Kirge’s Forstendich Release – Sternenritter Ready for War! – Bleach 490

The epic story within the Final Arc continues with the latest Bleach 490! The Sternenritter, meaning Star Knights, have been told by his Majesty to prepare at once for the upcoming war. In Hueco Mundo, Ichigo finds himself in trouble as he’s up against Kirge Opie. Kirge releases a great technique called the Forstendich allowing him to gain incredible powers. Everyone in Soul Society start to panic due to the short time for their preparation.

We start the episode in the head quarters of the Vandenreich where a report is being told. His Majesty has told the Sternenritter to prepare for the upcoming war. Ichigo Kurosaki, one of the five special weapons, is busy fighting with Kirge Opie giving them the chance to attack Soul Society. The Vandenreich will now invade Soul Society!

In Hueco Mundo, the fight between Ichigo vs Kirge. Kirge gets a perfect hit on Ichigo using the Quincy Bow. Kirge asks Ichigo if that’s all he’s got because it was nothing. Kirge notices Ichigo’s Sword fall straight down. As the smoke disappears, Kirge notices that Ichigo held the bow only using he’s hand. Ichigo throws the bow back causing a large explosion.

Ichigo goes down and tells Orihime to take care of Nel because she’ll only be in the way. Ichigo then launches a wave of he’s power pushing Kirge to go back. Kirge has a smirk on his face when he tells Ichigo that he was able to dodge, repel and throw back the Heirich Pfeil.

Ichigo tells Kirge that it was stronger than Ishida’s arrow. Kirge replies that he knows Ishida Uryu and that it’s should be weaker than his. Kirge tells Ichigo that he’s told Ichigo too much information, and that after this battle, Kirge will have to report back a lot of information.

Ichigo asks who his Majesty is, Kirge replies that he has no need to answer that question. At this point, Kirge Opie receives a report that he should defeat Ichigo with all of his strength. Kirge Opie then tells Ichigo about an ability which allows them to transform into their greatest form, called the “Quincy: Letzt Stil”.

He wears a glove on he’s hand which activates to create a large allow on the sky with a round circle with two slashes on it. The large bow breaks and behind it lies Kirge Opie in his Final Form! It’s called the “Forstendich”.

Somewhere else, Pesche and Urahara are trying to get Dondochakka back. I now suspect that this is Soul Society, where a large object, which looks like a large feet to me appears in the sky where it may now try to crush all the houses. Time continues to step towards Oblivion! Bleach Chapter 490 ends here!

That was one fantastic chapter. Due to the Golden Week in Japan, Bleach 490 and other chapter have been released late. But I think it was worth waiting for it because the amount of action happening in Bleach currently is just fantastic! I literally can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 491 chapter!


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