The Jiggle Butt Gang – Fairy Tail 126

It’s another Fairy Tail Filler. Episode 126 features a gang of thief’s called the The Jiggle Butt Gang who want to steal a whole bunch of gold from the train. Natsu, unable to do anything just lies there. Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Happy are the only ones who can help.

We start the episode in the train where Wendy’s magic is unable to work on Natsu has he’s built a resistance to it.  He just throws up and doesn’t even care where. The Jiggle Butt Gang were introduced when they go to find the gold, they first see Natsu throwing up.

They bring him back to the freight where Lucy and Wendy are. They threaten them to give them the gold but they refuse. They use their Gas-Butt Triple Ecstasy to throw Lucy, Carla and Happy out, they fall town on a river.

Wendy tries her best to convince these guys of what their doing is bad. Wendy uses the cuteness of Plue to make them forget about the real plan. Wendy asks them how they’re going to carry all the gold with nothing to carry it with.

As Wendy had helped them, they realize that they should help her back. Wendy proposes a plan to give some of the gold when it’s all delivered. The Jiggle Butt Gang decide to accept but at the end they’ll take all of it.

Wendy uses her powers to help them travel. Out of nowhere Lucy comes by and tells the Gang that they’ll get beaten up no matter what. Happy goes to tell Natsu everything. Natsu wakes up and see’s the gang. He had angered him and now they are going to pay. He hits them till they fly to the skies. The Gang promise to never give up. The Episode ends here.

Fillers are always somewhat funny, and this episode was somewhat funny. Hopefully the fillers will end quickly. Next week’s Fairy Tail 127 episode features another Filler. Lucy becomes invincible.

What do you think?

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