Gajeel Finds Clock Part – Byro Arrives – Fairy Tail 137

Fairy Tail 137 starts out as Gajeel and the others are met by Samuel. While Lucy is still being chased by Dan. Dan tells Natsu and Michelle about his past and how he got to helping the Legion. Gajeel and the others find the clock piece, but also find themselves facing a gigantic blue monster. They defeat it, Pantherlily also defeats Samuel in their fight.

Fairy Tail 137 continues from last week as Dan has admitted defeat to what he’s done, at this point Lucy asks him for an explanation which explains how he had become a soldier. He also talks about his past life with the girls he likes. He had fancied someone who looks very familiar to Lucy but was turned down by her also. Lucy asks him what Legion’s real plan is, he tells her that he’s not allowed to reveal information like that because Byro will be angry at him if he does.

Dan keeps on chasing Lucy even at this point because he’s still loves her and wants to get married to her. They wonder where Coco is, Lucy says that he’s a sincere at heart so they shouldn’t hurt her.

Gajeel faces Samuel. Lily tells Gajeel and the others that he’s going to face him and that they can go on and find the clock piece. At this point, Samuel tells Lily that he knows everything about his past on how he was supportive of humans in the Edolas world. Lily grows into his full form and so does Samuel.

Gajeel and the other fall down after digging into a large circular room with large blue figures there. Samuel tells Lily that he has no chance because they’ve gone through rigorous exercise into perfecting their fighting styles, plus he’s a genius so he will be able to win this fight by just thinking of the correct plan.

Gajeel and the others work out what the puzzle in the room is saying and work out that they must set the clock to snack time. When they do this, a clock piece appears with some ancient writing. Levy reads it when Gajeel just peels it off. It was said that the stone guardian will appear as they cannot steal it.

It appears and Gajeel and the others are chased around by it. Samuel and Lily keep on fighting. The stone guardian keeps on striking the floor to get a hit on Gajeel as he has the clock at this point. Jet, Droy and Levy use their Shadow Gear teamwork to help them destroy the stone guardian.

Levy uses oil to make it fall down, Droy uses his seeds to grow and disable movement for the large stone guardian, Jet starts up his speed to climbing through one of the vines when it breaks, thus he falls. Jet tries one more time after falling in oil. He tries climbing up but then is defeated as he has oil in his shoes.  Droy goes after him but fails as he’s not in shape. He falls on top of Jet.

Lily gets out from Samuel’s hold when Gajeel also tries to climb up it. Lily and Samuel keep on talking, Samuel reveals that he was raised by Zentopia and Byro treated him well. As Gajeel goes for it, he cannot get near it. Ge comes up with a plan, he gives up the clock to Levy, then tries to climb up it. He then uses his Secret Dragon Slayer Art! Karma Demon: Iron God Sword!

Samuel is surprised by the impossible work Gajeel did here and what he had computed was incorrect. He is shocked and Lily is able to quickly defeat him as he’s calculations turned out to be wrong. He is shocked and realizes that next time he will have to plan in more detail to defeat Gajeel and Lily.

Lisanna and her siblings find a secret thing which drains the water from the lake. She does this and it turns out that they had found the clock piece. As Elfman goes to remove it, he throws it the wrong way as he’s being controlled by Mary Hughes. She gains the clock piece. She also controls Elfman’s transformation so he could strike down he’s own sisters.

Back at the church, Lucy is still being chased by Dan. Happy asks Dan if Michelle would be a good replacement for him chasing Lucy. At this point, they start to dance as Virgo appears. Byro appears out of nowhere and is disappointed with Dan and Coco. Natsu tells him that the clock part he has belongs to Lucy as it was given to her by her father. Byro tells him that if he wants it, he can come and get it. Fairy Tail 137 ends here!

That was a nice episode. There was quite a few jokes and it was a funny episode overall. Fairy Tail guild is starting to gain more and more clock parts, but they are also loosing clock parts to the Legion. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 138, titled “The Whereabouts of the Crusade” when Natsu and the others fight Byro. Mirajane is also in a lot of trouble as her full form is somehow separated from her. It’s going to be an exciting episode.

What do you think?

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