Nimaiya Ouetsu’s Pheonix Palace – Ichigo and Renji battle Zanpakuto’s – Bleach 522

ichigo_kurosaki___bleach_522_by_rechever3-d5pqpnj ichigo_kurosaki___bleach_522_by_rechever3-d5pqpnj bleach_522__ichigo__kon_and_renji_by_blackstoneangel-d5pwb6r bleach_oetsu_nimaiya_by_animefanno1-d5pz45a bleach_522__ichigo_by_blackstoneangel-d5pfmi7Nimaiya Have Fun Ichigo and Renji welcomed Ouestu Nimaiya Ichigo Renji say please Nimaiya Oetsu So HighBleach 522 shows how dangerous some members of the Zero Division can be. After Ichigo and Renji arrive at the Phoenix Palace, we notice how they’re introduced as they first meet a horde of beautiful girls, but then stripped as they’re sent to the actual Phoenix Palace, they’re pushed to fight the rage of their own Zanpakutou’s!

Bleach 522 begins as Nimaiya Ouetsu is first called upon mentioning that Ichigo and Renji have both arrived at the palace, this gives him the cue to go and greet himself to them. We notice that both Ichigo and Renji have once again used Kon as a cushion to allow themselves to drop safely onto the ground. No one seems to be there at the point, Kon keeps on complaining that he’s always been dragged around.

A bright light appears, especially focusing its lights on Ichigo and Renji, making it impossible for them to see who’s doing it. The man also shouts saying that they’re got two guests, he mentions that their home is also Ichigo and Renji’s. Both Ichigo and Renji are pissed as their ear drums are going to burst.

The man says that their heads are held high, he repeats this, then mentions that their head are so high. He tried to rap but miserably failed as both Ichigo and Renji didn’t seem to like Nimaiya Ouetsu. He quickly introduces himself as being the number one Zanpakutou creator, then mentioning Yoroshiku. Then starts rapping about Zanpakutou’s saying that he loves them.

The first place they arrive is the Galaxy Phoenix Palace, there they are introduced by a numerous number of beautiful girls. Kon is quickly enticed mentioning that they’re showing so much skin, they also look so delicious. The girls quickly know who’s who as they know that Ichigo has orange hair and red for Renji.

Kon mentions that it’s heaven, at this point, Ichigo reveals to him that there could be problems here, it could be a catch or something here. Kon quickly tells Ichigo that this is his personal utopia. Nimaiya Ouetsu quickly appears and introduces himself saying that he’s the owner of all this, he’s described as the Blade God.

Nimaiya gets up in Ichigo’s facing mentioning Shikuyoro, then grabs Ichigo’s hand and starts to play with them, he first knocks them and since Ichigo knows the hand movements to the game he also keeps on going. Ichigo asks Renji if he wants to swap, Renji obviously refuses.

Nimaiya quickly detects the vice mentioning that he doesn’t seem to be dig what they’re doing. Nimaiya quickly mentions that they could always go back. Ichigo and Renji talk, both mentioning that it’s a bad idea to be sent out of there. They both say sorry as they don’t want to go back and that the pleasure is all on their side.

Nimaiya doesn’t except that kind of apology as, he shows them how, he fully switched, head on the floor while feet in the air. Ichigo is pissed by this as he doesn’t want to do such a thing but Renji calms Ichigo and tells him that they don’t have a choice. They do it when Nimaiya quickly snaps a picture of them, the girls look at the picture, they’re amused by it.

Ichigo and Renji want Nimaiya to die for doing such a thing. Out of nowhere, a girl appears and kicks Nimaiya on the top of his head, she asks Nimaiya how long he plans on dicking around. Nimaiya then asks her why she did such a thing, mentioning her name to be Mera.

Mera mentions that this will go on forever if Nimaiya has his way, she then asks for Ichigo and Renji to follow her. They enter a different place which is described by Mera as the Real Phoenix Palace. Mera mentions that he couldn’t accept the fact that he’s house is the shit hole he’s currently in. Mera tells them to enter the room, Kon quickly tells Nimaiya that he desperately wanted to be in that room.

Both Ichigo and Renji walk in first, they notice that they’re unable to get out of the room they’re in. Nimaiya starts talking to them mentioning if they’re notice that in their arrival, they haven’t met a single Shinigami other than me. He mentions that all the girls were nothing more than just Zanpakutou’s! Ichigo was unable to realize this.

Nimaiya is interested that Ichigo was unable to distinguish between a Zanpakutou and a Shinigami even though he’s the latter! This message here could explain why Ichigo’s special, he could be some kind of hybrid thing as mentioned by Nimaiya mentioning that he was the end of something!

Nimaiya raises two swords, Ichigo’s and Renji’s up in the air, it was as though they didn’t even notice that Nimaiya had them. Renji is pissed at the fact that he had his sword all along. At this point, Nimaiya starts to smash both their swords together turning them into smaller and more fragile bits.

Nimaiya mentions that a Zanpakutou that doesn’t receive any love can break so easily. Surrounding both Ichigo and Renji are the Zanpakutou’s rage, this could be any others Zanpakutou’s rage or it could be both Zabimaru and Zangetsu’s! Nimaiya mentions that they’re able to escape from that place alive, he won’t mind reforging his Zanpakutou for them.

Nimaiya repeats what he said before mentioning that he’s the number one Zanpakutou creator, he counts down for some reason, he mentions his name once more and that a blade crafted by him can’t be held by a wack ass Shinigami! Ichigo calls Nimaiya a bastard, Nimaiya then repeats the word Shikuyoro when Bleach 522 ends here.

That a impressive chapter, both Ichigo and Renji are going to have a hard time here as they’re going to be battling either their own Zanpakutou or different ones in order for them to realize something really important. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 523 when we continue with Nimaiya’s plan!

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    1. Sunite

      Interesting, I didn’t notice this, but good find. It could be that even if he can fix it himself, it takes time and effort for this to happen, plus Nimaiya could also be referring to how Renji’s Bankai is also broken just like Ichigo’s…


  1. Sriram

    Ok… I’m officially starting to hate Bleach here… Kubo’s trolling bigtime.

    Till now, they showed badass characters… Shunsui, Yama-jii and all… Aizen-taichou as a super-powerful Shinigami whom even Soul Society couldn’t beat.
    Now Kubo’s telling us… “Hey ppl… the characters you’ve been seeing for 520 chapters are small-fry. The big fish are just 5 wackos… you’re about to see them for the next hundred or so chapters… have fuuuun” (pun intended).

    Zanpakutous are supposed to be BORN WITH THE SHINIGAMI and are supposed to DIE WITH THE SHINIGAMI. I thought this Ouetsu would have discovered that meditation technique (jinzen), or access to Bankai, or Zanpakutou Materialization methods or something…

    But he CREATED the friggin Zanpakutous? Gimme a break. Does Kubo mean to say Yama-jii approached him with a request “Hi Ouetsu… I would like an order of the Oldest and most powerful flame-type Zapakutou. Um… could you toss in a large pizza, chicken wings and Coke to go with that?” -_-

    It’s like this Ouetsu guy is creating the LAWS OF NATURE @ Soul Society. What are they going to show next? That Senjumaru Shurata created dicks for making more Shinigami? O_o
    How would this troll Kubo explain the fact that the Zanpakutou are “attuned” to the Shinigami from the moment they are born? Is Ouetsu supposed to know every Shinigami’s personality as soon as they are born, and create Zanpakutous accordingly? Or does he dish them out after finding out their potential?
    Oh.. and what about the Movie – DiamondDust Rebellion? Did Hitsugaya and Kusaka place orders for the same Hyourinmaru? Ouetsu: “Hey guys… I have only one Hyourinmaru to serve today. Play rock-paper-scissors and decide between yourselves” @_@ God…this chapter has been such a troll.

    “He created Zanpakutous”… blah blah blah. Gimme a bigger break. I’ll start reading Bleach again once Kubo grows some brains to put more sense into his manga. Compared to this, that Inaba Kageroza arc thingy was much much MUCH better.

    Nimaiya Ouetsu… you suck! I hope Aizen-taichou owns you sometime in the future. You deserve nothing more than to be a stain on Kyouka Suigetsu’s blade. Get a life! Go Urahara-san! Go Aizen-taichou. Go Zaraki-taichou. Go Kyouraku-soutaichou!

    @Soul King… if you had some common sense, you’d put smarter people in your Royal Guard. This Ouetsu would look weird doing a Mime Show at a Church Congregation. I hope he gets raped by Juhabach! You must be on crack, since you decided to recruit this halfwit into your Squad. Or if you were terribly hung over, and slept too much, and inducted this guy by mistake, then we forgive you. Not kick him out already. I can’t stand him.

    PS. If the Royal Guard members are people who contributed significantly to Soul Society, how come Urahara-san isn’t on the Squad? He created virtually all of Soul Society’s current technology, portable gigai and so much more. He created something that can make wishes come true. And a 3-day method to master Bankai. What bigger “contributions” does the Soul King want?

    Kubo, next time you write a manga, please make sure creatures standing on 2 feet can understand what you’re saying. You’re not writing Bleach for animals here. Nimaiya Ouetsu included.


    1. Ne3X7

      Oh well, you’re furious about nothing, absolutely.

      Kubo’s been giving out some funny chapters recently. I don’t know and I don’t think I want to, why does he. But it’s obvious, that Bleach consists not only of fights and epic speeches, but also of jokes. Well, after such a big fight, like the one in SS it usually ends up with Nell episodes or something like that, for you to get your ass ready for epicness. As for small-fry, it sounds strange, cause there are Ichigo, Renji etc. and Aizen and Urahara & co, that were not included into the rank of power. Kubo only mentions, that every member of squad zero is more powerful, than a typical captain.

      And, the funniest thing about zanpakuto. Who the fuck told you that Ouetsu created them? He didn’t. He really discovered them, not created, IMO. Obviously, he couldn’t have created all the zanpakuto. Now I have to guess, and I see some possible versions: first, Ouetsu created the first zanpakuto and then taught every shinegami to do that. Second, he was the first shinegami. Third, he wasn’t the first shinegami, but he killed all of them (or nearly all, e.g. only ones without zanpakuto) with his zanpakuto. Fouth, he only created the shikai and bankai.

      Hyorinmaru arc (DiamondDust Rebellion film) was a filler and doesn’t refer to main plot, just like Kageroza doesn’t fit into it when there is Kirio Hikifune.

      Actually, I wonder myself, why isn’t Urahara in the Royal Guard. Perhaps, that’s the result of his “betrayer” (I mean when he accidentally created vizards) or he didn’t want it himself.


      1. ryuujinjakka

        “I am the Number One Zanpakutou Creator Nimaiya Ohetsu. Yoroshiku!”
        Does that ring a bell? O_O

        Till 521, I thought the same shikai/bankai thing. But this chapter kinda trolled me. Of course, DiamondDust Rebellion isn’t part of the main plot. Neither is the Incursion arc. I’m just saying even that crap was better than the “dafuq O_o” level stuff I’m reading now.

        I typically don’t like guys with overblown power levels… because of that, fights merely turn into a raw display of power. Aizen-taichou is the only exception, because he employed cunning/intelligence over a span of 100+ years.

        Let’s see how much more trolling Kubo is going to display.
        I don’t mind comic scenes and good humor, but something that basically negates the fundamental concepts on which Bleach is based is kinda @_@

        520 chapters and 366 episodes later, Kubo says “We’re reaching a new level of power. So I’m gonna get in some dumb wacko-looking people to show that Shunsui and Unohana are weaklings in the larger scheme of things”…

        Isn’t that like *troll*? Over the course of the past many years, you’ve learned to admire Hyourinmaru or Katen Kyoukotsu or Tensa Zangetsu or Senbonzakura, and now we have a guy openly and explicitly claiming to have CREATED them?

        When I first finished with the chapter, I was like *puh-lease Kubo, Shunsui/Aizen-taichou/Urahara-san/Unohana-senpai will kick these guys around Soul Society any time of the day.


        1. Ne3X7

          Take it easy, man, Kubo’s gonna explain this quickly. Actually, I came up with another idea. Perhaps Ouetsu sealed the zanpakuto into a sword. That makes sense, IMHO.

          Note, that Squad Zero hasn’t got zanpakutos. It also makes sense.

          And now I have to disagree. Unohana, Keoraku etc. will definitely rise to kick some quincy ass soon. And again, noone ever said Zero Squad consists of the most powerful shinegami. Moreover, I think they’re useless in battle. They only heal, I mean.


      2. ryuujinjakka

        Besides, my favorite chapter so far was 520. Unohana Yachiru… and Kyouraku-soutaichou were really good revelations. Much more sensible compared to the Royal Guard crap. Only Senjumaru Shutara holds promise of interesting powers. And perhaps that Bonze guy.


    2. Kisuke Urahara

      Your very furious about this eh?Well I actually like a little “break the ice” for a while…….I mean…….Yama-jii is dead…….there have been so many shocking and hard to believe things lately.All so dark and gloomy…..I agree w/ you,Renji-kun and Ichigo-kun w/ the fact that the Royal Guard is a bunch of whack-jobs…..but for me?It works 🙂

      I know,I thought he could be some sort of a Shaman to the Zanpakuto (well….he’s certainly a “host”) But I still think we is……..and I still stand by what I think…..he made “a way to speak to” the Zanpakuto.Perhaps showed their existence to the other Shinigami and how to be at harmony and sync w/ them.

      As for Yama-jii’s case……he had always been using such “MONSTROUS” flames but did not even knew about the existence of his own Zanpakuto(Ryūjin Jakka) until this Ouetsu found out; “hey!there spirits in our blades! :D” and junk

      I’m pretty sure Senjumaru Shutara is a bit more serious………though I might be VERY wrong………oh well………

      None the less……..I respect and accept w/ your perspective,friend 🙂


      1. Sriram

        Even I would like to think that Nimaiya created jinzen, or discovered Shikai/Bankai releases, or was the first to actually converse with a Zanpakutou.
        I can see why you’d say Yama-jii’s “monstrous flames”… Hitsugaya has a similar ice-like reiatsu, which is kind of similar to his connection with Hyourinmaru.

        Maybe like Superpunt says, he can connect one Shinigami to multiple Zanpakutous. That way, Byakuya won’t have to worry about his stolen Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. He can move on to a new Zan. I’m trying hard not to hate Ouetsu here… but he seems much less dignified compared to Kirinji and Hikifune.

        Senjumaru Shutara looks kinda serious, but she may be very bubbly and playful… like she trolls Mayuri, breaking into his lab. She reminds me of Yachiru, who does infiltration activities at Byakuya’s manor. 😛

        One more week is a long time by Bleach parameters. I mean… Ichigo obtained Bankai in 3 days, which is supposed to take decades. 😛

        Urahara-san… your explanation about the Shaman-thingy for Zanpakutous is interesting… like the real Urahara-san himself. I hope it’s true. I liked the Kon and Grimmjow humor parts, but with this, I guess Kubo went overboard.
        Looking forward to more interesting theories from you, Urahara-san.
        I hope Aizen-taichou gets his powers back, and becomes good.

        Waiting to see Zaraki’s power boost. And possibly a Bankai too. Or atleast a Shikai from Kusajishi Yachiru, please, Kubo. _()_


  2. dk

    i wonder if renji has a big bond with his zanpakuto, then maybe the quincy cant steal it cuz there bond is that big……. the quincy are the worst enemy renji could have right now, he cant cut them in its shikai state cuz the quincy will use blut vene and use bankai to only get it stolen…….unless renji really did get stronger is that short amount of time and is able to cut them in its shikai


    1. Sriram

      Byakuya could cut As Nodt in Shikai itself… that other Stern Ritter told him “not to let his blut get torn so easily”.
      However, I disagree with Yama-jii’s explanation of the Bankai stealing theory. According to him, Ichigo’s Bankai is “recent and has room for development, so it can’t be stolen”. In that case, even Renji’s Bankai is recent (he obtained it at almost the same time as Ichigo, in the Rukia Rescue Arc), so by Yama-jii’s logic, even Renji’s Bankai should be immune to the medallion.

      But this is just my opinion. I’ve had something against Yama-jii ever since I first saw him attack Shunsui. 😀


      1. dk

        when yama-jii said that ichigo bankai is recent and cannot be stolen, what yama-jii meant was that ichigo just used his bankai recently against ginjo with his new and improve power and its not recent if both renji and ichigo obtain bankai during the rukia rescue arc, its been almost 2 years since ichigo lost his power and gained it back, so ichigo bankai is just recent and juha bach said that the fake him could not steal yama bankai cuz he wasnt strong enough, im pretty sure kirge was strong enough to steal ichigo bankai but could not cuz ichigo is part quincy preventing them from stealing it

        even yama said himself while fighting the fake juha bach that some of the shinigami bankai havent been stolen and said his theory afterward about the quicny stealing bankai which i also disagree on……. it seems that yama already knew about the medallion and was very confident about his bankai not being stolen cuz he hasnt used his full power with the first fight against juha bach 1000 years ago so they cant analyze it and steal it, it seems they dont need to analyze, the quincy just need to be strong enough to steal it but ichigo is part quincy so the medallion doesnt recognize it


    2. Sunite

      Yeah, it was because of that, that maybe he’s been brought to the Palace, so that he’s sword could get fixed too, and in the future doesn’t bother Ichigo with him being too weak and needing help…


  3. Superpunt

    U cant rush things and say ur trolled …………………. And no one said anything about him making yama’s zan be patient (its only a week) . there might be a logical explanation for him saying he made the zans …. Maybe he found a way to speak to ur zan and obtain it and also using that method he found a way to create a 2nd or 3rd zan for a single person …… And about the royal guard being wackos i think its an act to make ichigo feel comfortable. I mean who would want to train with some uptight super strong traines who would punish(possibly kill ) u if u make a mistake ?


    1. Sunite

      Hmm We still need an explanation of how he’s discovered or created the Zanpakutou’s and Kirio’s warning could be there for a reason, he may be a blood thirsty shinigami, and it seems like Mera could be the solid version of his Zanpakutou, and the others with the Galaxy Pheonix could have been his other Zanpakutou’s, maybe if he’s gone to that lenght to give himself more powers… and you mentioned his act, it might be to get Ichigo all geared up to have something Ichigo could hate, that’s how most people get all wild and crazy, when they hate and been betrayed by that person, they will fight even harder…


  4. criolle johnny

    OK, perhaps OT, but there are previous hints about Ichigo’s family background. Go back to manga 391, page 17. Here’s the link:
    Ichigo’s dad butted in and prevented us from finding out more.
    In another episode, Uryu’s Father and Isshin were talking and Ryuken Ishida called Isshin by his first name. They talked about that familiarity. This would indicate that there is some history between the two of them.
    If anyone can find that manga episode, please tell me.


    1. Sunite

      I remember those points and yeah, the main character’s past that we need to delve in is possibly Isshin’s, he may be a stupid old dude but he’s got a history or some pretty intense stuff that we need to know..


      1. criolle johnny

        I don’t think Isshin is stupid. He’s been playing a part like an actor to protect his children for years.
        Falling in love with a Quincy woman would have been the forbidden love FROM HELL! They would have been hunted by both sides.
        The children have characteristics of both groups and Ichigo has the additional complication of Hollow powers.
        This MIGHT actually be what made his bankai impossible to steal.


        1. Sunite

          The thing about the Hollow was probably derived from the experiment Urahara did on Ichigo, that’s why he had such a mask, while as Rukia stabbed Ichigo with a sword with reiatsu, it could have jump started Ichigo’s reiatsu or just gave him a brand new balance to work with, meaning that he could and could not have the mask.
          Hmm maybe, or that Quincy’s are unable to hurt other Quincy’s that’s why he’s Bankai is not steal-able… This is actually getting interesting…


  5. Superpunt

    Mera being a zan could possibly be correct . The dude did say “you havent seen any shinigami other than me” so yeah mera (zan) ftw……………… And im thinkin maby this guy has control over all zans ….. Hey probably came up with the concept . Maby he could attach/detach a zan from or onto a shinigami……


    1. Sunite

      I think she’s Nimaiya’s Zanpakutou it’self, thats why she calls him Master… hmm maybe 😛 Nimaiya could also troll Ichigo and Renji by saying that their Zankaputou’s were also in the Galaxy Pheonix Palace, both of them were just unable to sense them…


  6. Superpunt

    Also let me add maybe people go by him to fiX/upgrade their zan … He said the zans i make are not to be held in the hands of wack ass shinigami …….and also there is a faint trace of sence behind what he is saying about the zans and love for ur zan …… And remember zangetau tried to protect ichigo from using final getsuga but ichigo went ahead . Maby zangetsu broke so easily cuz hes angry at ichigo . And zabimaru i think it thinks that renji is too weak….


    1. Isamu715

      He simply hasn’t healed his wounds yet, he took much more damage than any one else who actually survived. It’s possible that his training won’t be shown and he’ll appear later.


      1. criolle johnny

        Agree. Byakuya was on the receiving end of HOW OWN BANKAI! Putting his body and reiatsu back together is gonna take time.
        Additionally, his Bankai was stolen. THAT could complicate his recovery.


  7. Coyle

    Kubo needs de get the finger out ffs I haven’t seen a new manga release since b4 crimbo by the way there’s a rumour goin round that the anime starts up in April 2013 again no confirmation yet tho


    1. Isamu715

      There’s been an announcement on MangaStream that “There will be no new chapters of Naruto, Bleach or One Piece until the 3rd week of January” for quite some time now. I think Shounen Jump is taking a break or there are some Japanese holidays.


  8. Coyle

    Kubo better let zaraki learn bankai really can’t wait 2 see that massive boost in power also can’t wait 2 see unohaba let loose as the first kenpachi good luck 2 shunsei teaching zaraki


    1. Sunite

      Hmm, after the latest chapter, it doesn’t seem like he’s there to train, but to in fact fight Unohana… which could lead to learning the name of his zanpakutou but still a long shot since they’ve got a grudge for each other..


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