So Eager Was My Passion – Madara Uchiha

so_eager_was_my_passion_by_nivalis70-d5mxxdyMadara Uchiha’s Plan of bringing back the Ten Tail has come to life, and his Project Infinite Tsukuyomi is one step closer to coming alive. Just one thing and one thing only holds his plan on hold, and that is the Ninja Alliance Jutsu, as described by Naruto, it’s each and every person behind Naruto and around the world who wants to live in peace. Madara disagrees and wants to take everyone down with him into his master jutsu.

The artist mentions that the image above didn’t come out as good as they wanted, but personally I feel that the image itself looks awesome. They also mention that the title for the image was brought forward from the song, Lady in Black, by Uriah Heep.

The image looks awesome that they had to be featured, so go and check their other artwork out, Nivalis70. They’ve got some other amazing artwork worth checking.

What do you think?

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