Kabuto’s Hermit Mode – Uchiha Brothers Fight Kabuto – Naruto 580

Kabuto gets a view at the shining light at the end of the tunnel as both Itachi and Sasuke are having a hard time on defeating Kabuto without directly hurting him. Today’s Naruto 580 carries on from last week as it chapter as Sasuke and Itachi are still working together while Kabuto is still standing there proudly using his Dragon Mode or Hermit Mode.

The chapter starts out as Kabuto stands there doing nothing but just standing there. As he gets more energy from the natural sources, he shouts to himself to open his Hermit Mode. He gulps his mouth and sends “Senpou – Hakugeki No Jutsu” which sends a dragon style water looking creature towards Itachi and Sasuke. Hermit Technique is the Technique of the White Shock.

As the ball on the dragons hand explodes it covers everything with a white layer which literally starts to kick some ass as it affects the opponents ears and feels as thought their bones are creaking. It also blocks their eyesight and hearing with light and sound energy. It also causes the air to vibrate which numbs their senses.

Kabuto is protected from this has he’s snake cornea blocks the light from hitting his eyes and the water ability he has resists the sounds and the vibration giving Kabuto a selective advantage. He is the only one who can move in the situation due to his Hermit/Dragon Mode.

Sasuke breaks his Susanoo giving Kabuto the chance of attacking quickly. We see that Kabuto opens his mouth all the way giving him a large mouth to engulf Sasuke in one go just like a snake would. However at this point Sasuke is quickly protected by Itachi as he had sensed earlier that Kabuto is near.

The technique ends and Kabuto’s mouth closes with no foot inside. Kabuto asks if he was tracking him using the sense he had using his chakra, Itachi denies this and tells him that Sasuke would be an easy target as Kabuto would get an advantage if Sasuke had turned against Itachi.

Kabuto compliments Itachi has he had very powerful eyes which he can read other people’s feelings during battle and use it against them. Sasuke quickly attacks making him to climb up. Kabuto then tells them that they are no match for him as they can’t win with the current sensing ability he currently has now.

Itachi then brings up an old memory which they both poses, which was the mission about the wild boar. Their task was to not hit any vital points on the animal itself. They both open their Susanoo’s, Sasuke attacks with his crossbow while Itachi launches circular objects which he uses to blow up the ceiling above them to bring Kabuto down.

The crossbow hits the snake in the head to make him stay there. Sasuke shouts to Itachi that Kabuto is going to get the sword which Sasuke posses to which he could then use to escape the tail incident. As Itachi runs up to Kabuto, Itachi is stabbed in the heart, but then they realize that it was a crow clone.

With the sword, Itachi comes tom nowhere to quickly slice one of Kabuto’s horns injuring but not killing him. Itachi then smiles as he’s repeating his memories with him from where the wild boar memory. They realize that they have to concentrate on the snake now or else they may lose. The chapter ends here.

The episode was somewhat good but not the best since in this episode, it’s there to bring the memories back from the two characters. It had brought back the memory from when Itachi and Sasuke fought a wild boar which was a nice to see the brothers doing. The fight will continue in next week’s Naruto 581 chapter. Let’s decide who will win.

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