Clock Parts Assembled – Beginning of the End – Fairy Tail 139

Fairy Tail 139 is another brilliant episode as it featured a heap load of things which are likely to surprise you. Natsu keeps on fighting Byro, no matter how injured he gets, he keeps on fighting till his last breath. The clock parts assemble as all of Natsu and Lucy’s friends reach this place. Natsu smells out some old enemies he previously faced.

Fairy Tail 139 continues from last weeks episode, Natsu tries to attack Byro but as previously mentioned, Byro has the ability to nullify any type of magic his opponent has. Natsu keeps on attacking but it all fails as it’s nullified instantly. Natsu goes for a punch but fails as Byro also has training with hand to hand combat. Lucy tries to bring one her Celestial Spirits but fails as it’s also nullified.

Natsu keeps on attacking but keeps on getting more beat down. Again and again, Natsu keeps on failing as everyone watches. Dan and Coco also watch from the sidelines. Natsu calls for Happy’s help but his wings as also nullified. Natsu tells Happy that he knew that it would happen but still tried.

Natsu works out that if he beats Byro without magic, while Gildarts was using magic, then he’ll be considered as an even more powerful person surpassing Gildarts himself! He gets all fired up to fight Byro. Byro then goes on a rant that they have duties to which they need to attend to as well as give their lives away to protect that duty.

Kinana wakes up in the bed, Macao tells her that she had fainted from the anemia. Kinana denies that it was anemia and clearly knows whats going on with her. It was because of the magic spell that was put on her when she was a lot younger. It’s seems to be something related to the snakes, she doesn’t have any memories on it, she asks herself what will happen if she does remember.

We go to the past where she first meets the Fairy Tail guild, she tells her that she was separated by someone and will meet them once again in the near future. Makarov tells Macao that the snake had put a curse on her, when Makarov broke the curse it was a girl, her current condition is unstable. Therefore her memories may prove to be poisonous to her and everyone around her.

Natsu just keeps on fighting until he gets a hit on Byro. For a moment Lucy hears a voice of something really suspicious, saying no. Natsu tells Byro that throwing your life away isn’t something you would just do, they are fighting because of a friend and they will protect her until the end.

Natsu gets all fired up until he goes to fight Byro, he gets another beat down. Natsu goes for a hit but falls down due to being exhausted. Natsu goes for a survival hit on Byro, this time Byro notices the courage on Natsu’s face, Natsu gets a hit but it was a very weak hit. Natsu. Byro crushes Natsu’s head on the ground. Byro tells Natsu and the others that they do not understand whats it’s like to be one with Zentopia, it’s much different then being in a guild.

Natsu quickly gets up as he eats up fires from the candles. Natsu keeps on fighting but still he has no effect on Byro. He tells them that a guild’s principle can’t compare to what he has to go through. Happy goes on a rant with Byro, telling him that it’s not right what he’s doing. He calls what Byro doing fake righteousness, Byro is angered by this and launches his divine arrow right at them.

Within seconds, we see Coco there, the arrow misses them and we see that Coco has pushed the arrow to one side. We hear from Coco now that they all have power, but they should be able to help the powerless and that they have no need to hurt the weak. She can no longer accepts what Zentopia offers. Byro is angered once again and wants to punish her right there and then. As he goes to do this, Lucy runs to save Coco.

We see that Erza has changed into one of her armors for defense, Coco is save. Erza tells him that aiming his attack on a comrade is wrong. Everyone else is there with their clock parts, they all start to glow. They all attack at once but fail as Byro just nullify’s their magic.

Lucy has a bit of a conscious dream, she sees her father turn around with a disappointed smile, then she sees the girl behind her telling her that she told her not do it, but she did it anyways. Lucy turns around and sees the girls face, the girl says Time was etched, and then chaos descended. Then Lucy stands on a large open plane where the clock piece her father gave her is glowing. Lucy asks if this is the beginning of the end.

Kinana is laughing uncontrollably, Makarov senses that there is something wrong. All the clock parts gather and move above to the sky, they all join up to create a large star like  in the sky, releasing light from it. The parts have all joined creating such a large amount of noise. Everyone can notice it.

Natsu is able to smell some people in the background, he tries to find out who it is, but then smells them one more time to find out that he’s fought them before. It’s Midnight, Cobra, Angel, Racer plus a guy who’s able to fly and a large metal slot machine like person stand out, they are from Oracion Seis. Fairy Tail 139 ends here.

That was an awesome episode, seeing Natsu not give up was awesome, plus seeing these characters come back seems to me that they are now a whole lot more powerful, plus just seems to me that Natsu and the others will have a hard time contesting against them. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 140 titled “The New Oracion Seis Appears!”.

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