Lucy vs Minerva – Naval Battle – Fairy Tail 291

Fairy Tail 291 shows that the female within a guild can also have a heck amount of power! The Fourth Day begins with a Naval battle, a large circular ball consisting of water has all the girls and 1 guy of the guilds. They fight it out to become the last one standing. Lucy goes up against Minerva from Sabertooth.

Fairy Tail 291 continues on with the Grand Magic Tournament with a Naval Battle. The player who leaves the sphere of water will lose. The remaining person will be the victor and earn 10 points. When two participants are left inside the sphere, there will be a 5 minute timer, if one of the participants leave the sphere during this point, they will earn the least points.

The event starts, from Lamia Scale Chelia, from Blue Pegasus Jenny, from Mermaid’s Heel, Risley, From Fairy Tail B Juvia, from Sabertooth it’s Minerva and from Fairy Tail A it’s Lucy! And the only male from Quatro Puppy it’s Rocker.

As the challenge begins Lucy quickly opens one of her gates, she calls forth Aquarius! She has this water has her playground who will be winning this. At this point, Juvia quickly launches her Water Cyclone spinning everyone out of control. Jenny quickly takes out Quatro Puppy’s Rocker from the water and he looses.

Chelia tries to use her magic under water but doesn’t work on Risley but doesn’t work as she’s able to dodge it. Aquarius notices that this match isn’t going to turn out well, Lucy tells her that she’s the best in the water and that she’s the only one that can help her. Aquarius tells her that She has a date, but I presume that she doesn’t want to take part in such a dangerous match up.

Juvia tries to take out Lucy, at the end of the water, Lucy quickly calls out Virgo and Aries to help her, they do this, she was really close to the end of the water sphere. Juvia is currently very serious within this match. She uses her powers which throws out a large number of participants. Jenny, Risley and Chelia are all thrown out. Minerva and Lucy stay with Juvia in the water.

Juvia looks out at Gray for a second, from nowhere Minerva launches her move to push Juvia out. As Juvia looks at Gray, she notices that he’s disgusted by the current move. She looses her cool and she’s pushed out and looses the match only getting 6 points. Only people left are Lucy and Minerva.

The clock starts with 5 minutes on the timer counting down. Minerva tells Lucy that she’s able to throw Lucy out with her magic powers, but she’s not going to do this because she wont be satisfied. Minerva uses her power to heat up the surroundings which explodes on Lucy, it injures her badly. Everyone from Fairy Tail are shocked!

Lucy notices that her Keys have been taken away by Minerva, even at this point, Minerva keeps on using her magic power to hurt and injure Lucy! Lucy keeps on fighting the waves and trying to stay in the sphere, Lucy can’t do anything without her keys. She will show Minerva that she can take any attack from Minerva. Lucy tells Minerva that she won’t betray her guild because she’s going to take any attack she’s given by Minerva, she’s going to keep on take until the time runs out.

Minerva launches one last large attack which explodes right on Lucy! She’s terribly injured and it seems Lucy is going to be unconscious after that. Minerva tells that she should take her head out of the clouds because they cannot beat the number one Guild in the world! “We are Sabertooth!” she says!

As Lucy is sent to the edge of the sphere, Minerva pulls her back to injure Lucy even more! She is torturing Lucy till the last possible second! The Sabertooth Guild are all laughing and smirking while Fairy Tail Guild are angry! Minerva is also laughing. Arcadios tells the pumpkin to stop the match quickly and stop Minerva destroying Lucy. He stops the match! Minerva holds Lucy’s body outside the sphere while her body is inside. Natsu is worried while Sting from Sabertooth laughs! Fairy Tail 291 ends here!

What an amazing chapter! Lucy got beat down again and she lost against the powerful Minerva! What cant the Sabertooth guild do? They are just too cruel and will destroy anything in their path! Hopefully Natsu destroy Sting like Minerva did to Lucy! Can’t wait till next week’s Fairy Tail 292, titled “I’m only thinking of one”.

There are 8 comments

    1. Sunite

      Sabertooth’s Sting is going to get his ass beat reallllll bad!!! It pissed me off seeing Lucy unable to do anything! Natsu must be burning even brighter after this! Sting predicted that he may fight Natsu in Day 4! He certainly his, and it’s going to be EPIC!!!


  1. Fairy Tail

    * sigh*- Sabertooth’s gonna get their asses kicked eventually- and hell, I’m betting the two dragonslayer dudes in Sabertooth would eventually join fairy tail, also betting that the two dragonslayer dudes has a depressing background story. I’m just wondering when Natsu gets to fight the blonde dragonslayer from Sabertooth- no doubt that’ll be pure epicness- so bet Natsu wins that fight- it’s Natsu(the dude raised by a dragon and eats and breaths fire….).


    1. Sunite

      I still can’t remember the two in the past episodes. Yeah Hopefully Natsu wins!! Getting a large beating then then gets more power from nowhere and BAMM kicks Stings ass! The other guy with black hair is a lot more normal than Sting. These are 3rd generation Dragon slayer, while Natsu is first, could mean his more weak but has a lot more experience..


        1. Sunite

          I really don’t want too many people joining FT because it will just introduce more people who won’t get as much air time as they need, there are some characters who need air time right now…


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