Wendy ties with Chelia – Jellal gets Caught – Fairy Tail 289

Fairy Tail 289 continues as the battle between Chelia and Wendy goes furiously on! Wendy shows no fear to Chelia as she keeps on battling with all her might as she doesn’t want to give up. They both tie the match as the time runs out. Mystogan, or Jellal, is spotted by Doranbolt, Jellal notices the mysterious person with weird aura. He chases after him when Doranbolt steps in his path to ask who he is!

Fairy Tail 289 starts as it continues with Wendy getting up from her battle with Chelia. Wendy starts laughing in the middle of the match when Chelia wonders if she’s going to give up as it seems as though she’s going to get herself seriously hurt. Lucy and the others notice how quickly Chelia had healed herself. Jellal with Mystogan’s outfit notices that if Chelia has something to do with Zeref, Wendy is going to be in danger. Jellal notices if he should do something.

Doranbolt remembers that Sever Years ago he had learnt that Mystogan was out of this world and is not supposed to exist in this world, but in fact suppose to be in Edolas. Jellal quickly notices Doranbolt looking at him. Jellal notices that he’s from the council and he shouldn’t do anything suspicious.

Chelia tells Wendy that she doesn’t hate fighting, but when the victor seems to be clear, it’s easy to see that Chelia will be able to win this. Chelia tells Wendy that it’s okay for her to give up because of her injuries. Wendy responds with a No because she is prepared to fight on behalf of the guild and thus she doesn’t need Chelia’s pity. Until she has fallen and become unable to move any longer, she asks for Chelia to come with all her strength.

Chelia understands the request and she starts by using a technique which she says will put Wendy to rest. She puts her hands up and says Metsujin Ougi (Literally Meaning God Slayer Secrets). Lyon and the others from his team shout for her to stop it because it’s going to kill her opponent. Leaf type objects are extracted from her body which she’s able to control. She ends the chanting with Amatsu No Murakuno (Literally Meaning Heavenly Gathering of Clouds).

As it heads for Wendy, Chelia wonders how she had missed, it seems as though, Chelia may have recovered from injuries, it seems as though that she is still in a fatigue stage. Others say that Wendy had recovered from Chelia’s physical strength because Wendy is able to take away fatigue but not injuries therefore both Chelia and Wendy are opposites. Therefore Wendy made Chelia miss by increasing her physical strength.

Wendy then goes for a quick attack with her Tenryuu No Saiga (Literally Meaning Sky Dragon’s Fan). At this point, they are both attacking each other until one of them goes down. It seems that both of there tiny fists have gained a large push from somewhere. Time runs out as they are both exhausted from the fight. They both tie, everyone cheers both for of them. Jura notices how Wendy has grown so much from that little girl. Chelia asks to be friends, Wendy accepts and they both smile.

Doranbolt notices that Mystogan is still there. Jellal within the Mystogan outfit sense that the mysterious magic is still carrying on even after Chelia ended her match, there she must not be connected to Zeref. He notices some kind of magic and goes towards it, Doranbolt seems to be following him.

Jellal reaches a point where he notices a darken figure who seems to be emitting this kind of dark magic which is related to that of Mystogan. He goes on to go to him when Doranbolt quickly gets there in front of Mystogan with Jellal in it. Doranbolt asks who he is, Jellal wonders if he should make him faint, but realizes that he’s a part of the Fairy Tail and that he shouldn’t dishonor the name. Lahar arrives there. Doranbolt asks Jellal, that he knows that he’s not Mystogan and asks who he is. Erza wonders where Jellal is. Fairy Tail 289 ends here!

What a fantastic chapter! The fight between Chelia vs Wendy ends with a tie and Jellal could get caught with the mess he’s gotten into with Doranbolt and Lahar! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 290, titled “Night Of Intersecting Feelings”, where we could see the next match up, or we could see more of Jellal.

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