Vandenreich to Invade Soul Society! – Bleach 489

Today’s fantastic Bleach 489 chapter features a whole load of fantastic information as well as the amazing start-ups to Ichigo and Kirge’s fight! Mayuri’s research is revealed that he’s behind a lot of the information. The Vice-Captains find out that there’s something wrong with how the people disappeared. The King of Vandenreich is ready to attack Soul Society, he gives the go to the attack!

This incredible chapter starts off as Rukia walks up and down because she’s concerned with the fact that Soul Society is literally going to be under attack. Renji tries to cool her down but can’t. Izuna Kira steps in to get something of his chest. He tells them that all the three things that have happened, Invasion of the Rebel Army, Mass Disappearance of Hollows and Missing People were all connected. But Kira suggests that the Missing People are not connected.

He asks any other Vice-Captain if anyone had visited outside of District 50, Yachiru tells them that she had gone to District 64. She says that he had seen footsteps gather in one place and then stopping. She also reveals that some of the footsteps looked naked and some had sandals.

Kira starts to put the pieces together, he says that the living standards in Rukongai had declined and that they were wearing rags and no shoes. He then stumbles upon the idea that the footsteps in district were mostly probably left by an Shinigami. Usually if they went there, someone from the Reishi Investigation Team of the Research and Development Institute would go along, but this time it didn’t happen.

Kira looks at Nemu Kutosuchi and asks what Mayuri is hiding. Nemu replies that she hasn’t given her any information about that case. Kira then reveals that his going to report this to the Yamamoto.

In Hueco Mundo, Kirge notices that Nel, a Hollow, is behind Ichigo. Nel notices that Kirge has completely beaten the Tres Bestia. Kirge mocks Ichigo as Nel grabs onto Ichigo’s shoulder since Hollow and Shinigami’s aren’t usually friends.

Kirge then reveals that he knows Ichigo Kurosaki, Ichigo isn’t surprised since there Ivan was somewhat similar to Kirge. Kirge tells Ichigo that he’s information was in the date which was given to them by their Majesty. Ichigo is referred to as the Special War Potential which must be dealt with right away.

As 3 Quincy’s go forth, Ichigo starts to take he’s sword out. But he notices that the speed that they arrive is incredibly fast, he thinks of how they had traveled, and it seems most similar to how Uryu travels, Hirenkyaku. They get their bow and arrow and quickly shoot.

Ichigo nearly escapes with some scratches, he asks if they are really Quincies, Kirge replies that Ichigo came to fight them without knowing what they are. Kirge tells Ichigo that you could have guessed but wanted to make sure that they were really Quincies. Kirge opens his sword and get’s ready to use his power. Kirge starts to tell Ichigo that he knows them very well, then he starts to say something when he fires he’s weapon, he had not finished what he said.

At the place where the King lies, a messenger receives a message form the First Iacto Arme which states that the Special War Potential, Ichigo Kurosaki has infiltrated Hueco Mundo and is currently fighting against the Captain Supervisor Kirge Opie. The King gets up and tells everyone to go to Soul Society as Ichigo Kurosaki is occupied with Kirge, giving them the perfect chance to occupy Soul Society. He tells the “Stern Ritter”  or Star Knights to get ready to go. “The Vandenreich is about to invade Soul Society”.

We move onto Soul Society where Mayuri is talking to Yamamoto, he explains that he had to mobilized members of the 12th Division and ordered to kill around 28,000 Citizens of Rukongai, this was to correct the Balance of Souls. Yamamoto asks why Mayuri didn’t ask for permission, even if they would have gotten permission to do such a thing.

Mayuri explains that when Uryu infiltrated Seireitei as a Ryoka, he had warned Yamamoto about the consequences, but he had not listened. Mayuri starts to explain that it’s no one else’s fault but Yamamoto’s since 1000 Years ago, Yamamoto had failed to kill the King of Vandenreich, when they did attack. Amazing Bleach 489 chapter ends here.

What a crazy chapter that was! I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 490 Chapter! The Final Bleach Arc is getting fantastically good that I really can’t wait to see next week’s! The Chapter is unfolding in such an awesome way!

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