Naruto Christmas 2012

__traditions___by_njung-d5nfdeg santa_naruto_and_the_girls__happy_holidays__by_jupmod-d5n60ng christmas_with_sakura__by_remidu31-d5mytzq this_christmas_you_come_with_me_by_uzumaki00017-d5p0vkb merry_christmas_by_josseline2010-d5oj3vr christmas_with_you_by_yumechan23-d5p4s68 Collab Merry Christmas 2012 - Sakura Haruno by chou-roninx naruto__hot_tub_holiday_cheers_by_jupmod-d5nk7au naruto___happy_new_year_by_jiraiya_gamasennin-d5oos82 team7_eggnog_wrapping_decorating_by_botanofspiritworld-d5oy5y0Naruto and his friends have finally received another great Christmas! Hopefully they find what they’re looking for under the tree, could they be getting a new Rasengan, a new and shiny Ninja Tool or even a new Eye Technique? Who knows what they got , just hope for the best and you’ll get what you need.

What do you think?

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