Hueco Mundo’s Being Attacked! – Bleach 486

Five Days until the war breaks out! While The Soul Society is in danger, an old friend comes to visit Ichigo from Hueco Mundo! Bleach 486, goes into a little bit of detail of whats happening at all four worlds. Ichigo and his friends talk about what they should do to help. Captain Commander Yamamoto grieves the lost of his lieutenant. The King discusses what he should do with Ichigo while in Hueco Mundo, the army there gets ready for the war.

The episode starts off as Nel cries in Ichigo’s arms as she tells him what had happened. Pesche Guatiche falls out from nowhere to surprise attack Ichigo using his super speed. He lands and tells that what Nel had said was the truth and that Hueco Mundo is being attacked.

Choujirou Tadaoki Sasakibe was the lieutenant for the First Squad. He was able to master his Bankai before Kyouraku and Ukitake but had never asked to be put with the captains in the ranks. He even refused to be a Substitute Captain for a while till they got a new captain. He had done this solely due to his respect for Yamamoto.

In the Real World, Ichigo asks his friends to come over to ask their help, they all know that at that point in time, Hueco Mundo is being attacked by the people from the Vandenreich. Pesche then explains that after Baraggan and Starkk died, Harribel was the only one left to govern Hueco Mundo. But at a point, she was attacked and taken away by someone. A lot of other Arrancar’s had also been taken away.

At this point, Ichigo is in for helping the Arrancar’s in gaining control of Hueco Mundo. But at this point Uryu is not feeling that he should help since Quincy’s exist to destroy hollows. Ichigo then reassure Uryu that they don’t need their help since they can do the job by themselves.Urahara then takes appears in the window of Ichigo’s bedroom to help them reach Hueco Mundo.

A member of the Empire finds Ivan’s medallion on the ground, he states that he had used it but he wasn’t able to capture Ichigo’s Bankai. The King then says that they need to use a special way of doing such an unique Bankai extraction. The members then says that he would be able to come up with a way of taking Ichigo’s Bankai if he had some proof of why it didn’t happen the first time.

The now wants to get a few more soldiers from Hueco Mundo who will obey. The other member says that the order will be done. We return to Hueco Mundo where a person with a long stick is telling everyone else around him to not stop walking. At this point it seems as thought he is telling Arrancar’s who’ve been captured to keep walking. The chapter ends here.

What a fantastic chapter. The manga is certainly being built up. The fantastic story is being carefully watched to close all the holes within the story. Bleach 487 will be even awesome since it will show more about the manga.

What do you think?

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