Shinji’s New Look – Bleach 366

Shinji’s joins the Soul Society once more with a great start. He still has the same old face expression with a taste for not caring what other people do. He is seen here as he talks to Ichigo about how Ginjo had hurt he’s friends and family, Ichigo states that he’s family is fine and that they should give him his Body for the sake that they are both Substitute Shinigami’s.

Shinji returns to this attire with the addition of wearing his tie tucked under his robes. His hair which he kept it a short, straight-line cut after becoming a Visored has remained basically the same as well, with the exception of the bang now having a more asymmetrical cut with the left side being longer than the right. He also keeps the tie he had in his old look as it goes really well with the look he currently has now.

What do you think?

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