happy. Hinata wants to “be with” Naruto. Hinata has not an any point in the timeline of Naruto ever even slightly thought about making Naruto “fall in love with her.” This is what the fans want, it’s not Hinata. Naruto knows Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke, he ALWAYS has, and yet always is trying to “get with” Sakura, which is how he’s different from Hinata. He really is trying to get Sakura to fall for him. To be honest, I’m not upset with Naruto for this. But his feelings for Sakura have always, always, been a superficial crush. Hinata does know Naruto. Alot. Sakura is on Naruto’s team, and so has spent more time with Naruto than Hinata, but the manga proves again and again that Hinata knows Naruto better than Sakura. I don’t want to go back over the whole manga, but at least acknowledge that Naruto and Hinata are more than good friends. When he beat Neji he ran back over cheering and stuff, being acknowledged a CROWD for the first time in the manga, and he thinks “Where is Hinata…? Is she watching me?” Hinata doesn’t “choose” Naruto over her own teammates, but she is in love with Naruto and not her team. But she loved him BEFORE being put on a team with them, so what kind of sense would it make for her to suddenly support them more than she supports Naruto…? Especially when (since obviously the only evidence of this is Naruto vs Kiba) Kiba is taunting Naruto and just being a bully, while Naruto is getting tossed around. But people seem to selectively forget, that she wouldn’t cheer for Naruto because of her hesitation, her overthinkativeness if you will, since she didn’t want Kiba to “be mad at [her]” They forget that Kiba is the one who told us, Hinata is actually TOO kind, and not a fighter. That actually, she gives the ointment to Naruto, and then runs downstairs and gives some to Kiba(who was being carried away on a stretcher by Doctors, so…what…?) I don’t trash important characters…I have been to NH fanclubs on several websites, and have NEVER seen as much selfishness there as I have in an NS fanclub. They don’t care about relationships, they don’t care about any other character except Naruto and Sakura. Anyone else they “care” about is only there to make their OTP canon or to be a parallel for it. They dismiss side characters, and say they don’t matter. They disrespect Jiraiya, who was a great character, and USE him as a way to parallel NS, saying since he was a FAILURE, and he failed to win Tsunade’s affection, Naruto must be with Sakura because he will succeed at what his “fail” of a master couldn’t. Forget actual romance, let’s just parallel everything. What…? They don’t feel anything for the characters Minato and Kushina. Nothing. All they are is pairing fodder, more parallels for NS. Forgetting the fact that just because Kushina hit people, it doesn’t make her like Sakura. Kushina is Kushina. But they don’t see that. Every character that lives in this series, and any character that has died, either supports their couple or doesn’t matter in their minds. The majority of NH fans enjoy this manga and the characters in it, and do not disregard the feelings of characters, so long as they are good people(the character) and sometimes that’s not even the case; they still care about some antagonists. Actually when I think about it, when have you ever come across a Hinata fan like that…? Of course every fanbase has it’s idiots, but what characters could Hinata fans possibly use to make her look better…? Hinata is willing to give up her life, to protect Naruto. She saved him from Pein with that hope, not so he would notice her. She didn’t want that at all. Naruto saved and changed her, so she wasn’t afraid to die protecting him. THAT is a reason, untainted and void of trivial matters.
                  Let me say this though: I don’t have any bad feelins towards you for not disliking Hinata. But what I really want is for you to understand her completely and then choose for yourself whether or not you dislike her. I don’t want to see more fans who misinterpret her and really in all actuality end up hating a character that is not Hinata. Hinata is confirmed to be a pacifist ninja who dislikes conflict, and could not curse her ENEMIES if she tried.


                  1. Dakushna

                    I will say this: I really appreciate your politeness, a rare gift nowadays.
                    We have different opinions, but we can discuss about those civilly and that’s pretty nice.


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