I Love You, Hinata – Naruto

A crystal clear image of the moment when Hinata finally finds out that Naruto loves him. The moment is probably in Konoha in a large piece of green land with a small wonderful waterfall. Hinata has always loved Naruto from the very start, but Naruto had never realized it, but as Naruto grew up he cared for her more and more, proved during the fight with Pain.

I hope that both Naruto and Hinata end up together in the end, it would be a good start for a wonderful relationship, what do you think, do you think they’ll end up together?

The image was drawn by Neee-san, she’s got some other awesome Naruto Fan Art which you should surely check, she’s definitely got some awesome skills.

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  1. Neee-san

    thank you very much for the positive review that you give me it makes me really happy 🙂
    but I must say one thing: I just did the coloring, the drawing was drawn by Naynass on Deviantart 🙂


  2. deltazia3

    I hope so …really want they would be couple…..Hey i am very disappointed about Naruto Movie road to ninja 6….Hinata change become Ugly character….she doe’snot Real hinata….. what do you think….?


    1. Sunite

      yeahh she becomes the complete opposite… She turns all slutty and stuff which do put a lot of people off… and Ino becomes the next Hinata in this alternative universe… I want them to be together too


  3. Cocoro-chan

    I really like Naruhina, but I still ship Kibahina and Narusaku 🙂 but anyway if kibahina or Narusaku wouldn’t happen then I would like Naruhina to happen!



    Naruto is going to go to Sakura! I read the manga so sakura admitted her love for naruto, and hina also likes naruto. But naruto loved sakura ever since they will little. So both of them love each other which makes a perfect couple!


  5. youdontknowmeanyway

    I see only two real outcomes:
    1. Naruto and Hinata end up together.
    I would be really happy,if they end up together,because Hinata is real sexy,and has a really cute peronality. She is perfect for him,because un like Sakura, Hinata would never hit Naruto just because he said some gibberish,she would always be genuine with him,she would always care for him,she would be always loyal to him,she would be able to understand him,and i bet,that she would definitely leave him satisfied “in bed”,if you know what i mean. 😉

    Naruto, on the other hand, would be a really good match(if not perfect) for HInata, because they both are kind and genuine people, they both understand each other, they both share the same nindo, he would always come to her aid, and would never hurt her. And he would be a good father, no doubt about it. And knowing that she confessed to him, he could give it a try and go out with her.

    2. Naruto stays single.
    SInce Sakura still loves Sasuke,and does not even like Naruto back,not even one bit, Naruto has abandoned his hopes, and most likely won’t hope for a relationship with Sakura ever again.
    He knows that Hinata confessed to him,and he understands that she wants to be only with him. But, since they all are in the middle of a war, there is no time even for a dialogue/discussion about that. On top of that – Naruto isn’t the person to toy around with other people’s feelings.
    And since Hinata’s confession happened only recently, he is not ready to give an answer(only in this case). Add to that Sakura’s feelings towards Sasuke(just like a stated a bit higher), and he ends up alone.
    You could argue that there are other girls,that would follow him wherever he would go,because he is a famous hero now,but you can’t call those girls prominent,real candidates,because Hinata and Sakura are the girls with which Naruto has gone through some REALLY intimate,personal situations.

    So,the conclusion:

    We don’t really know,how things will turn out, but i’m sure that Naruto likes Hinata.
    And if he would give Hinata a chance,then things really could turn out nice for both of them.(I’d say there’s at least a 90% chance they’d fall in love and be happy together)
    In fact,i’m positive that he WILL give it a try with Hinata.
    It’s just that… When you look at how things are between the both of them,you realize that it’s impossible for both of them to not at least give it a try.


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