Toby Horhorta vs Kurohebi – Fairy Tail 277

After the amazing chariot event in the previous chapter. Bleach 277 features a short battle from Toby Horhorta and Kurohebi, they both have a short battle as Kurohebi quickly achieves the win with just a few moves. After this point, a second battle for the second day is chosen for between Elfman and Bacchus. Within these few moments, Natsu senses a dangerous power lurking within the battle ground as he’s getting ready to go out.

We start the chapter with both Wendy and Natsu taking a rest. Natsu had previously taken part in the chariot event which he came 6th and received two points. They had gained finally gotten some points to which they can do something about to get to the top. Lucy is there to make sure that they are both okay due to they straining themselves before.

Wendy is then asked if what she had dreamt was something that would come to life or if she just thought that it would just be a bad dream. We return to the battle field where the battle portion of the second day has begun with Kurohebi (Black Snake) from Raven Tail vs Lumia Scale’s Toby Horhorta.

Lucy arrives a little late as she sees if the battle has started. She notices that Flare Corona  is looking right at Lucy, without even cleaning herself up. She is covered in bruises. Another member of Raven Tail then warns her not to do such a thing as she was secretly helped by him during her match. She cry’s and says she’s sorry as she’s being overwhelmed by him.

The match starts and Toby goes on a quick offence as he uses he’s Super Paralyzing Claws and Mega Mega Jelly Fish. Kurohebi goes back and quickly disappears using he’s Mimicry Magic. He appears behind him and uses he’s Sand Rebellion magic. They both call each other strong since they survived their own moves. Toby asks if they could deal on something, if Toby wins Kurohebi has to reveal his name and the opposite if Kurohebi wins.

Kurohebi keeps on dodging all the moves that Toby throws at him. At a point, he disappears right from his eyes into a speck of dust, and within a few moments Kurohebi wins this match earning him some points. Toby reveals that he isn’t wearing socks on his left leg due to the fact that he can’t find his sock.

Kurohebi walks to Toby, as thought he seems that he’s going to help him get up in a supportive manner, but he’s hand reaches further and snaps the thread that holds the socks near his neck. He rips the sock into shreds while Toby cries. The members of Raven laugh as other people stand in silence.

The second match starts with Quatro Cerberus’s Bacchus enters the stadium for the second match against someone from Fairy Tail A’s team. The King appears somewhere hidden to watch the match. He had stated before that he wants the next match to be against “that one that transforms”.

Elfman’s name is shouted out. The King is disappointed as he didn’t get the match he wanted to see. Bacchus states that if he wins, he wants to get both he’s little sisters for one night. Angry Elfman starts to walk forward to tear Bacchus apart. Natsu wakes up as he smells a scent of someone he doesn’t know. The chapter ends with a cliff hanger.

Fight after Fight is amazing! I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 278, 27 page chapter. Also information about the movie adaptions will be appeared. Can’t wait to see the fight between Elfman vs Bacchus.

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