Somebody That I Used To Know – Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo

somebody_that_i_used_to_know_by_xedor993-d5mdmhzIf you haven’t heard the song you should go and check it out because it fits with Ichigo and his other side, Hollow Ichigo. We’ve asked this many times, since Ichigo gained his powers for a second time, we’ve asked our self’s if Ichigo will be able to go into a full rage mode releasing his Hollow Ichigo form. We it’s unknown yet but what do you think?

Use the comment section to tell me what you think, if Ichigo still has his Hollow Ichigo powers or not, tell me. Personally I feel, like Ichigo’s “possible” Quincy powers, they’ve been suppressed once he lost and gained his powers. Ichigo’s current form only shows his Shinigami powers, but if they’ve been suppressed then it could explain that Ichigo will soon gain it once more allowing him to pursue Juha Bach and possibly defeat him.

Tell me what you think about this, let’s also mention that the artist, Xedor993, has done a great job of crafting and perfecting the awesome image above. Go and check his other Fan Art from different anime’s such as Fairy Tail and Naruto.

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What do you think?

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