Natsu will be Enough – Sting uses Dragon Force – Fairy Tail 295

Fairy Tail 295 proves why Dragon Slayers are so rare yet unbelievably powerful! After noticing the amazing power up from Sting and Rogue every is shocked, Sting notices that he’s going to easily be able to defeat both Gajeel and Natsu, which he does because of his promise to Lecter, until Natsu and Gajeel get up to realize that Natsu could easily counter their attacks.

Fairy Tail 295 starts with Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue continuing. We see that Marvis is shocked at this fact. We also remind ourselves when Erza mentions that this is a similar technique to that of Natsu when he was at the Tower of Heaven.

We go to Mystogan or Jellal where he mentions that Natsu had developed that technique only after eating the Etherion, Jellal is then shocked at the fact that both Sting and Rogue are able to turn this technique on or off at their will. Minerva mentions that this is the power of the 3rd Generation of Dragon Slayers.

Sting tells Rogue to stay back because he’s going to be enough to beat both Natsu and Gajeel. Everyone prepares for this, everyone watches on. Gajeel mentions that he’s underestimating them, Natsu then says that this feeling he has says that Sting and Rogue have grown stronger.

Sting quickly runs and goes for a face attack, fortunately Natsu blocks it but is pushed back while he’s face is pushed back also, at that point, Gajeel goes for a kick but misses giving Sting a chance to launch a ball of energy pushing Gajeel back. Natsu stops him self and quickly gets back to action using his arm to attack Sting but is stopped. Sting then right kicks Natsu in the tors or his body.

Sting speaks and says White Dragon’s which launches a large attack on the whole floor of the arena, it’s all broken into pieces, both Natsu and Gajeel start to fall into it, Natsu gets up quickly, and uses a piece of falling rock to jump of it when Gajeel appears and uses his power to smash himself into Sting!

This pushed Sting back a little when Gajeel releases he’s Iron Dragon’s Roar which tries to hurt Sting but fails. Sting quickly gets into position when he tells Natsu and Gajeel that the brilliance of his White Dragon is to purify all things. He raises his technique causing chaos above the sky with his Holy Ray. Both Natsu and Gajeel are hurt.

Sting then goes for a right hook on Natsu to knock him out, at this point he smashes Natsu and pushes him till he flies. Sting then kicks Gajeel in the face. Natsu and Gajeel keep on fighting but can’t get a hit on Sting’s body.

We now go into the past where Lecter is crying because he told some people that Sting had beat a dragon but they didn’t believe him. Thus he started to cry, Sting tells him not to worry because he’s found a person called Salamander who Sting wants to beat to prove that he Lector is not a liar.

We return where Natsu and Gajeel are both unconscious on the ground, both unable to get up while Sting asks Lecter if he’s watching. Everyone watching notices that all this is bad because Natsu and Gajeel can’t do anything. Rogue says that times have changed, in the last 7 years the Real Dragon Slayers are the 3rd Generation while the Old Generation’s Era is over.

Everyone looks on wanting Natsu and Gajeel to get up, Sting says that both of them were very strong but not strong enough for him. Everyone looks on when Natsu and Gajeel surprisingly get up from the ground. Both of them get up without any scratches on them.

Natsu quickly tells Sting that now he now knows the way he fights, he tells him that the timing of their attacks, his pose and how he protects himself, even the rhythm of his breathing, Natsu has record all of this information. Sting tells him that he cannot do such a thing because he was using Dragon Force.

Natsu tells him that what he had used, Dragon Force, was indeed very powerful, it even hurt him all over, he didn’t like getting hit like that. Natsu and Gajeel both fight when Natsu pushes Gajeel into a little carriage and pushes it so it moves on using the train tracks.

Sting asks what he’s doing, Natsu says that because Sting had underestimated him and Gajeel, Natsu will have to reply with an answer, he says that he’s going to be enough for fighting both of them. Rogue and Sting are shocked, Natsu asks if they are both fired up now. Fairy Tail 295 ends here!

What an amazing chapter! I seriously didn’t know that Natsu was this powerful, he’s certainly kicking some Dragon Slayer ass, but if he’s got such a great advantage over both Sting and Rogue, Natsu will have to pay a great prize for all the power he’s currently using. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 296, titled, “Natsu vs the two dragons” when Natsu goes up against both Rogue and Sting, possibly knocking them about like in a pinball machine.

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      1. Sunite

        Lol the limit is 30 mins and it’ll be awesome to see Sabertooth to get fucked up, like you mentioned lol… Currently the fight is going extremely well, but to me it just seems a little unreal to see Natsu be sooo damn powerful even without powering up or anything…


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