Can Naruto defeat the Ten Tails?

ten_tails_by_zhangding-d5pbbrkDo you think Naruto Uzumaki with all his power can go up against the all-powerful Ten Tails and possibly have a chance to win? Naruto has a great deal of power, especially with Kurama being his ally, there is always a chance, but the Ten Tail has Madara and Obito controlling it, does that give it a chance to destroy everything and anything in its path, especially Naruto?

The current situation for Naruto has proven that as he’s lost almost all of his power as Kurama needs to charge his power back up. This being unfortunate for Naruto as Madara and Obito seem to be gaining more control of the Ten Tails. Furthermore, as stated by Madara, the Ten Tail’s will once again power up into a brand new form, this usually means that he’s going to even more powerful. So who do you think is going to win, and will Naruto be able to defeat the Ten Tails?

Tell me using the comment section below. The fantastic art work was done by ZhangDing, he’s done a great job on this, so go and check his other work. Don’t forget to tell me.


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  1. Sriram

    Of Course… Naruto is the lead character, so without a doubt, he’ll defeat the Ten Tails. But not alone though… There’s Kurama, Kakashi-sensei, Hachibi, Bee-san and a whole horde of others helping out. Not to mention the sacrifices made by Shikaku, Inoichi and Neji.

    Somehow, I get the feeling that Sasuke, Orochimaru and Taka have yet to make some significant contribution to the war. Personally, Orochimaru is my favorite villain, and he’s smart enough to bring down Obito and Madara. And Sasuke has Mangekyou, so he can help by countering Susano’O.

    Lucky for us, Obito’s jutsu is useless in front of Kakashi-sensei’s Mangekyou, because they can plan perfectly to counter it. We’ve seen that in the previous chapters.

    My guess is this… The Juubi will go out of control. Naruto will awaken Rinnegan, and split the Juubi into its constituent Bijuus. Orochimaru will use one of his special jutsus to bring them under control.
    Obito will get owned by Kakashi-sensei. Madara will get screwed by Naruto, Bee-san and Sasuke.
    I hope Itachi is revived, and Naruto and Sasuke have a dramatic final showdown.

    But all this is my guess… anything under the sun is possible at this stage…what with Kishimoto trolling us, killing off so many characters. I’m missing Shikaku’s intelligence already 😦

    I’m particularly interested in where Orochimaru and Sasuke are going. And I’d like to see Tsunade and that Raikage die… both are kinda useless, imo.
    I hope Oonoki retires, and Kakashi becomes Hokage. Gaara and the Mizukage seem competent enough, but Tsunade hardly did anything significant till date (unless you count the Slug Jutsu she used to save useless denizens, and went into a coma for ages). Danzo did much better.

    I’d also like to see some action by Minato (who’s among my favorite characters)… and some interesting flashbacks.
    Overall, Bleach seems more interesting at this point in time, compared to Naruto. For the past few chapters, we’ve seen only dialogs, deaths and trolls. At least Bleach is giving us good revelations. 😛
    Sekai ni Itami-o… Shinra Tensei!


    1. Sunite

      He may be the lead character but if he wasn’t, would that still mean that he could accomplish this task. For example, Pain’s task was to destroy the Konoha village, which he ultimately did, he accomplished his mission and he wasn’t the lead character. Even if he’s the main character, he can still die…
      There’s a lot of other characters involved in helping Naruto, especially Hinata 😀

      I see Sasuke and the others coming in very soon, possibly in the next few chapters, It seems to me that the author is trying to delay something, possibly introducing other characters soon, helping them to make a significant change to the story, like Neji’s death, maybe there will be another like Shiba or someone…
      He’s very smart, but as mentioned by himself, he doesn’t want to get involved in the war… hmm maybe, but Madara’s Susanoo has been perfected…

      Yup, Obito is useless, he’s all rage and no thinking at this point, he just want to destroy and get Rin back.
      Naruto will awaken Rinnegan :O wahhh lol, he’s not a Uchiha so how can he?
      The plan you’ve got can work completely, however if you put Sasuke into the equation, all of that can only happen if Sasuke actually helps Naruto and the others…

      Yup, he’s killing insignificant characters, they don’t have any real meaning. And yeah, I’d like to see what happened to Tsunade and the others… Danzo as a Hokage didn’t even last against Sasuke, he wasn’t a real Hokage…

      I hate Naruto flashbacks, they go on for ever and ever, never ending crap, but if it includes something we haven’t seen before then i’m fine with. Personally, Bleach is overall better than Naruto all the times, agree, Naruto seems to be loosing it’s spark and delaying a lot!


      1. Sriram

        Well… even if he wasn’t the main character, I guess they would show him winning. Naruto’s been portrayed as the “insurmountable hero” ever since Sasuke defected. I especially hated those Hidan-Kakuzu episodes where Naruto came to “save” Kakashi-sensei and others.
        Personally, I think Pain still won against Naruto, and Naruto only survived because of useless dialogs and cheesy sentences.
        At least Ichigo does some fighting to win… half of Naruto’s victories have been verbal. And they have never shown Kakashi-sensei beating somebody significant, especially Akatsuki members. For heaven’s sake, even that useless Sakura defeated Sasori (although with help).

        Naruto might not be an Uchiha thus far, but maybe they’ll have some weird flashback that tells us about how Minato had Uchiha connections. Ichigo was a Shinigami/Human for 510 chapters and they suddenly made him a Quincy capable of using Blut Vene. Even Uryuu couldn’t use Blut.
        Besides, Nagato wasn’t an Uchiha either… he only had distant Senju connections through the Uzumaki clan, and he could weild Rinnegan better than Obito. Of course, his Rinnegan was transplanted from Madara, but this is Naruto we’re talking about. It only makes sense to give him power boosts…they way he is now is pretty useless. The most powerful doujutsu seems befitting a lead character who’s short on brains. 😀

        I want Sakura killed as well. She’s been useless right from episode 1. I even follow this Facebook Page “Sakura must DIE”… 😛

        By Shiba, you mean Kiba right? Or is it Shino? Either way, I don’t mind. They’re even more unimportant than Neji… in terms of appearance, abilities and war contributions.

        Personally, I liked Danzo for his contributions BEFORE becoming Hokage. Tsunade did nothing except drink and gamble. At least Danzo stayed @ Konoha and did something. Besides, even Tsunade would lose to Sasuke. She doesn’t have offensive techniques capable of countering Susano’O and Amaterasu.

        I’m hooting for Orochimaru to come in and save these sorry Shinobi people… especially those Stone & Sand Village idiots. I guess they’re bound to appear soon. Right now, Kishimoto is more interested in how to “transfer/share” the Kyuubi-mode with Hinata. I hope it doesn’t drag on too long.

        Minato would have been of great help at a time like this. Good combination of Jutsus, Chakra, Skill, Strategy, Speed…what not. Jiraiya would have also been a useful addition.

        Konoha should actually be thankingOrichimaru… it’s because he wasted the 1st and 2nd Hokages on killing Sarutobi–sensei and got them sealed. If Hashirama were reanimated, these people would have been done for.

        I actually thought Kabuto would turn out to be the main villain here.. Kishi proved me wrong. He got pawned bigtime…

        Sasuke’s pretty fickle… He’s got no set goal, and he acts on whims and fancies. There’s also a chance that he might join the battle on Madara’s side. That way, Kakashi-sensei could pawn Obito and the Alliance could somehow defeat Madara (O_o probably curse him to death 😀 )… and Sasuke could spar with Naruto. I’m hoping this happens, and they kill Sasuke and Sakura together. Two useless characters killed off. Two birds with one stone. I’ve hated both of them since the very beginning. 😀

        More insignificant people who could die: Kurotsuchi, Chojuro, Tenten, Kiba (incl. Akamaru).

        I hope Kakashi gets the Ten tails… that way, he won’t have to worry about Chakra.

        PS. Most of these are “I Hope” kinda statements… stuff that I WANT to happen. Might not coincide with actual logic in the main storyline. 😀


        1. Sunite

          Ahh I was writing a good reply to this comment and by accident refreshed the damn page!! Even happened when I was writing the Bleach Chapter and even finished when i refreshed the wordpress ipad app, wiped the whole of what I wrote so had to spend another hour writing it again :/, this sucks. Anyways I’ll summarize what I was saying lol

          Yeah Sasuke’s departure made it so that Naruto had to man up and come to Sakura’s rescues, now she think that it would be too much of a job for Naruto, if he can defeat the Ten Tails why not bring back Sasuke..

          Fully agree with the half won by speach, it’s just another technique for him to use in battle to make his enemies give up, with Pain, and could now even work with Obito, hopefully not Madara…

          I don’t think Naruto will develop an eye technique, if he did, he would be the ultimate ninja with all powers, he can’t be that power because that would just seem like cheating..
          Lol, if Sakura got killed, it would be the end of bringing Sasuke back, Lol… It’s like most people were saying that neji should have stayed and Hinata should have died…

          Yeah I meant Kiba, don’t know where Shiba came from lol, maybe from Bleach. Danzo was awesome to produce killers such as the Anbu and even Sai… but to me he’s gotten seriously weak, they should have made him into a unstable character with no care in the world, even for himself… giving him some sort of emotions was okay, but this is just overboard on the emotions, he’s smiles are creepy as hell and should go back to his old self…
          Tsunade would lose to Sasuke yes but it would be a close match…

          Orochimaru is a badass, if he appears, I hope that he seems to have joined with Madara and Obito but then stabs them in the back later on…

          Yeah agree, I thought Kabuto would naturally be using Obito but it was the opposite lol… Lol two birds with one stone, if that did happen, Sakura would try to use a secret technique which could possibly be used as suicide…

          I don’t mind them dieing, it would create a uproar for the fans but that could also be a good thing as fans could finally respond to this and make it a little more popular..
          What if Sasuke got the Ten Tails? That would be kinda epic, both comrades own the beasts of killing… that would be the end of everything, especially Sasuke as he would just lose control…

          Lol yeah, although you say You want, Kishimoto will troll you and give you something else, which might not always be better 😛


      1. Sriram

        Power Struggle inside Naruto’s belly 😛

        Besides, I don’t think one body/sealing jutsu can contain that much chakra. Even with Obito and Madara together (both with Uchiha and Senju powers), controlling the Juubi is tough. Add that to the belligerent Kurama… and @_@


        1. Sunite

          If Naruto has both, he would explode… That’s why Minato taken half of Kurama’s chakra in the first place…
          Lol, it would be mayhem when the Ten Tails changes forms once more…


  2. nana yaw

    i think naruto can seal the ten tails and befriend it like he did the four tails. he has an extensive knowledge in sealing techniques. either that or he can use a seal to release the ten tails from the control of madara and obito like his father did to the nine tails when it was under obito’s control(during the destruction of konoha) and i also think that when his father came to him during his fight with pain we werent told the whole story. i think his father taught him rasengan moves and other important stuff and information. likewise his mother during his taming and control of the nine tails. i really would pay thousands of cash to know where sasuke and orochimaru are right now and the “him” they were going to see. from my imagination i think the are going to the land of the snakes to see the snake king like how naruto went to the land of frogs and how kabuto went to the dragon king. another thing that interests me is when the tailed beasts had a meeting with naruto and the nine tails told them about a secret the sage of the six paths told him. that someone would come again like him(the sage of the six paths) and i think this person is naruto so either he can use a seal to sepearate the ten tails or he can seal him inside himself and become the jinchuriki of the ten tails. anyways like the guy said earlier bleach is nowmuch more interesting than naruto and i agree with him. what with unohana’s bankai and kenpaci being taught the art of killing etc… but naruto will pick up in the next one. the ten tails will transform and the fight will begin.


    1. Sunite

      He as in Minato or Naruto, because Minato does but Naruto at this point can’t even remember a good sealing jutsu, there is currently no seals that he can use to release him from the Ten Tails… The Rasengan Minata knew was too weak and it was just the basic of it, the one Naruto’s developed is a lot more powerful and has been developed, I’m pretty sure it’s not yet been perfect even after Rasen-Shuriken, there could still be another better one somewhere…

      Orochimaru might have gone to do a Edo Tensei to help Sasuke find out what’s going to by bringing a Uchiha back to life… Hmm Snake King, maybe 😛 or maybe the frog king himself as he can see hints of the future…
      He could have been taught a seal to break apart the Ten Tails into 9 other beasts once more? Like what the Sage of Six Paths did before??


  3. naruto

    Naruto can’t die because of the movie the last so he most kill the ten-tail fox the the nine-tail will gain that power what the ten-tail did there for Naruto and the nine-tail will gain more power


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