Tsunade helps Raikage – Naruto Shippuden 286

Naruto Shippuden 286 begins with a story in which the Raikage and Tsunade had met the first time, I’d also like to say that this is somewhat a filler and it has been released with a two-part special! We see the Legendary Sucker, Tsunade go around betting when the Raikage needs her help in order to save Karai.

Naruto Shippuden 286 starts of as Naruto and Bee keep on running when they talk about Tsunade, both Tsunade and the Raikage also talk about how much Tsunade bets on Naruto. She tells the Raikage that she had bet on Naruto way before the moment he saved everyone from Pain, she tells him it was when he had obtained the Rasengan.

We go into the past where the Raikage had met Tsunade for the first time. We go to a dark night where Tsunade and Shizune are running towards a betting place in which they can waste all their money. The place she arrives at notices that it’s her and that they all try to suck her in into spending more money. They call her the Legendary Sucker. She goes and plays and again loses all her money.

The Raikage and Karai notice that they can’t do much except for go and find one of their comrades who can help, Tsunade has once again gone a head into borrowing more money even with her large debt. Amai notices that Tsunade is in the village and that she’s the best medical ninja in the world.

Amai meets up with the Raikage and looks at Karai, he tells the Raikage that he cannot do much with his limited knowledge of medical ninjutsu. Although there is someone who can help Karai. He describes them as Tsunade, Raikage agrees and he goes towards getting her to come and help.

Shizune and Tsunade are both drinking when Shizune goes for a snooze, Tsunade is getting all drunk by herself when she remembers Nawaki, at this point she also starts remembering moments from her past when Nawaki died as well as moments from when Dan died also. She starts to get emotional.

She’s faced by Amai who asks for help at that point, she refuses to help, the Raikage tells her that he’s going to be waiting for her outside, they wait a whole next day when the Raikage gets’ really angry, she doesn’t recognize him the next morning and says that the only way for the Raikage to get her to help is to beat her in an arm wrestling match.

They both go outside and start, both of them are going on their full power when the Raikage’s hands start to lose, Tsunade seems to be much stronger when the Raikage slips his hands backwards to make space then uses his speed to bash her hand on the rock. She loses and agrees to help, even after noticing that he had done such a thing.She goes towards the place where she can help Karai, and asks what had happened when Naruto Shippuden 286 ends.

A good spoiler episode which has a second part to it, the next Naruto Shippuden 287 explains what had happened to Karai and how he had ended us in this state. After that episode, Naruto Shippuden 288 is also likely to be an episode episode with a lot of action as we go back to the Kakashi’s fight!

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