Gedo Statue Appears – Tobi joins the Battle – Naruto Shippuden 276

Naruto Shippuden 276 shows that the battle a head is surely going to get a lot more intense. The Gedo Mazo shows itself for the first time in the battle field, so does Tobi to get the Ninja tools which contain both Kinkaku and Ginkaku. He succeeds on getting them. Both Naruto and Bee are making their way to the battle field.

We start Naruto Shippuden 276 at one of the Feudal Lords safe house where Black Zetsu appears, he notices that the Lords are all there, he goes for the attack when the Mizukage, Mei Terumi appears to stop him. He tells her that to get to them, he’ll have to get through her, she says that she’s not alone and that Black Zetsu will have to get through a lot of them.

Black Zetsu starts his fight by creating large plan roots above ground, this helps him to fight all of them and even nearly getting Mei, when Chojuro appears. Black Zetsu senses the chakra of both the Eight and Nine, he quickly reports it to the White Zetsu who tells Tobi.

Tobi hears the news and decides for Black Zetsu to carry on fighting to distract the Mizukage, even if the Feudal Lords have no use to them. Tobi tells White Zetsu that it’s finally time to go into battle and start his plan of Project Tsuki no Me. Tobi gets up and starts to look at the Gedo Mazo in front of him.

We go to where Dan is located, he’s being attacked by Choza when 4 ninja’s surround him and form a large box like plane where he’s trapped within the barrier. There are a few men protecting the Ninja Tools, Tenten has also used up too much chakra within the Ninja Tool she has.

Choji holds both Hizashi and Kakuzu down until they’re both sealed. Kakuzu tells Darui who’s near him that it’s far from over, while Darui tells him that all the Zetsu’s are dead and there is nothing else. At this point Tobi appears and call forth the Gedo Mazo Statue!

The Gedo Statue breaks the chains holding him and screams! Choza calls for Choji for help which he arrives after leaving Hizashi and Kakuzu. Tobi tells the Gedo Statue to go, both Choza and Choji are ready! Choza tries to stop the Statue when he tells Choji to attack using his technique.

It doesn’t work! The Gedo Statue screams breaking and pushing everything around him. Tobi notices that Kinkaku and Ginkaku are within the Ninja Tools. We move onto the HQ where they receive multiple reports of a Humanoid Monster, they also find out that Tobi has also appeared in the battle field.

They also find out that both Bee and Naruto have broken through all the barriers and have now escaped. Both Tsunade and the Raikage decide to go the battlefield because it’s now time to strike. Shikaku is now put under control of everything as the Raikage steps to go the battlefield.

We notice that everyone in the battlefield is hurt even more because of the large roar sent by the Gedo Mazo Statue. Everyone is told to go the coastline while Kitsuchi enables his secret technique, Earth Style! Mountain Jutsu! which tries to lock the Gedo Mazo in a large circular shape but doesn’t work as the Gedo Mazo is just too strong, plus it creates a large electrical charge exploding everything around him.

Tobi appears and attacks all the members surrounding the Ninja Tools when Darui and Shikamaru appear. Shikamaru gets him in the Shadow Mimic stopping him from escaping but after a few moments of talking the Gedo Mazo appears and jumps towards and smashed everything around Tobi, at this exact moment, Choji saves Shikamaru, while Darui is saved by Kitsuchi.

The Gedo Mazo escapes and the summoning is released. Tobi has now escaped with all the Ninja Tools, both Kakuzu and Hizashi are now sealed, Dan has also been sealed within the Cage like thing which was done before.

We move onto another battle where Kakashi and his company are fighting against the 7 Swordsman, at this point no one is winning because they seem to be equally powerful. The 4 Kage’s in the Sand are also walking towards Gaara and Onoki. Mifune also chases down the opponents he was previously fighting.

It’s almost dark and the others are getting weary because they may need to fight in the dark against the monsters. Tobi stands by the Gedo Mazo thinking to himself that he mustn’t lose this war because it’s not an option. Plus he tells himself that his plan will be realized tomorrow by everyone else as he may finally start it!

Kabuto knows that Tobi has already captured Kinkaku and Ginkaku, and that he only has a small amount of chakra from the Eight Tail’s chakra, plus he tells himself that Tobi is rushing into his plan. Kabuto then takes some of his players out of the battlefield while he gets some rest.

The members start to go back to their coffin and disappear. All the other people start to get confused because it could give them time but could also be a trap. They decide to keep a look out as well as rest for a little while. They must also be careful to be ready for any enemies at night time. Gaara and Onoki also can’t see anyone and just take a break.

Everyone starts to rest, they eat their foot and gather as much energy as they can for the battle tomorrow. All the reports have gone to HQ and they are now taking rest. Inoichi says that about 40,000 of the 80,000 thousand Allied Shinobi remain, while the enemy lost 50,000 out of the 100,000 they had. Naruto Shippuden 276 ends here.

The fight has just begun with Tobi finally going to the battle field. Plus Naruto and Bee have also joined the battlefield. It’s going to be awesome to see them fight seriously! Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 277, titled “Unison Sign”, when we may get to see the past of Naruto and Sasuke, plus a lot of chatter from Naruto and Kurama, presumably a filler.

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    1. Sunite

      Well I’m not sure that the war is the actual thing that drives him, i think its the fact that he wants to bring the 10 tails back is what drives him. He doesn’t seem too worried about the war, I think when he said that he must win the war, he referred to bringing the Ten Tails back…


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