Naruto: Blood Prison – Naruto Shippuden 5th Movie (SUB ENG)

The latest Naruto: Blood Prison Movie is finally out! This is the eighth overall Naruto film and fifth Naruto Shippuden film which was released on July 30, 2011 in Japanese theatres. The official DVD release date in Japan is announced to be April 25, 2012. The English subtitled version was released on April 25, 2012!

Naruto has been set up and gets sent to this Blood Prison. The moment that he is released from his cage, Naruto tries to attack Mui, who is the warden, but a seal is placed on his chest to block his chakra. In fact, any time anyone with this seal tries to use chakra, they are severely weakened, and in some cases they are even set on fire and burned to a crisp.

Naruto of course, tries to escape this prison many times, and fights both Mui and the other inmates as well. He also stumbles onto the real reason this prison exists in the first place, underneath the jail’s courtyard lies a secret box that the Grass Country once used to take over the world during the time of the great Rokkudo Sage. Mui has been trying to break the seal on this box by sacrificing people, such as he’s own son Muku, with a large amount within them. He spots that Naruto is the Nine Tailed Jinchuuriki with the large amount of chakra.

You can watch this movie by CLICKING HERE!


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  1. eveningrose

    The Movie was awesome but the funny thing is.. I thought the Chunin Exam of Naruto was the Movie 5. I was wondering… What the heck it this!? :))) Why is it only less than 14 minutes then.. I saw it… OVA… – _ – AHAHAHA! Awesome~ My Little Brother enjoyed the movie even though he is not that updated. Poor Naruto… :)))) Awesome and as always, sweet at the ending and humorous.


    1. Sunite

      Hahah xD the OVA is actually suppose to be part of the movie, to give it some depth.. So yeah lool xD It was pretty funny 😛

      Yeah, Naruto’s form hasn’t been completely updated… the only updated form i saw when Naruto released he’s Sage Mode and he got a black/red cape which looked pretty awesome.. Plus the timing of the movie is off, because “A” the Raikage still had he’s left hand…


      1. eveningrose

        Naruto… :)) So true!! It was a off~ Magic Left Hand…. T_T =))
        Even though it was like that,its awesome yuh! Naruto was strong to be able to over pass that seal~ >:D The extra at the end was hilarious. Acting Time! :))) Free ramen for Naruto from Kakashi


      2. eveningrose

        I know the reason why the subbed version is off because the actual movie was released June 2011. Last year, so the timing was not the off based on what I have read. 😀


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