Naruto goes to War – Iruka’s Little Brother – Naruto Shippuden 275

Naruto finally goes to war when he finds out during episode Naruto 275, he discovers that all his friends and teachers have all gone to war to fight Madara himself. We see Naruto discover this in his Sage Mode, he is also given a message to not die by Iruka. Killer Bee joins in during his journey to go to the battle field.

Naruto Shippuden 275 continues from last week’s episode when Naruto sense someone else’s energy who has similar to that of Kurama. While he trains he tells Killer Bee he sensed somethings wrong, Bee tells him it’s a bad joke. The beast inside Bee tells Bee that it was Ginkaku and Kinkaku who he sensed.

Naruto asks to go to the toilet to escape, he goes outside the room to find people there. Tsunade gives to order to keep Naruto in this place, while Naruto talks to Shino’s dad, Iruka steps in to tell him another lie, he tells him that there are large beasts outside.

Naruto doesn’t believe him and asks to go out to help fight the monsters, he enters Sage Mode and bursts out of the water, at this point he’s head-gear comes off, he moves out and someone uses their shadow mimic to capture Naruto, he’s captured but then is told of what’s happening by Iruka.

He tells him that there’s a war going on and that Madara want’s Naruto’s Nine Tail and Bee’s Eight Tail. He tells him that he needs to go outside or else he will get captured. He must remember that Madara is after him. Naruto remembers a moment with Pain.

Naruto comes back to tell Iruka why he’s doing this, he tells him that the head-gear that fell was Iruka’s. Iruka tells him that he is special to him and that he doesn’t want to see Naruto hurt. Naruto remembers the moment when he was first recognized by Iruka, he also recognizes him as his little brother.

Iruka picks up the head-gear and walks towards Naruto, Iruka gives it to Naruto when Naruto accepts it. At this moment, Iruka enables a technique trapping Naruto. Naruto tells him that he’s now strong, he then enables his Chakra Mode, Shadow Mimic breaks and the Insects also fail.

Naruto goes on the run asking himself what Iruka did. Naruto notices a piece of paper in his head-gear, Naruto read it saying some emotional things which Naruto recognizes as love and peace, plus Iruka never wanted to do this because he wants Naruto to come back.

Iruka looks out when he meets Bee, they both talk when Iruka asks Bee to please protect Naruto, Bee tells him that he doesn’t do it this way because respect for him is a fist bump. Bee remembers that this Iruka person is someone special to Naruto and that he’s special to him.

Bee goes and tells his beast that the best for Naruto to learn is to do it in real life situation.s The Barrier Corps are ready to make a large barrier to stop Naruto. Bee transforms into his beast form, Naruto also transforms into his Chakra Form, he smashes the wall and uses a large Bijuu Dama to pierce through them. Naruto and Bee keep on smashing. The Barrier Corps fail. Naruto Shippuden 275 ends here.

Finally Naruto joins in the fights. It’s certainly going to be interesting for us to see Naruto finally join the fights, it’s going to be awesome to see his new powers and new fighting style using his awesome new Chakra Mode! Can’t wait for Naruto Shippuden 276, when Tobi finally appears and brings the Gedo Mazo with him.

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      1. zla92

        Some complain its not the same size as in the manga or with other words its much smaller. Might be true but we need to see the episode to have a clear opinion.


        1. Sunite

          Yeah Is it not the same size as Choji? I know it was placed on top of a large tree like when the Zetsu’s were being made… and it looked massive, and I think it looks massive now.. if it’s different then the animators may have messed up lol


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