Naruto, Fight Me Now! – Rift – Naruto Shippuden 259

The Third out of the Four Fillers for Naruto Shippuden this month. The story carries on from last week. As Naruto starts to get crazy powerful, Sasuke starts to get confused as well as angry every time he see’s Naruto. Sasuke tries to get powerful, but the things his brother Itachi told him just gets him and he isn’t able to notice that he’s also getting powerful.

We start the episode as Sasuke trains to get more powerful, he also thinks of the time when he was fighting Gaara, but had failed and was saved by Naruto. As he fights Gaara, he is told that he’s weak, but as both of them power up, Sasuke with he’s Chidori and Sharingan plus he’s Orochimaru powers versus Gaara with he’s Jinchuuriki powers.

Gaara’s hand is cut but then regrows on the other side due to the fact that Sand is not affected by Electricity. Naruto comes to save Sasuke when he starts to collapse. Sakura is captured by one of Gaara’s hand but is probably saved. At this point, as Sasuke trains, he mentions that both Naruto and Sakura should get away quickly since he doesn’t want to see the friends he cherish die in front of he’s eyes.

When Gaara is nearly transformed into the First Jinchuuriki, Naruto uses he’s Naruto 2K Uzumaki Barrage which punches Gaara out of his misery, but then Gaara transforms into he’s Full Form. Sasuke sits and watches how strong has gotten. Sasuke can tell just by watching him. He has some kind of enormous power inside him, but once in a while it even makes him scared. Sasuke wonders how Naruto had gotten so strong as he wants to get he’s revenge.

Sasuke finds out that Itachi had returned to the Hidden Leaf, but this time not for Sasuke but in fact for Naruto. Sasuke finds Itachi with Kisame and Naruto there too. Sasuke tells Itachi that he will kill you. Kisame wonders how he’s got the Sharingan, Itachi tells him that they are brothers. Naruto finds out that this is the person who’s been giving Sasuke so much grief.

Sasuke activates his Chidori and runs up to Itachi. Itachi catches he’s hand and the damage has only been dealt to the building. Itachi cracks he’s wrist. Naruto tries to help by making a shadow clone, when Kisame tries to attack. Jiraiya appears there to help. Itachi and Kisame are there to take Naruto for their needs. Jiraiya tells them that he’s going to step them when he’s stopped by Sasuke.

Sasuke then reveals that he’s going to be the one to kill Itachi. He’s kicked to the wall when Naruto tries to help but is stopped by Sasuke himself. Itachi approaches Sasuke and has a fist fight with Sasuke body as though it’s just a sand bag. Itachi holds Sasuke’s throat and lifts him up only to use he’s Sharingan to remind him of the time when he’s parents had died.

Naruto tries to save him when Kisame tries to attack but fails when Jiraiya releases Ninja Art: Toad Mouth Trap. Jiraiya mentions that no one has been able to get out of this trap, but within seconds Itachi uses Amaterasu to open up a doorway allowing them to escape.

Sasuke wakes up with Sakura giving him a hug when Naruto walks in and sees them hug and then walks out. Sakura gives some apples to Sasuke but then are beaten off her hand. Naruto walks in and is asked for a match. Naruto accepts.

They both go to the top of the Hospital, at this point, everything they say as well as insults, they don’t mean them since Sasuke is actually somewhat scared of Naruto since he’s damn powerful while Naruto can’t stop what he’s saying! At this point it seems as though they both care for each other, but this fight has to be done somehow.

Sasuke uses the Chidori while Naruto uses he’s Rasengan. Everything slows down as Sakura walks into the way and they aren’t able to stop their attacks. It’s going to be a direct attack to Sakura when out of no where, Kakashi walks in and redirects their attacks to the two tankers filler with water.

Sasuke notices that he’s attack has done more damage, as Naruto’s Rasengan has only made a while in the tanker. He grins in success that he’s made the most damage. He walks off and notices that back of Naruto’s tanker. It’s all been destroyed! Sasuke get’s pissed.

After some time has passed, Sasuke is visited by 4 members of the Sound Ninja who are part of Orochimaru. Sasuke is provoked by them and start to fight. Somewhere else, Sakura thinks of the moment when Naruto had told her that Sasuke would never go to the wrong side since Sasuke knows what he’s doing.

Back to Sasuke, he’s getting beaten up by the four members when they tell him that he’s going goal, and the only way of completing that goal is to get more powerful. Orochimaru is the only person that can help him do such a thing. Therefore Sasuke should join to obtain that power. Naruto Shippuden 259 ends here.

That filler was somewhat interesting since it showed Sasuke’s view-point instead of Naruto’s all the time. The point when they were both fighting above the hospital showed that they both care about each other, and that Sasuke acknowledges Naruto. Next week’s Naruto Shippuden 260 episode, titled “Separation/Parting” features the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. This time they talk a little bit more and Sasuke finds out that Naruto cares for him.

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