Natsu defeats Sting and Rogue – Fairy Tail 296

Fairy Tail 296 brings an end to the fantastic battle between Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth. We finally find out that the match winner is definitely Natsu and Fairy Tail. Even while Natsu isn’t in his Dragon Force he’s able to beat a Third Generation Dragon Slayer just in his Normal form! He really does force them down with his secret technique.

The match continues as someone from far away gazes upon Natsu, they are overflowing with tears as they look from far away. Jellal who’s in Mystogan’s costume finds out that the person we just saw is definitely Zeref. Ultear says that it feels like Zeref but somehow it’s different. She tells Jellal not to let him get away from his sight, at this point he’s running towards the feeling of Zeref.

The match continues when Sting is mocked when Natsu said that he’ll be able to defeat him all by himself. He asks if he’s just messing with him. Rogue tells Natsu that he only has business with Gajeel because his battle is with Gajeel. Natsu responds that he’ll have to go through him first to get to Gajeel.

Sting powers up and tells Natsu that the Dragon Force is that of a Real Dragon’s. There is nothing more powerful in this world! Sting goes for an attack when Natsu asks him if that wasn’t his full power. At the same time, Natsu blocks Stings attack using his own hands.

Sting proves his worthiness by stating that he was killed by Vicelogia with his Dragon Force. Natsu responds that he will use his own power to fight for the friends that he laughed at. Then Natsu smacks Sting in the face with such a powerful force!

Everyone watches as Natsu counterattacks both of them. Natsu notices that Rogue also activates his Shadow Dragon’s Roar! At the same time he also activates his Fire Dragon’s Roar, which obliterates Rogue’s puny attack!

Sting tells Natsu that it’s far from over. Natsu tells him to bring it. Everyone watches as Natsu brings the Fairy Tail name back to the top and prove that they are the most powerful guild in Fiore. Each attack Rogue and Sting bring forth, Natsu counter attacks and beat Rogue and Sting back down!

The Sabertooth team watch from far as their dream team is being shattered by just one man! Lector also starts to cry and remembers the old moments when he asks Sting to be his student because he wants to become strong.

Sting and Rogue try to double attack using the Unison Raid, they both use it and call it the Holy Shadow Dragon’s Flash Fang! at the same time Natsu enables a Dragon Slayer Secret Technique called Exploding Crimson Flame Blade which brings destruction as both techniques clash!

Everyone watch and watch till the smoke clears to see who the real winner is. The rocks crumble, both Sting and Rogue fall down. Sting calls Natsu’s power “unfathomable”. Sting slowly tells himself that he has failed his mission to Lector as Natsu is just too strong. Everyone from Fairy Tail, even Marvis smile and cheer as Natsu wins! Fairy Tail have also taken the top spot! Fairy Tail 296 ends here!

What a totally amazing chapter, Natsu has finally shown that Fairy Tail are truly the better champions and that they should not be messed with! Seeing both Rogue and Sting lose to only one man, Natsu, tells me that Natsu has really gotten unbelievably powerful! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 299, titled “The Face of the Girl I Saw”.

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  1. Linus135

    Finally!!! hahaha I was sooo happy to finally see Sabertooth get smacked down!!! XD They were just smack talking so much..their guild master calling FT garbage, Sting saying that “he would be enough” etc…..just WOOOT WOOT!! LOL maybe now Sabertooth will get a little respect or at least take a step back to see who they are messingi with 😛 I enjoyed this chapter a lot.

    Now that emotions are out of the way, I think this chapter was pretty good. It was a glimpse of Natsu’s power post Second Origin which is cool and I think it shows what his power will become. With all the talk of dragons/dragon slaying, I was hoping that Natsu would make some remark about being the son of Igneel/those dragons being nothing compared to Igneel, but that would have taken away from the drive of FT revenge which I understand. I’m just wondering what Natsu’s power would be like if he used dragon force…


    1. Sunite

      Hahah agree, I’m pretty sure that Natsu can also take on the Sabertooth Master! It’s going to be awesome to see if this happens also… I think that FT are back on top after just Natsu kicking Sting and Rogue’s ass!
      We’ve seen Natsu use his Dragon Force once, I think it was against Laxus a while ago, but then it was weak and he couldn’t control it fully, but now that he’s faced such strong opponents, or they seemed strong, Natsu’s going to get some serious praise for kicking some ass!

      Plus the girl/guy standing on the edge watching, who had Zeref’s power seemed like Yukino Aguria to me, although I think it could be someone else…


      1. Linus135

        I kind of want Sabertooth’s master to get his ass kicked by Makarov, but really anyone beating them is good 🙂 Yea Natsu also used dragon force against Jellal in that tower..I want to see it post 2nd Origin though 😛

        I thought the person with Zeref’s power was actually the Zeref from Tenrou Island…but who knows….yet *dramatic music*


        1. Sunite

          Haha yeah could be the Zeref from the Tenrou Island, but it would be too easy to guess if it was him…. plus this person cried so possibly he’s now ready for Natsu to kill him and end his agony with all the crazy powers he has.. and Ultear noticed it was Zeref’s power but there was something different…


  2. Tenebrae_Phoenix

    I have to say, at the moment, I was like “HELL Yeah! In yo face b*****s”. Sabertooth had been trashing talking Fairy Tail so much, calling them garbage and stuff. And Sting, although he was a fan of Natsu, was mocking them earlier on in the arc. So when this happened I was like “Oh, like a b**** slap to the face. Besides that, I don’t really like Sabertooth’s high and mighty attitude, hope that’ll be a lesson to them all. Che. But I still love you Sting and Rogue, you two are adorable <3….but not more adorable than Natsu x] His grin was so cute when he pushed Gajeel away in that mine cart.


    1. Sunite

      HAhah agree with all the expressions! I too was like wow that Natsu could kick their asses as well as mock them 😀 Hopefully Sting and Rogue won’t be too down about their defeat, specially Sting because he had a connection with Lector about it..


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